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candy, snacks and cookies from newman's own organics

We are always on the lookout for heathier snacks and all-natural treats for ourselves and for Daisy. Our search recently led us to Newman’s Own Organics. As the name implies, the company was co-founded by Paul Newman and the products are certified organic by Oregon Tilth. We’ve spent the past couple of weeks sampling several yummy items and wanted to let you know about a few of our favorites.

newmans own organics licorice

I’ve never been that much of a sweet tooth, but I do admit to loving sour candies and licorice so the Newman’s Own Organics  Licorice Twists are a winner in my book! In addition to traditional black licorice, which you either love or hate depending on what kind of person you are, they also have sour varieties that make my mouth water just thinking about them. I also discovered Pomegranate Licorice Twists which are my newest favorite thing!

Daisy’s Papa and I also really love the Honey Wheat Pretzels, the Hermit Cookies and their 100% Premium Organic Chocolate Bars, especially the Espresso Dark Chocolate with 54% Cocoa (I said I wasn’t a sweet tooth but anything with dark chocolate and espresso should count as its own food group in my book!).

newman's premium organic chocolate

Not only do they make amazing candy, pretzels, cookies and other snacks for humans, but they also have a line of pet products which Daisy has been hard at work testing! These Newman’s Own Organics products are also certified organic and made with all-natural ingredients.

Newman's Own Organics pet food

We were already familiar with Newman’s Own Organics canned dog food and usually keep some in the cupboard to used as a food topper when Daisy is having trouble with her appetite or has become a little bored with her dry kibble. So much easier than changing food…just add a couple spoonfuls and stir it in to the kibble with a little water for added flavor and variety! I like that it’s easy to find at the grocery store and not expensive even though it’s organic. She likes the Chicken and Brown Rice Formula best.

bag of newmans own organics heart cookies dog treats

Daisy has given her seal of approval to everything else she sampled too, but her very favorite is probably the Peanut Butter Dog Treats. I like them because they are all-natural and heart-shaped (so cute). And also because they are Made in the USA and contain no wheat or corn. Daisy just likes them because they are delicious. We’ve been having loads of fun getting her to do tricks for them!

daisy dog doing tricks for Newman's own organic dog treats

So I’m sure that by now, you AND your pup are getting hungry! You can check out the fact sheet for Newman’s Own Organics to get more details on all their products for pets and people. You can also go here to snag Newman’s Own Organics coupons for many of the products I’ve mentioned!

And if you have trouble finding any of their yummy stuff at your local grocery store be sure to check Whole Foods, or shop online! has a great selection and discounts for bulk packaging of Newman’s Own Organics and most items qualify for free shipping!

Disclosure: We received sample products so that we could try them and tell you what we liked. We were not compensated for our review. As always, our opinions are 100% our own and we were not told what to say, photograph or write.




  1. Sharon Gilbert says

    I would love to try Newman’s Own Organics  Licorice Twists.  I LOVE Licorice.  I did not know that Newman made Licorice.

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