Is YOUR Dog the Next Woofpup? WIN $500 and Make Your Dog a STAR!

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Fellow dog lovers, there’s a brand new community especially for us! It’s and it’s FREE to join. Perfect for kids and grownups, it’s family-friendly fun, filled with cute pups (real and stuffed animals). Now’s the chance to be one of the first to get in on Woofpup and we’re here to tell you all about it!

FREE Membership and Contest Info

As a member of the Woofpup community you get to share stories and photos of your fur kid and meed lots of other adorable pups…and who doesn’t LOVE that!?! Each month, users can enter their dogs in a contest to be crowned “Woofpup of the Month.” The winner will not only win $500 but also have their dog featured on the site and a cuddly plush pup made in the winning dog’s likeness, available for any pet lover to enjoy online and off!


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Down Dog! Free Yoga Inspiration Delivered Daily to your Inbox

Some posts may contain affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Free yoga subscription

OK, this deal isn’t exactly for the dogs…but every now and then I’v got one for the mamas (and papas) that I really like and want to share with you! I’m a big fan of yoga and I just found out about Alignyo – a new, free online community that celebrates yoga and welcomes newbies and experts alike! When you signup, you get in-the-know recommendations, information and inspiration, sent daily to your inbox. They are just getting going with additional features and are adding reviews of local classes, healthy recipes, tips on home yoga and more!

If you are already a yoga fan or would like to learn how to get started, you can subscribe here for free (and just skip the local edition option if you don’t see your city yet).