Sharks Super Chewer Box Review + Coupon

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The Super Chewer Box from the folks at BarkBox is designed for dogs who are toy destroyers and need more long-lasting meaty chews. If you’ve been thinking about getting your dog a subscription box but worry the toys and treats won’t last, then this one is for you.

Each month, we bring you a new Super Chewer Box Review so you can see just what to expect, including a full breakdown of everything you dog moms and dads need to know about this dog subscription box made especially for extreme chewers!

Each month’s theme is different, and this month’s Super Chewer box theme is SHARKS!

Daisy’s subscription has been customized for her size and food sensitivities, and your dog’s plan can be, too.

Sizes are: “Small but Mighty” for up to 20 pound dogs, “Middle Weight” 20-50 pounds, “Large and in Charge” for dogs 50+ pounds.

Every Super Chewer Box includes $40+ worth of dog stuff:

  • 2 Extremely durable dog toys (plus free toy replacement, no questions asked)
  • 2 Full-size bags of natural dog treats (made in USA)
  • 2 long-lasting meat chews (made in USA)
  • Free US Shipping
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Read on to learn all about what was in our August Super Chewer Box.

Then be sure to use our exclusive coupon code: WOOFWOOFMAMA to get a FREE extra month added to any plan! (yes, even the monthly no commitment plan)

Here’s a look at what was in this month’s Super Chewer Box along with the retail values of each item if purchased separately:

August Super Chewer Box Dog Toys

A-Flex Predator Dog Chew Toy ($14 retail value) Vanilla-scented, all natural rubber with nubby dental scrubbers to help keep your dog’s teeth clean and health.

Reef Ball Treat Dispensing Dog Toy ($14 retail value) Also made of durable, natural rubber with a gnaw-friendly texture and holes so you can stuff it with treats.

August Super Chewer Box Dog Treats

Lamb Chops Dog Treats ($5 retail value) These soft and chewy dog treats have natural lamb as the first ingredient, along with pea flour, flaxseed, coconut, apples, pears, and coconut oil.

Ham Hunt Dog Treats ($5 retail value) Delicious squares of real pork plus more natural ingredients make these dog treats a winner.

Sweet Potato Dog Chew Stick ($3 retail value) Daisy can’t get enough sweet potato so we are always excited to receive these delicious chews.

Duck Stick Dog Chew Stick ($3 retail value) Made with real duck, these meaty chew sticks are a very special treat. We often break them in pieces to save some for later!

Just like with the toys, every Super Chewer treat comes with a happiness guarantee. If you or your dog don’t love something, let them know and Super Chewer will send you something else and help you to personalize your dog’s box for future deliveries.

Super Chewer Box Cost and Value

By our calculation, this month’s BarkBox Super Chewer edition had $44 worth of dog toys, treats and chews if you were to purchase them all separately. That makes the subscription a real bargain when you consider that plans starts as low as $29/month with free US shipping included.

Plus, these dog toys are designed to be extra durable, for extreme chewers and toy destroyers. And they are original toys designed exclusively for the Bark company, so you can’t buy them anywhere else!

Super Chewer Box Coupon Code

If you’d like to try a Super Chewer Box  for your toy destroyer, visit this link and use Super Chewer coupon code WOOFWOOFMAMA to get a FREE month added to any order of 1-month or longer.


  1. NB Mobile Dog Grooming says

    Thank you for writing such a thorough review, and I enjoyed the pictures too! I’ve been curious about these Bark Boxes, but not knowing exactly what will be inside them kind of makes me nervous for some reason. But from what I can tell from your reviews, they seem to be providing some great stuff.
    Keep up the great work!

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