ASPCA Sandy Response Continues: How You Can Help + Be Prepared!

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ASPCA Sandy Response

It’s been 2 weeks already since Hurricane Sandy devastated so many and I just wanted to give you a brief update and reminder of the important work the ASPCA does in emergency situations like this one. Many people are still in need of assistance. Some are leaving shelters and having to relocate along with their pets. The ASPCA is working to help keep families with pets together and provide transport and support. They’re also helping reunite lost pets with their families after the storm.

As winter sets in, the ASPCA is responding to displaced families in need of supplies and critical veterinary care, too. They’ve distributed thousands of pounds of pet food and cat litter to areas of extreme need and are speeding up the grant approval process so that they can assist shelters and other animal welfare groups affected by Sandy more quickly. For updates on the ASPCA’s response to Sandy and its repercussions, please keep an eye on the ASPCA blog and follow the ASPCA on Twitter.

You can also help support their vital work with a donation if you are able. If you would like to contribute to their disaster relief fund, you can make a gift here. Every cent will go to ASPCA disaster relief efforts.

animal inside free sticker

Also take this time to make sure you AND your pet are prepared in case a disaster or emergency should happen. The ASPCA has a comprehensive and invaluable Disaster Preparedness Checklist for Families with Pets and you can request a Free Emergency Pet Alert Sticker so responders know to look for pets at your home.

You can also get prepared and help support ASPCA at the same time by purchasing one of their Emergency Ready Pet Survival Kits to keep in your home or give as a gift.

pet emergency survival kit

They come packed with essential items you and your dog or cat will need in the event of an emergency or disaster AND 40% Off all sales go directly to the ASPCA to help fund their work. Find it at the ASPCA online store.


  1. I’m so glad that there is an organization like ASPCA for emergencies like this. Honestly if something were to happen in our area, it would be nice to know there would be help for our cat. 

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