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TruDog treats, dental spray and more

Heading into the holiday season can be hectic and stressful, but we’ve got something to help keep you AND your dog smiling. Our pals over at TruDog are offering our readers and followers a very special treat by sponsoring a great giveaway and discount offer to introduce you to their all-natural line of pet products including dog treats, meal boosters, dental spray and more!

TruDog is a small, family-owned pet food company located in the Midwest. The name of the company comes from the founder’s Great Dane who was named Truman. TruDog offers food, treats and meal toppers made exclusively using premium grade human cuts of US sourced meat. There is NO wheat, corn, grains, sugar, fillers, chemicals or by-products. No refined carbohydrates, no added salt – just pure digestible quality ingredients dogs love. TruDog also carries natural grooming products and cool accessories for pets and pet lovers.

TruDog Treat Me

TruDog Treat Me

Wholesome and healthy freeze-dried real meat treats made with US-sourced ingredients including liver, beef, salmon, bison and turkey. Freeze dried raw for optimal nutrition and value. Made in the USA. There is NO wheat, corn, grains, sugar, fillers, chemicals or by-products. [Fetch treats…]

TruDog Spray Me

Easy to use dental spray to keep your dog smiling with a healthy mouth! Spray Me is an all-natural and holistic dental spray made from essential oils which target tartar and bad breath at their source. Trudog spray me synergistically bonds with your pets saliva to completely coat their entire mouth with a couple of sprays a day. [Try Spray Me…]

TruDog Boost Me

TruDog Boost Me

This real meat meal booster is Freeze Dried and does not require refrigeration. Boost Me is indented to enhance the nutritional value of your current dry or wet food or can be served as a complete meal. An excellent choice for ill or older dogs, finicky eaters or a great way to transition to freeze dried raw food. Add water to unlock the aroma and real meat flavor! [Learn more…]

TruDog Clear Me

Clear Me ear cleansing solution is veterinary formulated to deodorize and gently clean, dry and acidify the ear canal while removing debris that can lead to ear infections and other ailments yet is safe enough for daily use. Super easy to use. Gentle and non-toxic. [Get Clear Me…]

TruDog Discount and Giveaway

We’ve got two great ways for you to try all of these great pet products from TruDog. One lucky winner will get a super prize pack with $100 worth of TruDog products. And, EVERYONE who enters the giveaway gets a special TruDog coupon code good for 15% OFF your entire order at Talk about a WIN-WIN!

WIN a TruDog Prize Pack with treats, dental spray and more for your lucky dog!

TruDog Prize Pack includes:

  • SprayMe ($24.95 retail value)
  • ClearMe ($12.99 retail value)
  • BoostMe ($12.95 retail value)
  • 5 TreatMe Packs including Bison, Beef, Salmon, Turkey, Salmon/Bison Mix ($48.50 retail value)

This giveaway is open to US residents age 18+ and is void where prohibited by law. One lucky winner will be randomly selected from all valid entries and will receive the TruDog Prize Pack ($100ARV). Giveaway ends November 30, 2015 at 11:59pm ET. Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below and claim as few or as many optional entry methods as you like. Good luck!

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  1. Anything to make my pup’s teeth shine and her breath smell good is great for both of us!

  2. The dental spray would be wonderful for my pup. That’s a product I would love to try.

  3. Theresa Spaid says

    Shunta loves meat so the real meat treats is what she would like.

  4. I haven’t heard of Trudog and haven’t used them. I love the idea of the dental spray, though, as my dogs have terrible bad breath!

  5. I think he’d need the dental spray the most. 

  6. she’d enjoy the Crunchy Beef Delight
    Beef Real Meat Super Treat

  7. I think my dog would love the TruDog Treat Me.

  8. I would love to try the clearme/sprayme those are always products we need!

  9. My dog needs the clearme – he is always having trouble with his ears!

  10. My frenchie could use the ear cleaning solution… big ears = more to clean!!

  11. Dorothy Boucher says

    I would have to say something that would help my dog with there breath but also something to help them get motivated..

  12. Christine Aiello says

    I have never tried the food but I think Coco would love the FEED ME Beef – Crunchy Munchy Beef Bonanza Real Meat Super Food. 

  13. Cindy Peterson says

    My pup would like the TreatMe.  I would like the Spray Me for him.

  14. Oh ours would love the Freeze Dried Treats!  I would love the Clear Me!  One of our labs gets alot of infections in her ear, and this would be great to use daily for her to help prevent!

  15. Julie Matek says
  16. I haven’t tried their products. I think my dog would like the Treat me.

  17. My dog would love Treat Me.

  18. I think my dogs would like the salmon treats best.

  19. my dog needs the dental spray the most

  20. Darlene Carbajal says

    My dog will love all of the treats! 

  21. Annamarie V says

    I haven’t tried TruDog yet but they look like great products. I think he would be most excited about the Treat Me beef and I would be most excited about TruDog spray me.

  22. I am always looking for different healthy treats for my dogs. It is great for training when they get something new as a treat and keeps them interested in what they are doing when they know there are going to get something tasty they haven’t tried sometime.

  23. I have never tried trueDog but would love to try TruDog Spray Me. My dogs hate having their teeth brushed

  24. I think my girls, Lady Girl and Pookie would benefit most from the Clear Me ear cleanser. They seem to always have ear issues.

  25. jenny stratton says

    I would like to try the Tru Dog clear me for my dogs ears. He gets ear infections easily.

  26. My furry girls would love to try the all natural freeze dried treats. We love family owned businesses especially with all natural products. ❤️ Thank you!

  27. Bean would most certainly benefit from the ear cleaner 🙂

  28. Jan Roberts says

    I love the idea of TruDog Boost, what an easy and tasty way to add nutrition!

  29. We could really use the ear spray.

  30. Cassie Korando says

    I haven’t used any of these products, but I think my beagle, Mouse, would benefit most from the teeth spray. I think he’d enjoy the treat packs the most though!

  31. I think the Spray Me would be good for our puppy Forest.. It’s SO important to start taking care of a dog’s teeth from the beginning because the teeth can determine good health. 

  32. Cheryl Chervitz says

    I’d like to try the dental spray, mine are older and need it.

  33. With four dogs and always at least one foster I see them loving the prize package.  They would be smiling all day…..when they smile, I smile!

  34. Sandy Weinstein says

    wow, love the treats, the salmon, bison, and surf n turf, my girls would love all of them. i would like the dental spray, because my girls hate to have their teeth brushed and in addition to brushing their teeth may help with the tartar build up. but really love the freeze dried treats. i love raw freeze dried foods for the girls. 

  35. my blue would love the treat me treats! 

  36. My dog needs the Spray Me.  He’s starting to get tartar and he has horrible breath because he likes to eat poop!

  37. I believe my dog needs the treats because he has a mild allergy to corn, which made it extremely difficult for me to purchase dog food.

  38. The ear cleaning spray would be great.

  39. My dog could really use the clearme ear spray.

  40. We could really use the clearme/sprayme products.

  41. My dog would love to try the Treat Me!

  42. Would really like to try the dental spray!

  43. Would really love to try them all!

  44. The clearme would be really great.

  45. Linda Szymoniak says

    I haven’t yet tried any Trudog products but have been wanting to.  With four hounds with long ears that need to be cleaned frequently I’d like to try their Clear Me.

  46. the dental spray would help my two pups not to loose any more teeth. We have tried preventing decay but havent found anything that works really well 

  47. Jan Roberts says

    Trudog Boost me would be great for my little girl as she suffers from a compromised immunity system. (of course SHE would choose the treats!)

  48. My dogs would love the treats,  i would like the dental spray to try, little dogs seem more prone to tartar build up.  I have never tried any of these products or seen them yet.

  49. I think my dog needs the Tru Dog Clear Me the most. 

  50. Emily Endrizzi says

    My dogs both could really benefit from the SprayMe product. Their choice would be the TreatMe treats though, especially the salmon.

  51. Carrie Smith says

    I think my Boston would love the Boost Me– he’s a finicky eater!

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