Up to 30% Off H2O4K9 Stainless Steel Water Bottles for Dogs!

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H2O4K9 travel water bottles for dogs

Keep your dog hydrated with the these stylish and functional H2O4K9 water bottles and holders, on sale this week only at Fab.com. H2O4K9 has designed the first stainless steel water bottle for dogs. Its lid facilitates a dog’s natural drinking style—quenching the need for on-the-go H2O. Add the bottle holder and get ready for a looong play date with your pup.
stainless steel water bottles for dogs
The Small water bottle is $7 ($9.99 retail) and Large bottles are on sale for $11 ($14.99 retail). The adjustable water bottle holder with strap are $7.50 each ($9.99 retail). Colors include silver, black, and purple, green and more stylish choices. Visit Fab.com here to check out the H2O4K9 Sale Boutique before it’s gone!