Wordless Wednesday: Squirrel Watching

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Daisy tree squirrel

Daisy prefers Squirrel Watching to Squirrel Chasing! Is YOUR dog a watcher or a chaser? Leave us a comment and let us know…Then visit the other links below for more pet photos, plus link up and add your own to the blog hop!


Wordless Wednesday Pet Blog Hop


  1. HAHA, cute dog! our’s is too lazy to care about squirrels 

  2. Liz Terek says

    Wow, she looks determined.

  3. One of my dogs is a squirrel chaser. The other is a gecko hunter!

  4. Elka would chase squirrels if I let her. She’s allowed to when out with my fiance!

  5. awwww!  She looks like our old dog….almost exactly!  I miss that guy!

  6. I wish my life was so simple and fun! Thanks for the linky!

  7. my ozzy is more of a watcher but i did have a daisy who was definitely a chaser!

  8. Chester is a chaser but Gretel is a watcher because she is confused. She doesn’t really know about squirrels 🙂

  9. Linus is a squirrel chaser!  Stetson is a squirrel ignorer.

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