ASPCA ‘No Pet Store Puppies’ Pledge and $50 Prize Pack Giveaway!

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Take the Pledge: Support ASPCA No Pet Store Puppies Campaign!

Sadly, many people still don’t know that most Pet Store Puppies come from large-scale commercial breeding operations commonly known as Puppy Mills.  Operators of puppy mills breed dogs in unsanitary, overcrowded and often cruel conditions where profit is given priority over the well-being of the dogs. ASPCA is raising awareness and helping to put a stop to this with their “No Pet Store Puppies” Campaign. In addition to the No Pet Store Puppies Facebook Page, ASPCA has also rolled out a series of YouTube Videos to inform the public and YOU can help spread the word AND enter to Win a $50 ASPCA Prize Pack!

Take the Pledge and help fight puppy mill cruelty by refusing to shop at pet stores and on websites that sell puppies.

I pledge that if a pet store sells puppies, I won’t buy anything there. Not pet food, kitty litter, or squeaky toys — Nothing! And I pledge to tell everyone I know not to shop there either!

ASPCA would like to give our fans and followers the chance to Win a $50 ASPCA Prize Pack with items designed to help show off your support for their important work to end animal cruelty. One lucky winner will receive an ASPCA Prize Pack including:

·         ASPCA T-shirt +  Cute Dog Mug

·         ASPCA Wristband and Magnet

·         ASPCA Orange Tote and ASPCA Calendar

This giveaway runs thru June 12, 2012, is open to US residents age 18+ and uses the Rafflecopter Widget for FAST and EASY ENTRY! There are multiple entry methods to give you additional chances to win, but just choose the ones you want. Email addresses and other info are only used to verify and contact the winner. Rest assured that your information will never be sold or shared with anyone. All entry methods are subject to verification. Please make sure you provide all required information or your entries won’t count!

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  1. Terri Bollin says

    I took the pledge and I am telling all my friends and family to do the same.

  2. I took the pledge too!

  3. Took it and thru soc media!

  4. Took the pledge, shared on FB and twitter

  5. Tiffany Drastata says

    I took the pledge and I am a proud momma to two rescue dogs and a rescue cat. Rescue is my favorite breed!

  6. Valerie Simko says

    I took the pledge! As did my boyfriend immediately after me — we both are passing the link along to friends and family through email and Facebook.

  7. Jennifer Boehme says

    I took the Pledge, & sharing with everyone I know. I didn’t know, there were that many places close to me that sell puppies in a store, most likely from a puppymill. Thank God I have never went to shop there!

  8. Amy Orvin says

    I took the pledge and will let my family and friends know. Also, I shared on facebook and tweeted the pledge!!

  9. Marley LaPlage says

    I took the pledge and will help spread the word about stopping Pet Store Puppies and Puppy Mills!

  10. I took the pledge and I make sure to ask anyone who says they are going to our local “puppy pet store” to stop at PetSmart or PetCo instead. They’re nearby, have cheaper prices, and host adoption events rather than selling puppies!

  11. Kelly Ann T. says

    I took the pledge, shared on my facebook page and I adopted a rescue dog a few weeks ago.

  12. Melissa B says

    I took the pledge.  I am getting a new puppy in 3 weeks from a reputable breeder.  We will end up spending a lot more to purchase this puppy, but it’s worth it knowing he was bred and raised in a respectable manner.

  13. christal c says

    I took the pledge and shared

  14. Chavonne H says

    I took the pledge and shared it on facebook.

  15. Michelle Spayde says

    I absolutely took the pledge, and I am thrilled that the ASPCA is using bloggers as yet another avenue to educate people on the realities of puppies that come from pet stores or the internet!

    Spreading the word is part of my daily life because I am “Mom” to one of the lucky ones that made it out of her prison after being bred year after year.  My sweet girl is irreparably damaged both physically and emotionally from the severe neglect, abuse, and lack of socialization that she endured all of those years.  While she will never be “normal”, I love her unconditionally,  and make it my mission to spoil her rotten for the rest of her life. I never miss an opportunity to share her story and try to further spread awareness of this greedy and cruel industry!   

  16. I took the pledge and will tell my friends & family to do the same. I have a rescue cat and never considered NOT going to a shelter to rescue an animal.

  17. jessie goodwin says

    I took the pledge and my friends and family already do the same. We have always gotten all our pets from animal rescues and will continue to do so.  We feel that there are so many out there, just waiting to be loved that it is our duty to help them.  Our current dog Dottie, was rescued from a family that kicked her in the mouth so bad, she can hardly chew anything up anymore.  We break up her food for her, so she can eat it more easily. She is a 3-4 year old dog with arthritis so bad(from her injuries) that she can hardly get up when she’s been asleep.  It truly saddens me and I will ALWAYS spread the word about puppy mills, and irresponsible breeding! Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. Stephanie Hungerford says

    I have taken the pledge. It was easy because I already live by that rule. After working for a humane society and fostering/adopting rescued animals I would never get an animal on any other site besides pet finder and usually I only use that to preselect a pet from a local shelter. I have loved every cat I have adopted from a shelter or rescued from a friend who was about to send the animal to the shelter.

  19. TY FOR THE GIVEAWAY BUT, MORE IMPORTANTLY…..TY for the info that U have shared about the puppy store puppy mills!!!! I had NO idea that’s how they got their dogs, I guess I never think of “puppy mills” as an actual thing but, they have to get them from somewhere, right? My sister whom lives two states away, just bought a puppy store puppy & had I known this a month ago, I could’ve made a difference!!!! I have adopted before & I think we should treat our animals like misplaced children….ADOPT!!!!!
    I have signed up with ASPCA long time ago, so this really is close to home for me:)) Thank U for what U do for our innocent animals!!!! Someone has to have a voice for them because they can’t speak!!!

  20. amanda roach says

    i took the pledge and will definately spread the word.

  21. K Greenwalt says

    I took the pledge and I’m telling my friends

  22. I took the pledge and am encouraging my friends to do the same. This cause is very near and dear to my heart!

  23. I tell all my humans to take the pledge. After being saved from death row at the last minute, I am grateful, but wish there weren’t so many other dogs who were not as lucky as me!

  24. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says

    I took the pledge and I already let others know about puppy mills and not to buy puppies from let stores to go to the pound and shelters and to check with rescues 

  25. i took the pledge!!!  sharing it like crazy too!!

  26. Julie B. says

    I took the pledge and have long boycotted all pet stores which sell puppies! (There aren’t even any near me that I’m aware of right now, but I wouldn’t even if there were). I’ve spread the word on all my social media outlets and voiced my opinion to anyone who will listen as well!

  27. I took the pledge, shared on my Facebook page, my Twitter page, and pinned the badge onto my Pinterest page.

  28. I took the pledge and shared on Twitter and Facebook.

  29. Crystal S. says

    I took the pledge and I have let my friends and family know. They all are in agreement and also help spread the word.
    sellcrystal2 (at) yahoo dot com

  30. Miz Vickik says

    I took the pledge and have long hated puppy mills!

  31. Debbie R says

    I took the pledge and tweeted about it.

  32. I took the pledge. I use word of mouth and Facebook to let people know how I feel about this serious issue

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