Click N Stay Pet Car Safety Device – Buy One Get One Free!

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I just spotted this “As Seen on TV” product on sale: $10 for two plus shipping & handling. What I like about this is that is stays attached to the leash so you don’t forget it! It looks like it would still allow a dog to stick their head out the window if they like, but not run completely wild in the car. We use something similar for Daisy, otherwise she would be climbing all over us while we drive…NOT safe!

A couple suggestions to keep in mind: it probably would be safer and more comfortable when used with a harness rather than collar, and dogs are safest in the back seat for their own protection as well as for the driver’s safety (the website shows them in front as well).


  1. We at Click N Stay agree with you Mama! Please use a harness and you should always keep your dog in the backseat!

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