Calm Eyes All-Natural Eye Cleanse for Dogs, Cats and Horses – $2.99 Shipped!

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CalmEyes all-natural eye cleanse for animals

Today’s Barking Deal isn’t just for dogs-it’s also designed for cats as well as our equine pals. This all-natural eye cleanse soothes itchy, runny eyes and can also help with crusty, weepy and irritated eyes in horses, dogs, cats and other small animals. To use it, you apply liberally to a clean cloth and bathe the entire external eye area regularly twice a day. Visit Barking Deals to learn more and get half off a bottle of Calm Eyes Eye Cleanse.

Remember: as with any pet health product, treatment or supplement, it is important to check with your veterinarian to find out what is recommended and safe for your pet’s specific needs or conditions.