Special Invite to Join zuuzs – Where Friends Meet to Shop, Share Deals and Earn Cash!

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I’ve been hearing a lot of great stuff about zuuzs, a shopping community for women who love to share deals, save and earn cash…so I was excited to receive an invite recently to signup! It’s pretty cool so far and they have Pet Deals that I’ll be sharing with you but also much more!

Basically, zuuzs makes it easy to shop with all your favorite online stores, lets you share great deals and shopping insights with your friends and family without ever needing to leave the zuuzs website, and lets you all earn money on your purchases. You can earn even more when you invite your friends and family to join your zuuzs Circle of Friendzs.

When a member of your Circle of Friendzs makes a purchase, she earns cash back on her purchase and zuuzs pays you a bonus, too. Your zuuzs Circle of Friendzs includes members that you have invited directly (Direct Friends), and the people that they in turn invite directly (Indirect Friends).

If you are interested in checking it out and seeing what it’s all about, I invite you to join my zuuzs Circle of Friendzs here! It’s Free and FUN and it only takes a minute to sign up and start shopping. Then, as a zuuzs member, you can send invitations to your friends and family. Hope to see you there!