Amazon Pet Deal: 76% Off Humunga Mustache Ball Toy for Dogs

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I’ve developed an obsession for animals with mustaches and could not stop laughing when I saw this hilarious dog toy on Pinterest! Today I spotted it on BIG TIME SALE at Amazon for only $9.43…and it’s even eligible for FREE SHIPPING with Amazon Prime/Mom/Student (of $25 min order)!

The description from Amazon is pretty funny, too:  “This shiny black toy is a ball on one end, and a giant cartoon mustache on the other. Dogs naturally pick up the ball…which leaves the outrageously funny mustache sticking out! Dogs also love to hold the ball in their mouth and shake the mustache back and forth like it’s prey! Cool canines can also pose for a group photo, crack up people on the street, go “indognito” to the park, give to a friend as a gag gift, catch it and fetch it! The “ball” is slightly smaller than a tennis ball. The toy is the funniest when you don’t see the ball in your dog’s mouth!”

Visit Amazon to get the Moody Pet Humunga Stache Ball Dog Toy.