Watch Video of BOGO Bowl on The Today Show This Morning!

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Hopefully by now you’ve heard about BOGO Bowl and even entered our giveaway for a chance to WIN a bag of food for your dog plus a bag to donate to the shelter of your choice.

Their concept of Buy One – Give One is so popular that they were featured on The Today Show this morning in a special segment about products that give when you buy.

If you missed it, you can watch it here:

$5 Free Credit = $7 Shipped for Two Pet Bath Sponges and a Pet Shammy ($25 value) As Seen on TV!

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pet bath sponges and shammy deal at DoggyLoot

Use the Free $5 Signup Credit at DoggyLoot to snag a pawsome deal on this set of 2 Uncle Norman’s Pet Bath Sponges and the BowWow Pet Shammy! Regular retail price is $25 but the DoggyLoot deal is $12 including Free Shipping. Apply your instant $5 credit for signing up here and your final price drops to only $7 shipped!

The pet bath sponges already contain shampoo, conditioner, and odor-eliminator – just add water! The sponges are good for up to eight washes each and even include an antibacterial formula to keep them germ-free between washes! The shammy absorbs up to 20 times its weight in water, plus it’s washable and dries quickly. You can also use the shammy to protect car seats and other surfaces from muddy paws! Visit DoggyLoot to get started and find other great pet deals, too!


Click N Stay Pet Car Safety Device – Buy One Get One Free!

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I just spotted this “As Seen on TV” product on sale: $10 for two plus shipping & handling. What I like about this is that is stays attached to the leash so you don’t forget it! It looks like it would still allow a dog to stick their head out the window if they like, but not run completely wild in the car. We use something similar for Daisy, otherwise she would be climbing all over us while we drive…NOT safe!

A couple suggestions to keep in mind: it probably would be safer and more comfortable when used with a harness rather than collar, and dogs are safest in the back seat for their own protection as well as for the driver’s safety (the website shows them in front as well).

Puppy Cake: Free Shipping on $25+ {As Seen on Shark Tank!}

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Free Shipping on Puppy Cake

Puppy Cake, an all-natural cake mix for dogs using natural, human grade ingredients such as whole wheat or rice flour, carob powder and banana, recently appeared on ABC Television’s show, Shark Tank. And now you can try their mixes at home!

as seen on shark tank
Products start at $6.99 and each box makes a 6” round cake or eight cupcakes total. Pet parents add eggs, water and oil to the mix, which is made with veterinary-approved ingredients. I’m very interested in the Wheat-Free Peanut Butter Cake Mix and Frosting for Daisy.

Right now, Puppy Cake has an offer for Free Shipping on all orders over $25. Keep in mind that their products have a shelf-life of one year so don’t be afraid to order a few items at once to meet the minimum for free shipping. You can also visit their site to find local stores carrying their goods!

{As Seen on TV} Magic Mesh Instant Door Cover – Buy 1 Get 1 FREE for $19.95!

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OK, so I know some people think “as seen on tv” products are silly, but Daisy’s papa and I were watching tv the other day and saw the commercial for Magic Mesh and both thought it was GENIUS! You can create an instant doggy door anywhere you have a doorway, with no tools!

Basically, the mesh is easy to hang in any doorway and has magnets to keep it closed, so it keeps bugs out and lets fresh air in. What I love is that dogs can run through it to let themselves in and out and it snaps closed automatically behind them! You can go here to view the Magic Mesh TV Commercial and BOGO offer for yourself! Be sure to watch for the cute dogs running through and the Magic Mesh snapping shut behind them…cracks me up every time!

Remember: It’s our job as pet parents to keep our dogs safe so only let your pup outside when they are on a leash or if you have a secure area like a fenced-in yard!