Celebrate Summer with a BarkBox Giveaway! {6 Winners}

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BarkBox Giveaway Summer

We’re celebrating summer with a giveaway sponsored by our pals at BarkBox.com! Since Daisy turned 6 this year, and her 6th gotcha day (adoption anniversary) is coming up very soon, we’re giving away 6 prizes!!!

Six lucky winners will each receive a BarkBox of toys, treats and surprises for dogs. Haven’t heard about BarkBox? It’s the #1 Subscription Box Service for Dogs! Head on over to read our latest BarkBox review and get a coupon code for a free month added to any subscription plan.

Daisy BarkBox Giveaway

Win a BarkBox for Your Lucky Dog!

Enter our giveaway using the Rafflecopter contest widget below. Choose any or all of the optional entry methods you wish. The giveaway is open to US residents, 18+ and ends at 11:59pm ET on 7/10/16. 6 winners will be randomly selected from all valid entries. Good luck everybody!

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  1. Kimberly Flickinger says

    I think my doxie Belle would love a Barkbox because she she loves treats and she loves toys! That, and we have yet to try this subscription box. Thank you for the chance.

  2. We have tried BarkBox in the past, but the treats piled up after a while, as I dool them out pretty slow to my small dog. Would love to try them again and see what they have been up to lately!

  3. Lisa Friend says

    Omgoodness! Bowser loves his Barkbox. He has furry cousins he shares some of his goodies with every month because they’re not as spoiled as he is so he likes to make their tails wag too!

  4. Would love to try

  5. Sandy Weinstein says

    i have never tried Barkbox b4 or any of the subscription boxes. i would love to see one and see if my 3 gals would like it. they love trying new treats and the baby, now 5, loves getting new toys, since she is very hard on toys they dont last long.

  6. I think she would like any of the toys or new bones! She’s pretty easy going! 

  7. Elaine g says

    Preston loves toys!!

  8. we would loveeee a barkbox! i don’t know who would love it more…her or me!

  9. Julie Dawson says

    My pups LOVE new toys and any new treats. They work hard and play hard. They give agility their all, and deserve a special treat!

  10. My pup’s a good girl and would love some tasty treats and cute toys. Such a great box!

  11. Theresa Spaid says

    My daughter and also my brother have furkids and I would share it with them. There are some things my old girl won’t use or plaly with.

  12. Darlene Owen says

    I have 3 black labs and whenever UPS comes they always think the package is for them (sometimes it is). They love treats and toys.

  13. My dog LOVES getting boxes so whenever I open one, he is waiting anxiously and smelling the box! He’d love this as for once the box would actually be for HIM!

  14. Hi there, new to your site! We just brought home our first puppy two weeks ago, a 12 week old sheltie mix and we’re looking for ways to spoil him. I’ve been reviewing subscription boxes because I’d love to see his reaction to a box in the mail just for him! We would love to try out BarkBox.. Thanks for the information on it and also thank you for the chance!

  15. Tiffany Banks says

    We have tried BarkBox before & LOVE IT!! My dog loved it every month too!! We miss it & would love to have it back 🙂

  16. My dog LOVES when new toys show up in her world!

  17. Jamie Martin says

    Haven’t tried yet.

  18. I’ve never tried a surprise box (either for myself or the pets) but they look like a lot of fun. My only concern is that my dog is allergic to chicken which is in 90% of food/treats, it seems like.

  19. Amy Orvin says

    I think my dog would love Bark Box because of the toy they add to it. She loves stuffed toys or toys of any kind.

  20. We would love a BarkBox for our dog to give to her two best doggie friends as a welcome home present (and to show them why they should join too!)

  21. Barkbox looks like it would be wonderful for my little dog. She loves new toys and any treat she gets! I know she would love it!

  22. Annamarie V says

    He would love a BarkBox, he is such a good boy and just had his 7th birthday. He loves his toys and his favorite part of the day is when he get his night night treat so I’m sure he would be pretty excited to get a box in the mail.

  23. Laura C. says

    Love BarkBox!!! they are so much more fun since they started doing the themed boxes. We have gotten a couple and we love them 🙂

  24. Melissa Hartley says

    My doggy brother would love Barkbox. His name is Sidney & he is a 9 year old Beagle. He loves toys & treats..thanks!

  25. Christine Aiello says

    My dog Coco would love to get a BarkBox in the mail. She loves presents and understands what the word “present” means. and every time a package comes in the mail she comes running over assuming its for her! so she would love to get a BarkBox in the mail and finding out it is for her!

  26. My dogs love to try out new treats and toys. I would love to get this for them!

  27. Bethany Cook says

    I would love to win this for our dog Bobo, he is a wonderful dog who loves to play, I have been looking into staring a pet subscription for him so this would be great to see what its all about!

  28. Iliana R says

    My dog would love the barkbox because he loves exploring and playing with new toys!

  29. I think my dog Hunter would love Barkbox because he loves new treats and new toys!

  30. Steel loves to open mail so it would be a great surprise for her that it is for her.

  31. Worst case scenario, Molimo will love shredding the box it comes in!

  32. What dog wouldn’t love a gift? I’m betting my new companion to be will.

  33. We love barkbox! My rescue dog received it before but we had to discontinue due to cost :/

  34. Sarah Johnson says

    I’m getting a new dog in a week and half!! Little Sam would love a box of treats and toys (to start a collection)!!

  35. natalie hartmann says

    I have 3 dogs and am always looking for new toys or treats. This would be great to try new things out.

  36. Tenley Erickson says

    My pugs would love Barkbox because they love to even get one new surprise! A whole box of goodies would be amazing! My oldest pug, who is turning 11 next month has been diagnosed with degenerative nerve disease. It is causing rear leg paralysis now but he doesn’t let it prevent him from playing and having fun! This would be a great birthday surprise for him:-) Thank you for the chance.

  37. We love trying out new toys and treats, so we’re super excited to try BarkBox!

  38. new toys and treats always sound fun 🙂 we would love to win one!

  39. I really think my dog would like bark box because of it’s variety. I usually buy the same kind of treats and toys, so a box like this would really shake things up!

  40. Joann Rodriguez says

    My puppy would love barkbox because of the toys and the treat options! 

  41. Oh I think our dogs would love it!  They love new treats and toys, and would have so much fun!

  42. Julie P. says

    We’ve tried Barkbox for our dog before and he loved the variety of items! 

  43. Michelle B. says

    Our dogs love any and all types of treats. Maximus (our border collie) is OBSESSED with toys, while Orion our Australian Shepard would do anything for a treat. I think our boys would love a barkbox because it hits both of our dogs needs.

  44. Sarah Hall says

    Our dog loves his toys so I know he would go crazy over the stuff in this box. The treats look wonderful.

  45. luke delcambre says

    I’ve never tried bark box but things I’ve heard about it is awesome …. Would I enjoy this more or the dog

  46. Cheryl B says

    My dogs would love to try new toys and treats!

  47. We have heard good things about Barkbox! My dog would like to try it.

  48. My dog loves getting new toys and treats!

  49. Christina Tong says

    I love the barkbox, the variety of toys are awesome, my doggie will have a lot of fun if he gets it, for sure he loves it and he also loves the tasty treats too!

  50. Lauren H says

    I think my little 11 week old Vader would love getting a BarkBox subscription in the mail. He is going through toys, chews, and snacks faster than I can buy them. 

  51. We would love to try Barkbox- it looks so cool! My dog would love trying new toys. 

  52. I have never tried Bark Box before and do not know of anyone who has. I think my dog would go nuts for something like this because he’s always wanting to sniff a package I get and he’s always so excited to receive new toys, etc.

  53. Victoria Homan says

    This would be a nice welcome home present for the dog that I adopted today from a shelter.

  54. laurie murley says

    my dogs loves suprises I love giving them suprises and they love any new toys I get them

  55. I think my dog will like it and I have the pickies of them all. I thing he would love it.As you know anything for my baby

  56. Carrie M says

    I gave this as a gift to a friend who recently got a new dog. They all loved it including the dog. My dog has been hounding me for one, LOl!

  57. My dogs would like it because they could pick a few items for themselves and a few items to donate!

  58. Daniel Scott says

    My dog, Artie would love a Bark Box because the items would be chosen for his tastes and sizes.

  59. Linda Szymoniak says

    I tried another subscription box for a few months, but found that they didn’t really give me items that my dogs liked. When I’ve read the reviews I’ve seen on this box, I think my dogs would really love it! We just adopted a stray kitty – only 2-3 weeks old, so I have to spend a lot of time feeding and caring for her. My dogs really deserve something special for being so patient!

  60. Happy 6th Gotcha Day DAISY!!! SUGAR’s 15th Barkday is coming up and she deserves a BARBOX!!! Golden Woofs

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