BarkBox Review + Free Box Coupon: November is Home for the Holidays

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Daisy just opened her November BarkBox and it’s full of Thanksgiving cheer! We’ll show and tell you what’s inside this month’s BarkBox, but first an intro to anyone who is new here or maybe just hasn’t heard about BarkBox yet.

BarkBox is the most popular subscription box service for dogs of all sizes from Tiny dogs to Extra Large dogs. You choose your plan length or feel free to go monthly, and cancel when you wish.

Each month your dog receives a delivery of goodies including toys, treats and other fun surprises. The BarkBox is usually based on a clever theme with super creative dog toys and tasty treats that can’t be found at your regular pet store.

Each box includes 4-6 items, usually with 3 treats and 2 toys, but box items will vary because they are always customized for each dog’s size and allergies. It can also be customized with items especially for heavy chewers. (NOT to be confused with the new Super Chewer BarkBox for Dogs)

BarkBox subscription plans start as low as $20/month including FREE Shipping.

To see past BarkBox photos, read our reviews, and get an idea of how cute and creative each month’s theme is, visit our BarkBox Page.

November BarkBox: Home for the Holidays

The theme of the November BarkBox is Thanksgiving and Home for the Holidays and we are pleased as pie! Speaking of pie, one of the 2 toys in this month’s box is a slice of pumpkin pie! The other is a ‘Lick the Chef’ apron toy. The pie has 2 squeakers, one giant one for the slice, and one tiny one for the whipped cream on top. The apron is also a squeaky toy but with a rope for tugging as well.


Because Thanksgiving is all about noms, there were 3 treats included: a 12-inch Lamb Chew, a bag of Pumpkin Cheese Yums and a bag of Salmon Droolers. These treats are all full-size and made in the USA. They’re also wheat-free with no corn or soy. The folks at BarkBox are super careful and particular about the treats they pick, and you can email them if you need help customizing your box for your dog’s food sensitivities or allergies.


In addition to the toys and treats, we also found a roll of poop bags in our box but these turned out to be no ordinary poop bags. As you unroll them, each extra-thick bag has a line of poetry. Such a fun idea…everyone likes something to read while they do their business!


Here’s the price breakdown if you were to purchase each box item individually:

  • 12-inch lamb stick $3
  • Pumpkin Cheese Yums $7
  • Salmon Droolers $5
  • Lick the Chef Apron $10
  • Peppers Pumpkin Pie $9
  • Poetry Poop Bag Roll $2

Total Retail Value of this month’s BarkBox is $36. A pretty good value considering plans start as low as $20/month. Although we’ve had BarkBoxes with higher values in the past (October value was $41 which is closer to the average), the November Thanksgiving BarkBox really impressed us with the WOW Factor and size of everything. Part of the fun of getting BarkBox is being surprised and delighted each month with gifts and goodies you weren’t expecting. It’s a great way to discover new things for your dog to love, and each box has enough items to share with pals or siblings.

BarkBox Coupon Code
  • Buy 1 month or more and get a FREE BarkBox with coupon code WOOFWOOFMAMA at checkout.

While the 12-month and 6-month BarkBox plans are the best value with the biggest savings, this Free BarkBox deal will work with the month-to-month (cancel any time) plan as well. That means you can pay for one month and get the next month free.

Visit to get started customizing a box and for your dog.

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