Holy Crap! Amazing Deals on All Types of Dog Poop Bags and Dispensers

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There’s not much I hate worse than when people don’t pick up after their dogs. Not only is it gross and stinky but it can be a real health hazard, spreading germs and parasites to human children and other fur kids. I’ll admit that even the most well-meaning pet parent can accidentally run out of waste bags, so I’ve done some research and rounded up the very best deals on large quantities at great prices.

Since not everyone likes the same kind, I’ve tried to include a variety of styles including rolls, mitts, tie-handles, and our favorite: eco-friendly dog poop bags. And maybe you’ve never had a dispenser or the one you have is cracked or just worn looking (been there!) I’ve also tried to include deals on waste bags that also include a free dispenser or two. So, take a sec and stock up so you won’t find yourself bag-less!

Best Deals on Dog Waste Bags, Rolls, Mitts & Dispensers

1000 poop bags 2 dispensers

1000-Count POOPS! Dog Waste Bags on Rolls + 2 Bone-Shaped Dispensers $16.99 ($28.50 reg)

This is probably the best deal on a large quantity of bags AND it’s eligible for FREE Prime or SuperSaver Shipping at Amazon! I like the cool variety of blues that the bags come in, and the two dispensers in orange and blue. This would make a GREAT gift for someone who recently adopted a new dog!

black poop bags

700 Premium (2″ Longer) Pet Waste Bags + Free Dispenser $13.99 (FREE Shipping Eligible)

Some people are really creeped out if they can see the poop once it’s in the bag. It really doesn’t bother me anymore, but if you prefer, these black dog poop bags will do the trick! They are 2 inches longer than average bags and thick enough to prevent leaks or tears. You’ll also get one free leash bone dispenser with your order.

zippy paws bags

ZippyPaws Dog Poop Waste Pick-Up Bags, 210-count, Green Unscented $9.99 ($14.99 reg)

These green poop bags come with easy to use tie handles. They come loose in a box rather than on a roll, which some people prefer. They aren’t just green in color…they are also eco-friendly, made with 5% cornstarch to aid biodegredation and with no artificial scents added.

 eco green poop bags

900-Count Earth Rated Lavender-Scented Dog Waste Bag + 2 Dispensers $34.99 ($45 reg)

Several of our friends on Facebook have commented that these are by-far their favorites and professional dog walkers swear by them! Earth Rated brand received great reviews for their lavender-scented, bigger, thicker, and totally leak-proof eco-friendly dog poop bags. The bag dispenser is designed with a special hook to hold the used bag until you find a waste can so you don’t have to carry it around in your hand.

Of course if you are lucky enough to have your own home with a yard, you can save the bags for when you are on-the-go and use a more eco-friendly method of waste removal, like these super-affordable pooper scoopers. Also check out this super eco-friendly power lawn tool, the Auggie Dog, for an automatic, self-cleaning system of dog poop removal!

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