Nyantomo Purr-Fect Potty: Japan’s Top Selling Litter Box Now on Sale in the USA

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nyantomo cat litter

UPDATE: The Nyantomo Cat Litter Box is frequently sold out so feel free to try the links below to see if it’s back in stock. As a substitute, we recommend THIS SYSTEM instead.

Happy CAT-urday to all our feline friends and cat people! Just spotted this new deal over at Amazon for 25% OFF the Nyatomo Purr-Fect Potty Cat Litter System Start Kit. Snag it now for $41.24 ($54.99 reg) plus FREE SuperSaver or FREE Prime 2-Day Shipping!

This system is new to the US but is already the #1 selling Cat Litter Box in the “Two Layer Type” Litter Category in Japan.

How Nyantomo Purr-fect Potty works:

The upper level holds Purr Fect Potty Litter Pellets, made of conifer wood trimmings. The litter box‘s lower level contains a tray that holds a Purr Fect Potty Pad. Urine flows through the Pellets to the lower level, so there’s no clumping or daily cleaning of urine. With normal daily removal of solid waste (feces), the system of Pads and Pellets controls odor for an entire week. Read more…
litter system

Cat Litter System Starter kit contents:

1 Hooded litter box, 1 scoop, 1 bag of Deodorizing Litter Large Pellets, 2 Deodorizing Pads and 1 brochure with more product info.

Go HERE to read more and start shopping.


  1. do you have this is brown? i bought 2 brown ones when living in japan and want one for my sister

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