Ginormous Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Dog Toy *Daisy Favorite + HOT Deal*

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Dog lovers, I just spotted one of Daisy’s favorite dog toys on sale for HALF OFF right now. It’s the Hide-A-Squirrel and Puzzle Plush Squeaking Toy for Dogs from the fine folks at Outward Hound.

It’s the Ginormous Size and the sale price is $14.99 ($15 OFF). Other sizes are also available, but this one is the best deal since it’s got the most squirrels and holes to hide them in, making the activity more exciting and challenging for your dog. It’s the lowest price we’ve seen on this dog toy favorite since we reported it on sale for $15.55 back in 2012!

This toy is very well-made, and I recommend you supervise the play with your dog. This will help keep your dog from chewing up the squirrels…it’s NOT a chew toy but an interactive puzzle toy.

The way Daisy and I play is that I show her how I stuff the squirrels in the tree trunk and then hold it out while she figures out how to find each squirrel and pull them out of their holes. Sometimes she wants to run away with one of the squirrels, so I use the opportunity to practice “Bring” and “Drop” and reward her with lots of squeaks and start the game all over again.

The squirrels are also fun for throwing in a game of fetch, and I sometimes use them for hide and seek, sticking one or two behind sofa cushions and letting her “find” them. I keep this toy put away in my office closet and she sometimes comes to nudge me and goes to the closet to show me she wants to play. I also keep her Indoor ChuckIt Set (also on sale) in the closet, too. I think these are her two favorite games because they both involve human participation and aren’t toys that are just left lying around for her to play with all the time on her own.

Anyway, as with all deals, this one can change quickly and without notice so be sure to head on over HERE if you want one. And always remember to verify the price in your online shopping cart before checking out. The deal includes FREE 2-Day Shipping for Prime Members (or free shipping with min. purchase for non-Prime shoppers).

Not an Amazon Prime Member? Try a FREE 30-Day Trial Membership and see what you’re missing!

Kyjen Puzzle Toy for Dogs $9 or $14 Shipped ($24 reg.)!

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Kyjen Puzzle Toy for Dogs, Hide A Squirrel, Hide A Bird, Hide a Bee, kyjen, dog toy

Snag a PAW-tastic deal on an adorable and FUN Kyjen Puzzle Toy for your dog! These are a Daisy favorite and we love them so much, we even gave one to Daisy’s boyfriend Fin (he’s a squirrel NUT)!

Each plush, interactive toy set comes with three squirrels, three bees, or three birds and either a tree stump, a beehive, or a birdhouse for hiding the squeaker toys! Just put the squeaker toys inside and then your pup tries to take them out. It’s great for teaching impulse control and “leave it” as well as just a boatload of laughs as the dog tries to get the critters out of their holes! We also use it to practice “wait” while Daisy sits somewhat-patiently as I put the toys back in after she gets them out! Also good for “drop it”. This is for SUPERVISED play…not to be left lying around, as it contains small parts and stuffing!

The deal is for one Hide A Squirrel, Hide A Bird, or Hide a Bee Kyjen Puzzle Toy for $14 including Free Shipping ($24 reg). It gets even better because, if you haven’t already done so, join DoggyLoot here and get a FREE $5 Instant Credit to use toward your first order. That makes your final cost only $9 including shipping!

If they sell out or the deal has ended by the time you are here reading this, not to worry! You can find more Kyjen Puzzle Toys at Amazon starting from around $10 with Free Shipping on orders of $25+ or Free 2-Day Shipping with no minimum for Amazon Prime/Mom/Student Members!

Wordless Wednesday: Squirrel Watching

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Daisy tree squirrel

Daisy prefers Squirrel Watching to Squirrel Chasing! Is YOUR dog a watcher or a chaser? Leave us a comment and let us know…Then visit the other links below for more pet photos, plus link up and add your own to the blog hop!


Wordless Wednesday Pet Blog Hop

Tred Hedz Dog Toys: Save 65% on Road Kill for your Dog!

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tred hedz road kill dog toys

I’m still on the hunt for unusual items to add to Daisy’s Easter Basket and spotted these funny guys! Tred Hedz – Road kill for your pets are fun jumbo sized toys for your dog, complete with tire track on their back (poor things)! They are each close to 18″ and come in four different animal carcass styles: O’possum, Squirrel, Skunk, Armadillo. You choose your style at checkout. These toys feature low stuffing, durable stitching and squeakers in the head and rear. Retail price is listed at $19.95 but 13 Pet Deals has them for only $6.99 (65% off) plus $1.99 shipping. Shipping is also discounted the more you order.

$5 Credit = $6 Kyjen Hide A Squirrel or Hide A Bee Puzzle Toy ($18 value)!

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kyjen hide a squirrel dog toy

I have been wanting to get one of these for Daisy! Amazon has this cute interactive dog toy at the low price of $10.40 and it’s always at the top of the bestseller list for pets, so if you do NOT have any DoggyLoot credit, get it from Amazon for the best deal, especially if you are eligible for Free Shipping through a Prime, Mom or Student account.

Now,  for those of you who have been saving your $5 Signup Credit or $10 Friend Referral Credits for something special or different, this is a great deal for sure:

Today’s DoggyLoot deal is $11 for the Hide-a-Squirrel or Hide-a-Bee Dog Puzzle Toy from Kyjen ($18 reg.). This plush, lightweight interactive toy set comes with three squirrels or three bees, depending on your pup’s fancy, and either a tree stump or beehive in which to hide the squeaker toys! You put the squeaker toys inside and the dog tries to take them out. The puzzle exercises your pup’s natural instinct to search and strengthens his eye-paw coordination skills. The durable design ensures long-lasting puzzle-solving fun! Each toy is 6.25 inches tall and 6.25 inches wide.

If you still haven’t signed up and would like to get $5 Instant Credit from DoggyLoot to use toward this deal, just visit this link.