Holiday Gift Ideas: 5 Great Gift Books for Dog Lovers!

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If you’re looking for fun gift ideas for the dog lovers on your list, I’ve got 5 of them. I’ve listed the current Amazon prices which are almost always lower than the list price, but you can also find them at a bookstore near you!

dog lover gift books

Celebrating Dogs commemorates the unconditional love between pets and their parents. With interesting facts and thoughtful quotes about the special relationships with our beloved furry friends, this book is for those dedicated to dogs. $9.99 Hardcover; $3.99 Kindle Edition.

BONK! A Mutts Treasure:  Sweet and funny Earl the dog and Mooch the cat are back with another installment of the MUTTS comic strip! Highlighting the humor and joy that caring for our four-legged family members brings. $12.50 Paperback.

A Shtinky Little Christmas: In this Special Christmas edition, MUTTS’s comic strip stars Earl and Mooch take in and care for a stray kitty, “Shtinky Puddin’” and unknowingly remind us that friendship and kindness are the true reasons for the holiday season. $9.99 Hardcover.

Dog Is My Copilot: Rescue Tales of Flying Dogs, Second Chances, and the Hero Who Might Live Next Door. The wonderful true story of volunteer pilots who fly rescue dogs from death row, to safe shelters and foster homes where they can find a new forever family. $11.55 Hardcover; $7.99 Kindle Edition.

Feed Your Best Friend Better: An accessible everyday nutrition guide for your dog, including information on foods you can feed your dog straight from the cutting board, as well as 85 recipes for meals, treats, snacks, and supplements that you can prep in just minutes for the stove top or oven. $11.20 Paperback; $7.99 Kindle Edition.


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