FREE Gift: Natural Calming Chews for Dogs ($40 value)

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If you haven’t heard of Bright, it’s a new in-home dental kit for dogs, and now’s a great time to try it because there’s a FREE gift with purchase. Bright dental chews for dogs are like a toothbrush but better, because they are dog treats that come with their own toothpaste! Instead of having to brush your dog’s teeth by hand, you just squeeze a little Bright enzymatic dog toothpaste on a dental chew stick and let your dog enjoy their “treat” while it does all the work.

Bright’s special toothpaste has 3 enzymes that break down the debris that causes bad breath. Together this trio turbocharges your dog’s natural self-cleaning process to keep breath fresh, no toothbrush required. You can get a monthly supply of paste and sticks delivered to your door for as little at $1 a day when you try Bright using this link.

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Receive FREE Natural Calming Aid for Dogs ($40 value) with Chamomile & Ginger when you sign up for a Bright 6-or-12 month subscription.

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