Panasonic JetForce Bagless Vacuum: Perfect for Homes with Pets!

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Panasonic Jet Force Vacuum

I’m guessing that pet parents vacuum about twice as often as other people…it’s just part of the deal. Pets love us unconditionally and bring so much joy to our lives, that we’re willing to put up with their dirty paws and shedding, and everything else that comes with having a furry family member!

We vacuum at least a couple times a week around here just to keep Daisy’s shedding from getting out of control, but I still usually ended up also using a lint roller to really remove all the fur from the furniture. Such a chore, and clearly our old vacuum cleaner just wasn’t getting the job done.

I was super excited when we were invited to test out the new Panasonic Jet Force MC-UL427 Bagless Vacuum! I honestly didn’t expect to be so happy about a new piece of cleaning equipment, but what a difference it makes having the right tool for the job!

our new Panasonic vacuum

It was really fast and easy to put together, and I love the look of it. It’s got a sleek and modern design, and I’m crazy about the black and purple! It looks like a very expensive vacuum cleaner, so I was surprised when I checked and saw that the list price was only $149. It’s got so many great features that I would have expected it to cost about twice that when I look at what else is out there.
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