Giveaway: Win a Yummy Fall Treat Pack from Three Dog Bakery!

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Three Dog Bakery Fall Giveaway

To celebrate the First Day of Fall, which is Saturday, we’re giving away a YUMMY Fall Dog Treat Pack from Three Dog Bakery! As you probably already know, we are HUGE fans of Three Dog Bakery. Their delicious goodies are made in the USA with human-grade ingredients so tasty that Mama loves them too…especially the cookies! You can read our most recent Three Dog Bakery Fall Treat Review here. Can’t wait to win them? Use this Three Dog Bakery Promo Code for 15% OFF now!

Win This Three Dog Bakery Fall Treat Prize Pack:
  • 1 Pup-kin Spiced Latte
  • 1 Tomato Soup and Cheese Wafers
  • 1 Bag of Wheat Free, Sweet Potato Biscuts
  • 1 Bag of Pup-kin Biscuits

This giveaway runs thru October 2, 2012, is open to US residents age 18+ and uses the Rafflecopter Widget for FAST and EASY ENTRY! There are many OPTIONAL entry methods to give you additional chances to win, but just choose the ones you want. Email addresses and other info are only used to verify and contact the winner. Rest assured that your information will never be sold or shared with anyone. All entry methods are subject to verification. Please make sure you provide all required information or your entries won’t count!

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  1. This Rocks!! Thank you!!!!

  2. These look sooo yummy!

  3. olivia rubin says

    stepping on crunchy leaves and it begins to cool off a bit here in Florida

  4. Heather Rodi says

    I love Fall because of the leaves changing color and the comfortable weather. My oldest dog is fluffy and he loves when it gets cooler outside, but our other dog has next to no hair and hates to be cold lol.

  5. My dogs both love chasing fallen leaves! Sometimes they stalk them, it is super cute but can slow us way down on walks!

  6. My dog loves to go out and play when it isn’t so hot outside.

  7. My dog, Chaia, loves chasing the crunchy fall leaves as they blow around the yard! So cute!

  8. Lynette Paige Kelley says

    My dogs love fall because I take them for walks and we spend much more time outside and they love it. All 5 are inside dogs so time outside means a lot! (I have seasonal affective disorder and don’t tolerate summer well, so fall and spring are GREAT for us!)

  9. The Magpie, Frankie McSnarles and I LOVE fall—this is our favorite time of year—baking, pumpkins, LSU football, cool-snap weather at the dog park in the morning and getting ready for the holidays! No better season for us!

  10. We love Fall because school starts and we love to volunteer at the schools.

  11. Valerie Simko says

    Cooper is still learning about all the things Fall has to offer, but I have a feeling based on how he digs through blankets he will LOVE jumping in leaf piles! =)

  12. Thank you for such a great website, and giveaways. My pups love your treats, a friend had given us one to try. Good job.

  13. Duke would love these treats! He loves three dog bakery!

  14. Our favorite thing about Fall is decorating and crafts!

  15. This would be a great surprise for my dogs !!!  

  16. I love Fall because the weather gets cooler and my dog loves it because she likes running through the leaves.

  17. bear likes the cool weather because it means longer walks. summer is too hot here.

  18. My dogs love the cooler weather!

  19. Kato loves hiking season! So Fall can’t come fast enough for him. He loves being outside, hot hot summers here in TX are not his friend.

  20. my wolf girl Kachina loves your treats
    we’re almost out – so hopefully she will win a pack of new ones

  21. Our former puppy mill rescue dog, Oscar, will be celebrating his “Got-cha day” with us this coming Saturday.  It has been a wonderful year for us.  He deserves the best after what he had gone through in the puppy mills.  This Yummy Fall Dog Treat will be a perfect gift for him!

  22. Terri Ingham-Bollin says

    My dogs love the cool weather of fall.  Especially when we are raking Kado loves to “attack” the rake while Jennie loves to lay in the pile of leaves.

  23. I lost my Misty girl just before summer. She loved fall with the leaves and everything. This will be my first fall with Miss Pepper and Miss Daisy, my rescue girls. I’m looking forward to seeing them experience it for the first time. 😀

  24. This is AWESOME!!!!!!! Stan Lee loves your treats!!!

  25. Jackson loves to chase the fallen leaves

  26. *Crossing Fingers* Bailey loves 3 Dogs treats.

  27. they love playing in the leaves!

  28. My dogs love the leaves!!

  29. We are a Three Dog family! It was a bummer when our local store left, but the website gets plenty of use by me to keep Buffy, Oscar and Brutus happy! Awesome giveaway. 🙂

  30. Alexie Melchior says

    My puppy loves to watch the leaves blowing and then eats them when they fall!

  31. Danielle Murgia says

    Sissy loves to chase the leaves on a windy day!

  32. What I love about fall is the fashion! 

  33. I like the red leaves and apple picking

  34. they love being outside as much as they can in the fall when it’s not so hot plus fall is one season closer to winter which is my male springer’s favorite season – he loves snow.

  35. I know both Dee-Dee and I love early morning walks more in Fall! The wild turkeys are everywhere and geese as well! We seem to walk longer and quieter in Fall!:)
    Thanks for this giveaway!

  36. I don’t know who loves the fallen colorful leaves more…me or my dog Bear.

  37. Rachael Henzman says

    My favorite thing about fall is the cooler weather, hayrides, pumpkin picking, and bonfires! Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. thats cooler and cool…and Blue loves the weather when traveling..

  39. We love the fall because it gets cool enough for the dogs to get to play outside for a long time! The weather is beautiful and perfect!

  40. The cool weather.

  41. The fall colors.

  42. My dogs love the nice weather and beautiful fall colors in upstate NY. In the winter it’s too cold, it’s the summer it’s too hot, but in the fall it’s perfect. Cheyenne likes laying in the sun, Shiloh loves chasing leaves and enjoying longer agility sessions.

  43. Fall soups.

  44. Awesome blog! I definitely love your topic and this giveaway is awesome! Nothing says fall like pumpkin and cinnamon flavored foods!

  45. My favorite thing about fall is the cooler weather. I am ready for summer to be over.

  46. Prince loves fall because the cool weather means we can go on longer walks.

  47. Theresa Spaid says

    I love the cooler weather and the pretty colors of the trees also the dogs like it when its cooler out.

  48. Sharon Gilbert says

    Schooner and Skipper love running through a pile of leaves.  Taking walks is the cool evening.  Just being outside in the fresh smell of fall in  the air.  I love the turning leaves and Halloween. 

  49. My dog Ozzy love running in the leaves!

  50. Puppy still loves running through freshly raked leaf piles.

  51. Kim Hanthorn says

    We live in Florida so we don’t have much of a fall but Bailey and Jasper will appreciate the cooler weather so we can start walking them at night.

  52. Linda Meranda says

    We have a mixed chihuahua named ‘Little Bit.” She likes nothing about fall except the waterbed & blankets, Oh, also her nice little sweaters. Can’t tell we’re middle aged empty nesters, hh? Blessings!

  53. Denise Bigley says

    I love Fall because of all the pumpkin spice baked goods and drinks,my dog loves it for my dropped crumbs

  54. Barbara Stenby says

    Fall is finally cool enough where Ralph can run !!! He loves it when the leaves fall on him!

  55. mary ellen ashenfelder says

    My granddog Buddy would love these treats. Please enter me, Thank you 🙂

  56. Love Three Dog Bakery, and so do our dogs!

  57. have an english bull dog that would love this


    Liked and shared! ^^

  59. Leann Lindeman says

    I love fall…. it is my favorite season! Decorating for Halloween is a big event.. I’m sure my dog Jasmine loves it too!

  60. I love the cool, crisp weather of fall. My three pups love playing outside and rolling in the leaves while we clean up the yard.

  61. the changing of the leaves and the break from 100+ degree days

  62. the cooler weather

  63. Cheryl Chervitz says

    My dogs love to run through leaves that are piled up!  I like being able to walk them without all of the heat.

  64. Robert Pyszk says

    I like to make a pile of leaves at my Mom’s house and let my dog run through it. He loves this.

  65. My dog loves fall because the weather is so much cooler on our walks! 🙂

  66. My dog love fall because when the weather is cooler I can take them on walks in the afternoon.

  67. My 13 year old dog gets his second wind in the fall! It’s cooler so he can run around and enjoy the weather without overheating!

  68. Jennifer (Jen) Boehme says

    I love the weather, and the fall scents. My dogs love the leaves on the ground to play in and the weather is nicer when they go outside!


    Fall is my favorite season. The temps are perfect for me, the outdoor scenery is colorful and beautiful. I love fall fashion. I love the scents of the season and the holidays. And our 3 granddoggies who I love and would love to win for 2 of them who live long distance from me love to go outside and play in the leaves.

  70. lisa phillips (golden storm) says

    i love fall because of the crisp cool mornings and the tree colors and my dog likes to freak herself out in rustling leaves,,she goes crazy

  71. My dog loves the fall weather because it’s much cooler out for him. He is a mastiff mix so the hot weather does not agree with him.. He likes the ac in the house when it’s to hot

  72. We hate to see summer go, but love the cooler weather. Prudence seems to have more energy in the fall too!

  73. I love their packaging!  Too cute!  I’d love to spoil Bru with these. <3

  74. OH, and Bru loves playing outside and rolling with the grass.  He seems to have more fun in the cooler weather — no more panting around and hiding in the shade!

  75. My dog loves playing with the leaves! I love the weather and the fresh air!!!

  76. Also I have never heard of tomato soup for dogs. That is just the cutest thing ever.

  77. Winston would love this! Thanks!

  78. Kelly Ann T. says

    Our dog Artie loves the fall because it is cool enough for him to do agility and lure coursing.

  79. My Newfoundland Elvira would love some munchies after her fall walks in the woods.

  80. They love fall because of the cooler weather!!

  81. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says

    I live watching the foliage change colors

  82. Lauren Guilbeau says

    My dog charlie likes fall because he is very hot natured, so it feels great to take walks now!

  83. My dog’s favorite thing about fall is rolling around all the leaves that fall from the trees!

  84. My dog loves fall (and winter) because she has seasonal allergies that make her miserable during the warmer months.

  85. My dog LOVES the cool weather! He’s able to stay outside playing longer since the crazy heat is gone.

  86. We love fall because it means our birthdays are coming! The mama’s birthday is in October, Slater the black lab’s birthday is in November, and Chase the yellow lab’s birthday is in December.

  87. LOVE Fall, the cooler weather, getting things decorated for the upcoming Holidays!

  88. I love the weather, and my dogs love ruining my leaf piles. 😉

  89. What a great givewaway! Thanks for hosting!

  90. My favorite thing about fall is the weather. I think it is my dogs’ favorite thing too. We can take longer walks now.

  91. My dog loves fall because it’s cool enough for her to run as much as she wants to without getting exhausted from the heat.

  92. Dumpling loves the cooler weather in fall – he doesn’t have to take as many breaks during our walks and he can walk farther/faster on our walks!

  93. Holly Mitkowski says

    The cool weather!

  94. The fall foliage is amazing here in New England! Definitely my favorite thing about fall!

  95. Darlene Owen says

    We live near Buffalo NY and I have 2 black labs, our fall  weather is cool and they love the cool weather much better than the summer.

  96. I have gotten a small sample of treats from this company for my dogs to try in the past. They LOVED them. 

  97. My little girl loves to chase fallen leaves and run through them, it’s a super cute site to see. Now if only she would slow down so I could take a picture. =D

  98. Amber Hummel says

    We love our dog, and our dog loves Fall!  Her name is Penny, and her name goes with the coppery color of the leaves in the fall.  

  99. Amber Hummel says

    We love our dog, and our dog loves fall.  Her name is Penny, so it matches the color of the leaves! 🙂

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