Super Chewer BarkBox Review December 2017

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Fellow dog lovers, we tried to wait til Christmas morning but we just had to let Daisy open one very special present a little bit early. It’s this month’s BarkBox Super Chewer edition. A gift box of goodies for dogs who chew harder — with heavy duty chews and toys that are made to last. If your dog is a toy destroyer or you’re looking for an alternative to plush dog toys, this box is for you.

BarkBox is the most popular dog subscription box service around, with your choice of 1, 6 or 12-month plans. You specify your dog’s size and whether they have allergies, then the folks over at BarkBox customize each month’s box especially for your lucky pup. Daisy has had a BarkBox membership for several years and we have also given BarkBox as a gift to a few of our favorite dog pals.

Each month, your dog’s Super Chewer BarkBox contains heavy duty chews, all-natural treats, and challenging, strong toys that you can’t find together anywhere else. The extra durable toys are made for world-class toy destroyers like your pup (and mine). Every month’s BarkBox has a different theme and this month the theme is Dogmas in the City, celebrating the howlidays…our favorite time of the year!

If you’re in a super big hurry, jump straight on over to BarkBox and get your dog’s first Super Chewer box now!


Super Chewer BarkBox Coupon

Now is the time to try it because there is a special BarkBox deal and you can get 50% OFF your dog’s first Super Chewer BarkBox when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month plan by 1/29.

Still curious? Read on to see what toys and treats were in this month’s BarkBox for Super Chewers along with estimated retail value if you were to purchase each item separately. Keep in mind that items will vary depending on your dog’s size and allergies.

December Super Chewer BarkBox Dog Treats

My Doggy Salmon Treats ($10 retail value) These soft-baked dog cookies are made with wholesome ingredients: rye flour, honey, salmon, palm oil, eggs, parsley. Daisy loves anything with salmon so we are super excited about these dog treats!

Dynamic Chewo Dog Treats ($10 retail value) What’s better than one meat? TWO! These treats have Beef and Chicken listed as the first 2 ingredients. They also include pork broth and beef liver so they are truly a meat lovers dream!

6″ Piggy Twizzies Chew Stick ($3 retail value) This all-natural meat chew stick is grain free, gluten free, soy free, and dairy free. It’s also 100% digestible and made with a single source protein: PORK!

Butcher’s Block Roasted Beef Steak Dog Treat ($4 retail value) This “steak” is actually 100% beef lung from USDA Beef, Born and Raised in the USA. It comes with the warning not to use on carpets, so we are saving this one for later but I know from past experience that lung treats are one of Daisy’s favorites!

December Super Chewer BarkBox Dog Toys

Gnaw Me the Snowman Dog Toy ($16 retail value) We love stuff-able dog toys like this guy. Put some peanut butter and banana inside, freeze it, and it will keep your pup busy and happy. Made in the USA with durable, bouncy rubber. Perfect for a game of fetch, or chewing session.

Benebone Bark Holiday Pretzel ($16 retail value) It’s a BACON infused chew toy shaped like a giant hot pretzel. Designed especially for heavy chewers, the large is good for dogs up to 60lbs.

This box’s items had a total retail value of $59 which makes the subscription price a real bargain when you consider that plans starts as low as $29/month.

Plus, we love that we get toys and treats we wouldn’t find elsewhere. Not only are the toys fun and challenging, but they are also built to last.  And you can’t beat the BarkBox satisfaction guarantee: they will replace any item if it doesn’t hold up to your standards or if your dog doesn’t like it for any reason.

Super Chewer BarkBox Coupon

USE THIS LINK to order a 1-month,  6-month or 12-month BarkBox Super Chewer plan for your dog. Free shipping is included on US orders and you can customize the order for your dog’s size (small, medium or large) and allergies.

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  1. Doreen Waishek says

    Please tell me when the January bark box will be delivered I have a one year subscription for a small dog she’s a 15 pound terrier mix. In the December box I received a bone the size of a child’s fist in the future could you not send things like that too difficult for her to chew on them, I’m afraid she may break her teeth She’s a rescue dog that had her for months army PTSD she loves the treats that are sticks or jerky not crazy about cookies but I have to say she absolutely loves the toys she dragged the Christmas lights and the nutcracker one around for two straight weeks

    • Boxes usually ship mid-month. You should contact BarkBox directly at or through and let them know that you need small chews and they will fix the set up in your subscription. They will also replace an item if they send you one that your dog can’t use. Just make sure to contact them directly!

  2. Texana Hite says

    Asia (german shepherd) simply LOVED every single thing in her first Bark Box she received at Christmas as a gift. Cannot say what was her favorite since there was nothing she did not like. The little yellow taxi was the first toy that lasted several days which is a first for her. She usually empties the squeakers and never goes back to the toys, however after a month she is still playing with the taxi. That alone surprised us since she is 9 years old and has always discarded all the toys after the squeakers are gone. When the box arrived she started to sniff the box and her tail was wagging like she knew it was for her!

  3. It was a fun box but the nutcracker and taxi suffered an immediate demise at the hands (mouths) of my 9-month old golden and 13-month old lab. The tree survived a few more days.

  4. Is there an easy way to upgrade a regular BarkBox to a super chewer? Or do I need to cancel one and start up the other one? My dogs love them but they play tug with all of the toys and they barely last the day!

    • Yes, you can contact BarkBox through the live chat on their site or email and they will switch you to either a free upgrade on just the toys (“heavy chewer option”) or the paid upgrade to Super Chewer (with stronger chews too).

  5. Dawn Teske says

    I would like to switch my current subscription to the heavy chewer one. Can I do this?

  6. Jennifer Mau says

    This was a Christmas present from my aunt for my puppy. My 7 month old GSP took no time to destroy the snowman rope toy that was inside of the box. Also the pretzel chew toy was knawed up within 30 mins. The treats were good. I would not say this is for the super power chewers such as my girl but for a normal chewer it would be fine.

  7. Rebecca Kemp says

    We are new subscribers, received our fist super chewers box very quickly. We have a husky and a whippit (big n small), our husky ripped apart the sword in yhe stone toy within 30 minutes. I emailed the company and today we received a FREE replacement!! Sooo impressed.

    • That’s awesome to hear, Rebecca! We only had one time in about 5 years of getting BarkBox where we had a problem and they were so great about making it right.

  8. dixie donell says

    please i want to cancell my membership

  9. Ellen McKee says

    I pay extra for the extra chewy, but I never get it….got it in the first box, that was all. So the toys are not lasting long with my four chewies. Otherwise, I cannot complain.

  10. Toni Guerin says

    Banjo loved Xmas box. Especially the snowman / January’s toys were weren’t so sturdy for him I had to take them away both of them within 30 minutes as he had the castle and the sword bit into with pieces chewed out. He loved them, lol but human wasn’t sure his tummy would. No biggie though we love you guys,

  11. Angela Cail says

    How do I get the super chewed? We have a three month subscription and my bulldog chews the toys up within minutes. We love love the toys but wish we could get the super chewed.

  12. Angela Cail says

    *super chewers that should say.

  13. I informed the company that my larger dog had passed, and I would only need small dog toys and treats. They sent me a sympathy email, and then I asked if they could customize my box for an 8 year old almost blind, hardly any teeth yorkie. Not only did they do that, but sent some extra treats in between the boxes! I love this company!

    • So sorry to hear about your loss, but am happy to know that the folks at BarkBox showed such kindness to you and your yorkie!

  14. DeBorah Wilder says

    One of the best companies for pets out there! They have personally been so kind to me when my pup fell ill and could no longer enjoy the monthly treats! They gave my Colby a surprise box of toys that both comforted me and my pup. Thank you for taking customer service to a higher level! BarkBox Rocks!!

  15. I’ve never had a box that looked that good. I would put a photo of my box in here if you had a link.

    • Karen, you can definitely contact BarkBox via email at or by calling 1-855-520-BARK and let them know if your box didn’t meet your standards (or your dog’s). They are always good about making things right for their customers and pupstomers.

  16. Jenna scrivner says

    Super impressed with the customer service. I received my first box in Nov and had the regular subscription. My chewer ripped the toys apart in 1 hour. I contacted bark box and they sent out new toys to replace the ones she demolished for free. I then upgrade to the super chewer box! I received the 1st box in dec. My chewer still has both of the toys from dec! Amazing! Just received my box for Jan. My chewer is so excited when her box arrives! Love bark box! Thank you for keeping my chewer busy!

  17. Sharon Brush says

    I thought I changed to a super chewer bark box and have somehow now started to receive two bark boxes and two charges each month. Could you let me know how to only receive and pay for one super bark box. The $50.00 plus per month is not something I can do. Thanks for checking.

    • Contact BarkBox via email at or by calling 1-855-520-BARK and they can fix that for you. Be sure to mention you were double charged so they can either refund you or add an extra month to your membership to make up for it.

  18. Carey Rogers says

    Musky (shepherd mix rescue) loved his first box we got. We wrapped it and put it under the tree. The toys lasted almost a week. He still carries around the shell of one, we had to do a squeakectomy and a fluff removal after a day or so. I contacted Bark Box and ordered the hard chew box. He got so excited this week when the box came. He recognizes it’s for him. So far the toys are lasting. Thanks for the fun.

  19. I would like to change my subscription from a regular box to a super chewer with the promotion. Please tell me how to do,so.  Thanks 

  20. Maureen Roberts says

    Hi. How do you u go about cancelling my subscription? It’s just not a good time right now. also I have three big Bulldogs and the toys are not tough enough for them and I’m aware that I can upgrade but just not in my budget right now.
    Thank you

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