Making Dairy-Free Frozen Treats for Pets & People with Yonanas

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DIY Dairy-Free Frozen Dog Treats

If you follow us on Instagram, you probably already got a peek at how excited Daisy and I were when our Yonanas Dessert Maker arrived recently! We’ve been putting it to good use, making frozen desserts for Woof Woof Papa and ourselves.

If you haven’t already heard about it, Yonanas is a super easy to use machine that makes Dairy-Free frozen treats and desserts using only frozen bananas and other frozen fruits. You can add chocolate, cookies, nuts and other stuff if you want to get creative, but if you want to share with your dog just stick to fruit you know they can eat and do NOT add all the other stuff. Save that for the humans! Here’s a quick demo video on how it works, since I couldn’t use it and film my own at the same time LOL:

As you can see, it’s really easy. And I also like that cleanup is a breeze. When I’m done I take it apart (also super easy) and either rinse it in the sink or put the parts in the top shelf of the dishwasher. It’s very similar in design to a juicer, but way easier to clean and faster to take apart and put back together, in my experience!

easy yonanas cleanup

To make sure we’re always stocked up on frozen bananas, I buy large bunches so there will always be enough to eat AND some to freeze when they get spotted. And then when the freezer starts to get full, I like to make a big batch of Yonanas all at once. Usually Woof Woof Papa and I enjoy some while we watch a movie, and Daisy also gets a little cup for herself…but not too much at once! Most dogs do fine with small amounts of fruit but take it easy. We usually stick with just banana, or banana with a little frozen mango since that’s our favorite, but you can get creative depending on what you and your pup like! If you have human kids, they will love helping out and creating new flavor combinations, too!

To make sure I always have some frozen treats on hand, I take about half of whatever I make and put it into freezer molds so that Daisy can enjoy a tiny treat from time to time without over-indulging or having to wait til we have enough bananas to make a new batch. I like using these paw shaped molds but you can use ice cube trays or anything else you like!

Hurry up and freeze already!

Since I cannot resist that FACE, I usually let her lick the bowl too. I’m sure she likes to think of it as “helping” clean up!

lick the bowl

Besides serving Yonanas frozen desserts in a bowl or freezer mold, you can also make popsicles, creamy cold cantaloupe “soup” and loads of other healthy, non-dairy treats and dishes.

Do you and your dog love frozen bananas and other frozen treats? Want a deal on a Yonanas Machine? Check out the options on sale at!

frozen paw

Paw Shaped Silicone Molds for food and treats

Arctic Freeze Ball Fun for Dogs & Perfect Teething Toy for Puppies!

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arctic freeze ball for dogs

Here’s a COOL way to entertain your dog. The brand-new Arctic Freeze Ball is filled with 100% purified water and designed to chill in the freezer. Fun for dogs to chew and play. They’re also perfect for teething puppies, and double as a treat-holder for extra entertainment.

Right now you can snag one for only $10 including free shipping ($18 reg) at If you haven’t already joined, signup here and get a FREE $5 credit to spend on your first order. That makes your cost only $5 shipped when the credit is automatically applied to your first order at checkout!

Nutrisystem Week 1 Update: Getting Started – Unpacking All The Food! #NSNation

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Nutrisystem Delivery Pantry Items

Last week I shared the exciting news that Daisy’s Papa and I were starting Nutrisystem weight loss program! Over the next 4 months we’ll be giving you weekly updates on our progress, plus letting you know what we learn and like along the way.

Now that we’ve completed the first week, I thought I’d start by giving you an idea of what to expect when you start the program. My first bit of advice is to choose your start day ahead of time. Many people choose to start on a Monday, but I suggest Saturday as the best start day if you work during the week. It gives you time to get organized and learn how things work. It can all seem a little overwhelming at first, but having the weekend as your first few days gives you the chance to figure it all out and get set up with all the great resources and tools available to members!

Nutrisystem box of food

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$22 for Freezy Pups Organic Frozen Dog Treat Kit Bundle ($52 reg) + Free Shipping!

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Freezy Pups Frozen Dog Treats

Here’s a super deal on Daisy Tested and Approved Freezy Pups, Organic Frozen Dog Treats that you make at home! Ingredients are all-natural and Made in USA! You can read our review and find out more about how they work or just skip on over to to snag this deal while it lasts!

pouring into Freezy Pups tray

Regular price for this special bundle with Tray, 4 Flavors plus Refill Pack would be $51.98, but the deal is $22 including Free Shipping for the next 2 Day ONLY! Don’t miss out on some of Daisy’s Favorites…would also make a GREAT gift if you are starting your holiday shopping!!! Limit of 3 per person, but you can buy 2 more as gifts. Visit Groupon Goods here for info and to order.


Cooling Off with Arbor Mist Frozen Wine Cocktails! {Product Review}

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Arbor Mist Cocktails

This Labor Day weekend, Daisy’s Papa and I enjoyed kicking back and relaxing with new frozen wine cocktails from Arbor Mist.  A big THANKS to SheSpeaks for sending them for us to try in time for the holiday! I always enjoy  frozen cocktails, but sometimes making them can be a hassle and leave a mess to clean up. I’ve even burned out a blender when a good friend came to visit and we got a bit carried away and wore out the poor machine!

freezer full of arbor mist cocktails

What makes these different is that the Arbor Mist Frozen Wine Cocktails require no mixing of ingredients, ice or blenders. You just place the liquid pouch in the freezer for five hours, gently massage, tear open the top, squeeze to pour into a glass and enjoy a smooth frozen wine cocktail! Very refreshing, especially since it’s been really hot down here this weekend, as usual!

cocktail glasses of arbor mist

We received all three flavors to try:  Blackberry MerlotStrawberry White Zinfandel and White Pear Pinot Grigio. My own personal favorite was the white pear, while hubby liked the strawberry best. They are a bit sweet and too high in calories for regular consumption, but they sure were tasty, fun and perfect for the holiday weekend! I think they would also work well for picnics, taking to the beach or for a concert or festival since you can throw the frozen pouches in the cooler and then just enjoy them with a straw when they’ve melted to be a bit more slushy!

arbor mist with straw

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I was provided with samples of Arbor Mist Frozen Cocktails courtesy of  SheSpeaks, so that I could try them and tell you what I think. All opinions are 100% my own! Remember to always drink responsibly and never drink and drive!