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EatSmart Digital Scale Giveaway
We’re celebrating the 3rd week of our weight loss journey and we want you to join us! Don’t wait til January 1st to begin a weight loss program of your own…you can get started now and feel great when you ring in the New Year as a healthier, thinner YOU!

Woof Woof Papa and I have been using the EatSmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale to track our progress and you can read all about it in our recent product review here! We hope that this chance to WIN one of your own will help you get motivated, too!

Win a Precision Plus Digital Scale from EatSmart ($65 value)

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Remember to speak with your doctor before beginning any weight loss or fitness program. All opinions are 100% our own. Sponsor is solely responsible for prize delivery.


  1. my weight loss tip is find some form of exercise that you like mine is water aerobics.

  2. the only way i can stick with a weight loss program is to always have a buddy with me, plus its fun going for a jog together.

  3. My best tip is to think about what you eat and do not go to the grocery store hungry!

  4. Valerie Simko says

    This time last year I decided to start my weight loss journey: so far I’m down approx. 20 pounds after starting “no stop november” in which each day I listed something I would be thankful for at the end of my weight loss journey … it kicked me into high gear!

  5. Jennifer Boehme says

    Don’t drink soda. It leaves water weight badly. I am having the loose 14 pounds on month and gaining 4 the next. But i am drinking lots more water.


    eat all the veggies and no meat.

  7. Brandy Ables says

    Cut out all the soft drinks & sweet tea & drink water.. If u need flavor add lemon or lime which citrus helps break down your food.

  8. My best weight loss tip, is drink water before meals to feel full and to walk, walk everyday.

  9. Gina Stanford says

    I plan to continue walking 2 miles everyday to lose 20 more lbs.

  10. I’ve counted on spirutein energy drink mix for years when I need to lose a few pounds. I use it as a meal substitute and love the energy boost it gives me. I buy it from Vitacost online but many health foods stores carry it also.

  11. Christina Sunday says

    My weight loss plan is to loose about 30 pds for the new year coming up and my weight loss tip is to eat healthy 6 day out of the week and then on the 7th day indulge in a guilty pleasure that way you dont feel burnt out .

  12. I’m just beginning to lose weight on Weight Watchers.

  13. ellen willett says

    I watch my weight need to be accurite

  14. im finally getting off my pregnancy weight and my daughter is 15months old!!  I kept it on for a while, so happy to finally be losing it!

  15. chantal ronchetto says

    I brush my teeth after dinner so if I’m hungry later, I won’t eat.

  16. Val Pearson says

    I know for my own body, if I stop drinking soda, I drop the weight very quickly.

  17. I have lost 43 pounds since June 1st of this year so far…I have been eating right (keeping track with ) and then I spin at our YMCA 5 days a week! 🙂

  18. jamie lafever says

    drink lots of water and stay away from fast food. i lost 3 lbs in a week from not eating fast food.

  19. Portions! Make sure to be aware of how much you eat, watching tv you can forget how much you are actually eating before it is all gone. 

  20. Julie Thompson says

    I just eat healthy and I walk every where if I can

  21. Traci Lynn Butler says

    Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated! Sometimes folks confuse thirst with hunger.

  22. Try to walk at least 10,000 steps each day—it’s the best exercise there is!

  23. richelle bowers says

    eat small portions several times a day

  24. Don’t snack late at night

  25. Danielle Murgia says

    My weight loss tip is to drink water first.  Many times I find that I am not hungry but thirsty and water will satiate that feeling of hunger.

  26. Kristine J. says

    My biggest weight loss tips would have to be journaling and water intake!!! They make all the difference!

  27. Cristy Doris says

    Love yourself first! It helps to prevent depression-dieting 🙂

  28. I have been going to the gym regularly and have lost 10 pounds so far 🙂

  29. Eat in moderation, eat lots of fruit and veggies and exercise.

  30. Last year I lost 48lbs all own my own! But this year I gained twelve of it back. Been trying so hard to go back to where I was and lose that 12 pounds! I want to get toned too. I’m tired of struggling with weight and I just want to learn how to make it a lifestyle change, not a diet!

  31. Kanisha Wallace says

    No refined sugar. Quitting soda has really helped alot for me.

  32. Take nutritional supples and exercise.

  33. The hardest one is no more drinking soda and exercise everyday. My weight loss struggle has been very difficult!

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