Giveaway: Win a Freezy Pups Kit and Make Organic Frozen Dog Treats at Home!

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Treat your dog to fun, hydrating, and easy to make-at-home frozen treats from Freezy Pets. The starter kit includes a freezer tray to make bone shaped frozen dog treats, and packs of four gourmet recipes your dog will love! The treat mix is organic, made in the USA and the tray is made from non toxic, food grade, recyclable material! You can see how easy they are to make, and how much Daisy loved them in our recent Freezy Pups Product Review post.

Freezy Pups Kit Giveaway

One Lucky Reader will WIN a Freezy Pups Starter Kit with Freezer Tray and 4 Packs of Organic Recipe Mix!

This giveaway runs thru July 8, 2012, is open to US residents age 18+ and uses the Rafflecopter Widget for FAST and EASY ENTRY! There are many OPTIONAL entry methods to give you additional chances to win, but just choose the ones you want. Email addresses and other info are only used to verify and contact the winner. Rest assured that your information will never be sold or shared with anyone. All entry methods are subject to verification. Please make sure you provide all required information or your entries won’t count!

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  1. Cassandra Stapp says

    My dogs scramble for any ice cubes that hit the floor! They would be in heaven getting frozen treats during the hot summer!

  2. Betsy Barnes says

    Our dog loves ice cubes 🙂

  3. Jacqueline Ellis says

    My Mack-Mack loves the icecream that I’m eating. He gets the last 2 bites 🙂

  4. My pups would love the chicken soup! They ignore ice cubes but love popsicles

  5. My dog loves frozen snacks and he also LOVES chicken, so I believe he would totally love the Chicken Soup flavor!

  6. ice cubes are a staple around here during the summer. I think mr. buster would love the chicken soup flavor

  7. I think my pooch would like chicken soup flavored treats. He loves frozen treats!

  8. Terri Ingham-Bollin says

    My dogs love frozen treats and they would like either the White Cheddar or the chicken soup.

  9. Lu and Wally would love the Sweet Potato ‘n Maple flavor!

  10. christine jessamine says

    my black lab loves ice! he would love the chicken soup flavor the best! such a cute idea!

  11. apple

  12. Christine says

    Well, I might not have any dogs, but I do know my cats LOVE the white cheddar and the chicken broth freezy pups! 

  13. Ashley R. says

    My dog loves ice cubes, but we haven’t tried frozen treats yet!! I think she will love the chicken soup on 🙂

  14. Woofgang loves the sweet potato and maple flavor.

  15. my dog loves frozen treats, and its hot here in SoCal.

  16. My dog loves frozen treats on hots days like we’ve been having!

  17. I would pick chicken soup

  18. chandini says

    Veggie treats are the best!!

  19. My dog would love the chicken soup flavor.

  20. My dog doesn’t know what to do with ice cubes…but he does love his little frozen ice creams 🙂

  21. Kelly Ann T. says

    My dogs like frozen treats and I think they would love the chicken soup flavor.

  22. Sarah Blake says

    White cheddar cheese for sure!

  23. jodi lasher says

    My dogs LOVE frozen treats… They would love if i won this. Thanks

  24. Wendy/books4me says

    Our puppy LOVES ice cubes…the old dog, not as much. Sweet potato and Maple sounds great but I think they would eat any of them!

  25. olivia rubin says

    She loves ice cubes in her water…i would probably have to hold this in my hand to,teach her its yummy chicken stock

  26. THANK U FOR THIS AWESOME GIVEAWAY!!!! I am ALWAYS up for ANY giveaways, contests of whatever if it’s for the animals & I LOVE my dog Speigel & want to try & win this for him! He LOVES ice ream, ice water (has to have ice in it) so, I would be excited to try these out for him!!!!! Just wonderful!!!!!

  27. amy marantino says

    my dogs like ice cream. they used to enjoy ice cubes when they were younger, but stopped eating them a couple of years ago.

  28. Valerie Simko says

    Cooper really loves his frozen treats (especially with the recent heat waves to help keep him cool)! I’m sure the Apple flavor would be his FAST FAVORITE!

  29. Karla Gutierrez-Pugh says

    Would love to try these!

  30. Kasee Johnson says

    Our dogs and pygmy goats love when I pour ice into their water troughs! And they love Otter Pops! So I’m sure these would be a hit, too!

  31. Molly never tried a frozen treat. She doesn’t really go after ice cubes.

  32. amy craft says

    My peekapoo LOVES chasing ice cubes! My daughter thinks it is hilarious to drop an ice cube and see what Molly will do with it 🙂

  33. My dogs loveeee ice cubes….I think they would love chedar cheese..

  34. paige fowler says

    our 4 dogs LOVE ice cubes 😀 i think they would love the Sweet Potato ‘n Maple  one best 😀

  35. Laura Abel says

    Both of my dogs like frozen treats and ice cubes. And as it keeps getting hotter this summer, the more they appreciate the cooling relief that they bring.

  36. Traci Lynn Butler says

    I have one dog that likes ice cubes and one that doesn’t

  37. My 2 dogs like ice cubes.

  38. Holly S. says

    My dog loves ice cubes.

  39. my dog loves ice pops.  she would LOVE this. thanks

  40. Our 4 dogs all love ice cubes…we give them lots on hots days!

  41. Christine Sarkauskas says

    My dog loves all food, but he loves ice cream! Crazy doggie, but I love him

  42. Can’t wait to try these out and give my pups the chicken flavor!

  43. All 3 of my dogs love frozen treats and ice cubes, Beethoven would love the juicy apple because he loves apple slices, Molly would like sweet potato and maple and Roxy would like white cheddar cheese

  44. Our dogs love ice cubes! They beg for them!

  45. My guys love frozen treats. They would so enjoy the White Cheddar Cheese. Love anything with Cheese

  46. My chihuahua loves ice cubes. I have never given him frozen treats, but I bet he would love them!


  47. Margot C says

    I think he would go for the Chicken Soup flavor, and then I could also make him some from soup that I made maybe.

  48. Larrielle says

    I don’t give Bentley frozen treats often but i do know that he does like ice cubes. I can hear him crunching on them from the other room when I give them to him lol 

  49. Cynthia W says

    My dog loves ice cubes!

  50. n a t h a n i a (sophieandmomma) says

    annie the dog eats anything!  Chicken soup might be the choice!

  51. Stephanie Hungerford says

    My dog loves to chase ice cubes around the floor of the kitchen. I think the favorite flavor will be the Chicken soup

  52. Julie KarmaBjerga BodhiDrum says

    Ralphie not only loves frozen treats and ice cubes, he would love the White Cheddar Cheese flavor!

  53. Sharon Gilbert says

    Schooner and Skipper love ice cubes.  They love raw frozen chicken wings too!

  54. christal c willdebbie says

    My dog loves ice cubes

  55. Dumpling loves ice cubes.  I think he would like all the flavors, but his favorite would be the White Cheddar Cheese.

  56. I think my dog would like the chicken soup flavor

  57. lindsay benedek says

    loves cubes! her treats are always ice cubes

  58. Kathy Ross says

    He loves ice! I think he’d like the Sweet Potato.

  59. Wanda McHenry says

    Folly would love the Chicken Soup

  60. Rachel Robertson (Azrael) says

    I’ve never offered our dog frozen treats, but I’m sure he’d love them especially Chicken Soup flavor!

  61. Juicy Apple

  62. Sweet Potato ‘n Maple

  63. Either Sweet Potato ‘n Maple or Chicken Soup!

  64. Nicole Sender says

    My pup loves frozen goodies and I bet she’ll really like the Chicken Soup flavor!

  65. Jennifer P (Vicki Vix on r/copter form) says

    Vix likes frozen treats especially frozen vanilla yogurt.  She also loves popsicles.  Ice cream too though she only gets a small bit of it.  Ice cubes no, though my Springer used to eat them.  Flavour wise I think she’d like the White Cheddar Cheese.  Thanks for the giveaway.

  66. Cheryl Chervitz says

    All 4 of my dogs love frozen treats, espically when it is very hot like it has been.

  67. Leslie Luke Stanziani says

    My boys love eating ice and I think they would like the chicken soup flavor.

  68. Our dog LOVES frozen treats whenever the freezer opens he is there waiting for us to drop an ice cube for him! It is funny to watch him dip for ice cubes.

  69. Chelsea A says

    My dog loves frozen treats! Sometimes I’ll put her food in a bowl (on a hot day), add water, then freeze it … she loves it. LOL. I think she’d like the sweet potato ‘n maple flavor!

  70. Michelle Spayde says

    I think that my Pom would love the White Cheddar Cheese!

  71. Michele Behlen says

    My dog loves ice cream. I buy cones and give him a little bit in a cone and he’s a happy dog.

  72. I do not know if my dog would like them, but I would love to give them a try!

  73. i think my dog would LOVE the chicken soup

  74. Whitney Lindeman says

    She might – haven’t tried yet! She’s a pretty picky puppy, but I bet she’d like something cold in this hot weather.

  75. shirley zolenski says

    My dogs love ice cubes

  76. my two min pins LOVE frozen treats!!!!!!

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