Every Step Counts! Track Your Fitness Activity When You Walk or Run with Your Dog!

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fitbit wireless activity tracker

Wonder how many calories you burn on a walk with your dog? Or maybe you’d like to keep track of the distance you cover or need some motivation to improve your fitness level. Fitbit is a wireless activity tracker that keeps track of your activity level while you wear it. It costs WAY LESS than a typical gym membership and also comes with valuable online tools and apps for iPhone and Android to help track your weight, health and diet goals. According to their website, Fitbit users on average take 43% more steps and lose 13 lbs.

Fitbit makes it easy put your everyday routine to work (like walking or running with your dog) toward your fitness goals. The Fitbit Tracker’s highly accurate 3-D motion sensor measures steps, calories burned and distance traveled. You can view your results in real time right on the Tracker, or wait until they’re uploaded to Fitbit.com. The Tracker will always give you a clear sense of how you are doing and encourage you to do more. The more you know, the more motivated you’ll be. You can even use it to help track your sleep patterns – Good sleep is important to good health and weight loss!

Fitbit fitness tracker

Fitbit Tracker is small enough to wear in your pocket, clipped to your waist, or even attached to your bra all day long. You can learn a bunch more about Fitbit and how it works by visiting their website here. In addition to being pretty affordable for all this technology, they also offer Free Shipping!

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