Puppy Cake: Free Shipping on $25+ {As Seen on Shark Tank!}

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Free Shipping on Puppy Cake

Puppy Cake, an all-natural cake mix for dogs using natural, human grade ingredients such as whole wheat or rice flour, carob powder and banana, recently appeared on ABC Television’s show, Shark Tank. And now you can try their mixes at home!

as seen on shark tank
Products start at $6.99 and each box makes a 6” round cake or eight cupcakes total. Pet parents add eggs, water and oil to the mix, which is made with veterinary-approved ingredients. I’m very interested in the Wheat-Free Peanut Butter Cake Mix and Frosting for Daisy.

Right now, Puppy Cake has an offer for Free Shipping on all orders over $25. Keep in mind that their products have a shelf-life of one year so don’t be afraid to order a few items at once to meet the minimum for free shipping. You can also visit their site to find local stores carrying their goods!


  1. I think that your cakes look great. I just watched shark tank. We have two golden retrievers and we give them dog ice cream, I will buy your cakes. You should encourage people to give great treats like yours at least every month. Not just for birthdays. You will sell a lot more. You have a great idea.. Thank you Karen MacKenzie

  2. Dora Bostick says

    It appears the Shark Tank episode was last year but I just viewed it last weekend. As an owner of four dogs and being a resident of dog friendly Southern California,it was easy to see that your product has potential. Did you ever find an investor? If not please contact me, I would like to talk to you.

  3. Thank you for thinking of  the dog’s  health. Great product! Keep your dream going.

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