New Grain-Free and Limited Ingredient Dental Chews from Natural Balance

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Natural Balance Dental Chews

As you might already know, Daisy eats Natural Balance dog food and we get to help spread the word about cool news and pet products through the NB Insiders program. We’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new Natural Balance Dental Chews ever since we first heard about them!

Because of Daisy’s sensitive tummy and skin we have to be really careful what treats we give her, so you can imagine how excited we are about this new product release! Natural Balance never lets us down, and we feel especially good about their L.I.T. Limited Ingredient Treats. Natural Balance L.I.T. Treats are designed with a limited number of protein and carbohydrate sources. Scientifically formulated and free from any artificial flavoring or coloring, these treats are great for dogs with food sensitivities and allergies like Daisy and so many other fur kids.

grain free dental treats

We’re SO happy that the new dental chews line includes grain-free, limited ingredient options! And the timing couldn’t be better, since February is Pet Dental Health Month, too. While there is no substitute for daily tooth brushing, it’s always great to take some extra help where you can get it. These dental chews have grooves that help do the work to reduce plaque and tartar. They’re also easy to digest, help freshen breath and feature Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant nutrient to support healthy immune function.

They’re made in both Small Breed and Medium/Large Breed sizes and are available in the following varieties:

  • L.I.T. Limited Ingredient Treats with Duck Meal Dental Chews
  • L.I.T. Limited Ingredient Treats Sweet Potato & Chicken Meal Dental Chews
  • Pumpkin & Chicken Meal Formula with Papaya Dental Chews
  • Sweet Potato & Chicken Meal Formula with Mango Dental Chews
  • Clean Grooves Formula (Vegetarian Blend) Dental Chews

Visit Natural Balance here for more info about their new Dental Chews for dogs!

What’s In Daisy’s Bowl? Natural Balance ALPHA Grain-Free Dog Food!

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Daisy with Natural Balance

Regular readers probably already know about Daisy’s favorite food and how happy we are with feeding her Natural Balance, but I sometimes receive questions from new followers, our friends and even family asking about what dog food Daisy eats, and how we decided on a brand and formula.

Over the first year and a half after adopting Daisy, we struggled with getting her healthy. She was a scrawny, sick little puppy who didn’t like to eat and had trouble when she did. In addition to the tummy troubles, she also had terrible skin rashes that constantly got infected, and after seeing our first few vet bills, we began to suspect that all this was why she was abandoned at the shelter in the first place!

The veterinarian suggested that before we start running more invasive and expensive tests, or put her on prescription food, that we try experimenting with a few premium wheat-free brands to see if we could find one that suited her. We tried a few, allowing enough time for her system to adjust and even though her tummy troubles  diminished, we didn’t really see an improvement in her appetite or skin until trying Natural Balance’s ALPHA. It’s a grain-free formula and comes in 3 varieties: Chicken, Turkey Meal & Duck; Lamb, Chicken Meal & Rabbit; and Trout, Salmon Meal & Whitefish.

Daisy eats the Trout variety and has been since March of 2012 when we first discovered Natural Balance. You can read the original post about how Daisy started eating Natural Balance for more info. Since that time, Daisy’s appetite and weight have become much more healthy and we’ve seen great improvements in her skin allergies as well.

Besides finding the right combination of ingredients for her sensitive system, she really loves the taste. And that’s super important when you have a dog who struggles with lack of appetite! We used to have to take Daisy in for monthly weight-checks just to make sure she wasn’t wasting away (seriously)…now we measure her meal  portions and limit her treats so she doesn’t overdo it with her enthusiasm!

Natural Balance treats and food

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