Everybody Hates Dog Poop. Why You’ll LOVE AuggieDog Eco-Friendly Yard Tool!

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Let’s face it…no one likes picking up dog poop. It’s one of those things we have to do as responsible pet parents. Dog poop is stinky, it spreads germs and NO ONE wants to accidentally step in it! In addition to the hassles of bending and stooping to scoop the poop, there is also the issue of the poop bag. There’s the worry about accidentally putting a finger through it (been there, done that) and plastic bags are wasteful and most aren’t biodegradable either. Plus, poop bags aren’t cheap. You could easily spend $75 or more a year on them. And then where to dispose of the poop bag. Can’t put it in the regular trash…too stinky.

All-in-all the whole picking up poop situation stinks! Thank goodness for AuggieDog – a new power yard tool for dog owners! The AuggieDog puts an end to all the things we hate about picking up poop: no bending or stooping, no scooping and NO wasteful plastic bags. Take a sec to watch this quick YouTube Video and you’ll easily understand how it works and why AuggieDog was a recent Award Winner at the 2012 Global Pet Expo:

As you can tell from the video, it’s so easy to use that you can probably get your kids to do it! Imagine how helpful the AuggieDog would be for homes with a large yard, families with multiple dogs, or for volunteers who help out with chores at the local rescue organization or shelter!

Pretty cool, huh? Here’s 5 More Reasons to Love AuggieDog:
    • Pick up dog poop with a click of a button
    • Eliminate the need for bags (environmentally friendly)
    • Built in light for late night walks
    • Adjustable-Height Handle
    • Comes with auggie Cleaner, no mess to maintain!

The AuggieDog System comes complete with: the AuggieDog Poop Pickup Power Tool, Auggie Dog Charger, The CleanStation, Owners Manual, and 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

auggiedog power tool for picking up dog poop

The AuggieDog System is available for $99.99 + shipping at auggiedog.com as well as at Amazon for $130 including free shipping.

We are so excited about the new AuggieDog Power Tool that in addition to this product spotlight, we’ve also arranged a GIVEAWAY! One Lucky Reader will WIN the AuggieDog System! Enter by 8/17:

auggiedog, poop pickup tool, yard tool for dog owners

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of AuggieDog. All opinions are 100% my own.

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