No Pet Store Puppies! #MeetMolly & Help End Puppy Mills

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Help end puppy mills

Today is “No Pet Store Puppies Day,” and we’re spread the word about the ASPCA’s campaign to put an end to puppy mills. If you’re looking for an opportunity to get involved, we know someone looking for help—meet Molly!

Molly, along with her faithful pup, Joey, is out to teach the world all about puppy mills and why you shouldn’t shop at pet stores that sell puppies.


Molly and Joey want to make sure their message reaches as many people as possible, so please share their video with the hashtag #MeetMolly after you’ve watched it!

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Pledge to Help Stop Puppy Mills—It Starts With YOU!

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Pet stores that care about puppies don’t sell them. That’s because the majority of pet stores that sell puppies carry dogs from cruel and inhumane puppy mills. Puppy mills are like dog-making factories with the mother dogs spending their entire lives in cramped cages or kennels with little or no personal attention or quality of life. When the mother and father dogs can no longer breed, they are discarded or killed. Consumers who purchase puppies from pet stores or over the Internet without seeing a breeder’s home firsthand are often unknowingly supporting this cruel industry.

Help Stop Puppy Mills

Help stop this cycle of cruelty simply by choosing to adopt your next pet from a shelter or rescue. And that’s not all—you can do even more by refusing to buy pet supplies from any store or website that sells puppies. Where you spend your dollars makes a difference. Make a statement when you shop!

Newly Adopted Dogs Take Home a Free Pet Health Kit With Your Help!

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There are lots of ways to help shelter animals in need: you could adopt if you are able, foster a pet while helping to find them a forever family, volunteer and/or donate money if you are financially able.

Did you know there is also something you can do that is completely free, takes about 30 seconds and helps out, too???

pet health kit

Right now, when you head on over to EmBARK on Pet Health and take this online pledge promising to care for your own pet’s health, Sergeants Pet Care will send a pet health kit to participating shelters with the help of the American Humane Association (AHA). These kits will go home with newly adopted pets from AHA shelters nationwide to ensure their care is off to a great start.

And as a special thank you for taking the pledge, you’ll get a coupon for $3 Off your next Sergeants or Sentry purchase!

pet pledge

See how fast and easy it is? You just provide your email address, city and state, click Submit, and another family gets to take home a free pet health kit when they adopt a shelter pet! The kit has stuff you need when caring for your dog’s health, including:

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Help Shelter Pets with a Click of Your Mouse + Pet Photo Contest!

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daisy fin smiles photo

Did you get a chance to join Daisy and me at the emBARK on Pet Health twitter party last week? It was super fun and Tiffani Thiessen was there sharing all kinds of paw-tastic pet health tips and stories about her own sweet rescue dogs, too!

If you missed it, you can head on over to where you’ll get loads of great free pet health tips, reminders and tools especially for pet parents to learn about giving our pets the best care possible. Even those of us who’ve been pet parents for some time now will still find something new to help us keep our fur kids healthy and living well!

embark on pet health pledge

Help AHA and Shelter Pets with a Click of Your Mouse:

Make sure to take the emBARK on Pet Health Pledge to schedule a little time to bone up on your pet’s health needs. For each pledge made, Sergeant’s will send a Pet Health Kit to local American Humane Association shelters around the country to go home with newly adopted pets to help ensure their health care regimen is off to a great start! It only takes a sec, so take the pledge here.

About American Humane Association:

Since 1877, the historic American Humane Association has been at the forefront of virtually every major advance in protecting children, pets and farm animals from abuse and neglect. AHA also supports America’s shelters, humane societies and SPCAs.

As the nation’s voice for the protection of children and animals, AHA reaches millions of people every day through groundbreaking research, education, training and services that span a wide network of organizations, agencies and businesses. American Humane Association Fact Sheet

superstar smiles photo contest

Superstar Smiles Photo Contest:

Think your fur kid has a winning smile? Daisy and her boyfriend Fin sure do…they are all smiles when they are together and are super photogenic, too! After you’ve taken the Pet Health Pledge, hurry on over to Sergeant’s Superstar Smiles Photo Contest and submit a photo of your very own superstar for a chance to WIN a PAW-tastic new Canon EOS Digital Rebel T3 camera! I really do mean hurry, because the contest ends February 28, 2013 @ 11:00 pm (CST).

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sergeant’s, to help spread the word about the emBARK On Pet Health campaign designed to educate pet parents and support the American Humane Association (AHA). Daisy and I only share news for things we support and think you will enjoy!

Pledge To emBARK On Pet Health + Twitter Party with Tiffani Thiessen

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Tiffani Thiessen

(Photo Credit: Michael Simon/

Did you know that February is Responsible Pet Owners Month? It’s a great time to celebrate the love we share with our fur kids, learn more about the best ways to care for them AND help pets in need of forever families, too!

Sergeant’s pet care company has just kicked off a cool new program and website that’s designed to do just that. They’ve partnered with the lovely Tiffani Thiessen, actress and animal advocate for emBARK On Pet Healthan easy and FUN way to learn about caring for your pets, and help support the American Humane Association (AHA).

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, Daisy and I thought it was the perfect day to share the love and tell you all about how you can participate, too! Be sure to keep reading, because in addition to learning about pet health and helping shelter pets, there are also coupons and prizes involved!!!

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