BarkBox Review + Coupon Street Fair Edition

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Daisy and I are back with a new BarkBox dog subscription box review! Each month’s theme is different, and this month the BarkBox theme is Bark Slope Street Fair. It’s a play on Park Slope, a fabulous Brooklyn neighborhood known for its parks, farmers’ markets and of course, street fairs. So, have a seat and get ready for some squeaks and treats!

As with each month’s dog subscription box from BarkBox, this one included 2 fun toys inspired by the theme, plus 2 full-size bags of dog treats and a tasty meat chew. You can expect a value of $40-$50 worth of dog toys and treats in each month’s BarkBox, for as low as $21/month including free shipping for US and Canada. Read on to see what we thought of this month’s BarkBox.

Daisy gets the large dog box which is shown in our BarkBox reviews, but whatever size your dog is, they will get the same number of toys and treats in appropriate sizes. Treats are also customized based on whether you specify food allergies in your dog’s BarkBox profile.

We hope you’ll stay for our BarkBox review but if you are just here for the BarkBox coupon, code WOOFWOOFMAMA will get you a FREE extra month added to any order of 1-month or more at

Note that this is the Classic BarkBox edition which usually includes plush toys. If your dog is a real toy destroyer then check out the BarkBox Super Chewer edition instead.

BarkBox subscription prices start at $21/month and shipping is free for US and Canada. Most toys are Bark exclusives and all treats are made in the US or Canada (we’ve seen some lamb treats from New Zealand and we’re ok with that!)

Here’s a look at what was in the September 2018 Classic BarkBox along with the retail values of each item if purchased separately:

September BarkBox Dog Toys

Spiky Meatball Dog Toy ($8 retail value) What’s a street fair without some street meat?!? This cute and fuzzy meatball is wrapped in spaghetti with a hidden spiky ball toy inside. Daisy loves to rip open this type of toy and get to the center, but I think he’s so cute that I keep taking him away to save for later.

Lickton Iced Tea Dog Toy ($12 retail value) This is one of our favorite toys from recent boxes…super cute! Here in South Florida we drink iced tea year round and Daisy has been carrying her tea with her everywhere! Made with durable ballistic nylon, this dog toy is as long-lasting as it is fun.

September BarkBox Dog Treats

Lamb Gyro Dog Treats ($8 retail value) These soft and chewy treats are a BarkBox take on one of MY street fair favorites. Gyros! All natural and made in the USA.

Duck Shish Kabob Dog Treats ($8 retail value) The more street meat, the better! These duck dog treats add some nice variety and a gourmet flair to this month’s box.

Plato Pet Treats Salmon Dog Chew Stick  ($4 retail value) There is a full-size meat chew in every month’s BarkBox, and Plato makes some of our favorites. The salmon is chewy and fishy, which Daisy loves! It’s kind of the texture of a Slim Jim but with all-natural ingredients. I often break these into smaller pieces to make them last longer.


The info card that comes with each BarkBox always has some great information about the theme, contents, and often some extra fun games and surprises.

We were really happy with this month’s BarkBox goodies, but know that if you every receive a toy or treat that doesn’t make you happy or that isn’t suitable for your dog, BarkBox will send you a FREE replacement with no questions asked. You don’t even have to send back the unwanted item. They encourage you to donate or share it, and will send you a replacement more to your dog’s liking! It’s part of their Scout’s Honor Satisfaction Guarantee that comes with every delivery.

BarkBox Cost and Value

By our calculation, this month’s BarkBox had $40 worth of dog toys and  treats if you were to purchase them all separately.

That’s a great value when you consider that subscription prices start at $21/month with free US shipping.

In addition to saving money, we also love the WOW-factor and excitement of getting a new delivery of surprises each month. It’s a chance to discover new dog treats and toys that we might not have known about otherwise. And the BarkBox toys are really Instagram-worthy, making them the perfect photo props in addition to some amazing dog toys.

BarkBox Coupon
  • Want a FREE BarkBox? Use coupon code: WOOFWOOFMAMA at checkout to add a free extra month to any order of 1 month or longer.

All BarkBox plans include FREE Shipping for US and Canada!

To learn more about Classic and Super Chewer BarkBox, visit our BarkBox Coupon and Review Page for BarkBox coupon codes, reviews and photos.


  1. Kaela Morris says

    My pup’s favorite toy is the Spikey Meatball. Sadly, Bark Shop isn’t making them anymore . Do you by chance have one I could by off you?

    Thank you!

    • That was one of Daisy’s favorites too but she eventually destroyed it. I know how frustrating it is when your fur baby loves a toy and they stop making it! I looked at the Bark Shop and maybe the cinnamon roll toy or the sloppy joe toy would be similar?

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