20 DIY Hideouts to Give Your Cat More Privacy & Personal Space

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This article originally appeared here, but since we are all sheltering-in-place during the Covid-19 outbreak, I thought it might be nice to share some ideas on how you can stay busy, entertained and distracted while you are stuck at home. Not only are these projects fun for the family, but they will also give your cat the extra privacy and space they probably need right about now!

Want to treat your favorite feline to a new abode? Grab a copy of DIY Cat Castles: 20 Cardboard Habitats You Can Build Yourself and learn how to build homemade habitats with easy instructions and common materials you have at home. (TIP: you can “look inside” the book online if you just want some free ideas and inspiration)

Shoeboxes and paper bags are fine for other cats. But your favorite felines deserve luxurious living spaces! This DIY construction guide includes fun and easy instructions for making cardboard trains, ships, food trucks, rockets, and other hideouts. Also included are tips for making cat climbing towers and scratching pads that they can use to stay sharp.

All twenty projects are quick to assemble and require inexpensive and easy-to-find materials. You can customize them to match your cat’s wildest desires.
Get the book for yourself or send it to your favorite cat lover!

A Very Special Holiday Gift Guide for Cats, Cat Owners & Cat Lovers! #Feastivities

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Need some truly unique and special gift ideas for the cat lovers and feline friends on your holiday gift list this year? Well, Daisy and I enlisted the help of popular online glamour and beauty expert Elle Fowler and her cat Pinecone to bring you this VERY special video gift guide, created especially for our readers!

Once you’ve watched the video, we know you’ll want to join in the holiday celebration of all-things-cat at Feastivities.com, the online guide for holiday cheer featuring a collection of hand-crafted designer gifts for cats, cat owners and cat lovers! Feastivities also features Fancy Feast’s 2013 holiday ornament. You can order the ornament for $2 with all donations going directly to Adopt-a-Pet.com. I know you all love gifts that give back to pet causes just as much as I do!