$10 or $15 OFF a 10-Pack of Lamb Sticks For Dogs w/ Free Shipping Included

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lamb sticks for dogs

If you’re looking for an alternative to rawhides or bully sticks, here’s a great deal on US-made 100% Lamb Treats for dogs! These lamb twists are aprox. 6″ each and come in a 10-pack for $16 with free shipping included.

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Best Bully Sticks New Year’s Sale Ends Tonight!

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best bully sticks on sale

If you’ve been waiting for a deal to restock on natural chews and treats for your dog, now is your chance. Save on bully sticks, lamb ears, gullet pretzels and more at the Best Bully Sticks Sale. This special New Year’s Sale ends at midnight tonight, so be sure to stop by!

While you’re there, be sure to also check out the Free Shipping Department for a large selection of items that ship for free from Best Bully Sticks with NO minimum purchase required. You’re sure to find all-natural treats your dog will love!

Clear Conscience Pet Treats – Made in USA from Sustainable Family Farms {Product Review}

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Clear Conscience Pet Treats

Like most dogs, Daisy wants treats…can’t blame a dog for that! She also can be a picky eater and tends to have a sensitive tummy. As a good mama, it’s my job to care about where her treats come from, what ingredients are used and how they are made. Not only do I care about her food and treats being safe and healthy, but I also prefer to support small businesses and farmers when I shop for myself and my family. So I was very excited when Clear Conscience Pet invited us to try 3 of their pet products!

Clear Conscience not only makes all of their products in the USA, but they also pledge that ingredients are 100% humanely sourced from sustainable family farms. This means that livestock sources used in their treats are free to graze on range or pasture lands, and are raised without any growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics. They also insure that their products are grain-free, GMO-free and gluten-free as well as free from artificial or synthetic ingredients. With a mission like that, it’s no wonder that Clear Conscience Pet has been selected as a winner of the 2012 Pet Age Green Spirit Award!

The first product we tried was SuperGravy. This all-natural superfood powder in Bison and Beef Recipe is made with picky eaters or low-appetite dogs in mind. It makes any pet food taste better and enhances nutrition. It can be mixed with water in a separate container and poured over dry kibble but since I like to do things the easy way, I chose to just sprinkle the SuperGravy Powder directly on Daisy’s dry kibble and then add some water to the food bowl. Daisy scarfed down her food so fast that she almost tipped over her bowl! I’m hoarding this for those times when she isn’t feeling so great and needs to eat but doesn’t have an appetite. This actually is a problem we have from time to time although she’s getting better about it, so I like having something on hand to entice her to eat if she starts skipping meals. This dry powder is so much more convenient that opening a whole can of wet food just to put a spoonful on her kibble!


Daisy also tried the Lamb Airy Bites. These cube-shaped treats are made with only 4 ingredients: Lamb lung, organic spinach, organic pumpkin, and organic carrot. The lamb is roasted and then the veggies are made into a SuperVeggie coating! From watching Daisy down these, I can tell you that they are a little crunchy and very easy to eat… and yummy. It was almost impossible to get a photo of her eating one because she kept devouring them so fast that none of the pictures actually show the Airy Bites! The product info describes them as “melt in the mouth delicious”! Here, you can kind of see one before she runs off with it!

Lamb Airy Bites

The third pet treat Daisy sampled was Lamb Trachey Chewz. As weird as it sounds, these are actual lamb trachea, which are a good source of glucosamine and chondroitin as well as high-quality protein. The Trachey Chewz are coated with the same SuperVeggie coating as the Airy Bites but are more chewy. Because they are actual trachea, they are a long hollow tube so they don’t last as long as something like a solid bully stick, but are apparently delicious because after Daisy finished her first one, she went snooping around the kitchen to see if there were more! Since these treats are high in protein and a generous size, we are dolling them out slowly! You can see that Daisy is thoroughly enjoying this one (and also that it’s time for me to trim her nails)!

We are impressed with the line of Clear Conscience Pet Treats.  Not only do I feel good about the sourcing and ingredients used, but they also pass the Daisy test for deliciousness! I’d say these are a great idea for a special treat, or  (if your veterinarian recommends) for dogs who need to increase their nutrient and protein intake. To browse more treats and find a store near you or online retailer, you can visit the Clear Conscience website.

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Disclosure: We were provided with the products described above so that we could tell you about them. All experiences and opinions are 100% mine and Daisy’s. This is NOT medical or pet nutrition advice. Be sure to speak with your veterinarian if you have questions or concerns about your dog’s appetite or nutritional needs!

$5 Credit = $7 for a Talking Duck, Rooster, Lamb, Cow or Gorilla Dog Toy ($18 value)!

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talking animal dog toy deal

DoggyLoot has a deal on Loopies Talking Dog Toys and I’m really eager to try one or hear from someone who has! You’ll get your choice of a duck, rooster, cow, gorilla, and a lamb! You can listen to each one here! Personally I think the Duck sounds hilarious, and is probably the one that Daisy will like the best, but I want to get the Rooster to throw at my hubby when he won’t get up in the morning!

The deal price is $12 plus shipping, which sounds good to me, but if you signup for DoggyLoot for the first time using this link, you can get a $5 Instant Credit to use toward your first deal…making this a talking animal steal!!!

Freeze-Dried Beef, Chicken and Lamb Dog Treats – 3 Bags Only $17!

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freeze dried liver dog treats

Today’s DoggyLoot deal is for 3 packs of Etta Says! freeze dried treats for $17 ($27 value). You’ll receive one bag each of Chicken Liver, Beef Liver and Lamb Liver treats. They contain no additives, no preservatives, no fillers, and no grains, just 100% pure liver! All treats are sourced and made in the USA.

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