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Top Puppy Names

Wonder which are the most popular dog names or looking for ideas for what to name your new furry family member?

Take a look at the top puppy names list with over 5,000 dog names! Don’t agree with the rankings or like your dog’s name the best? Click on the heart beside the name and vote it up. PetMD is creating the world’s best dog name list, so if you don’t see your pup’s name or know of some that aren’t already on the list, you can help by submitting a new one here!


  1. I just voted for my dog’s name which is “Dakota”….in American Indian (I forget what tribe) it means “trusted friend” For a dog it DOESNT’ get better than THAT!

  2. I love your website!! My doxie’s name is Zoey !!!

  3. None of my dogs’ names are on the list. I have a male black lab named Slater, a male yellow lab named Chase, and a female Brittany spaniel named Isobel (Izzy). I also have a female cat named Tien (pronounced like saying the letters T N).

  4. those are all great names but i have had 4 dogs and not one of thier names are on the top list of names. i had sasha, rascal. emily and now the baby is gidget. i had 2 chituz , one jack russell and a long haired chiuq

  5. I have all labs…Chance (11-male-yellow), Madison (6-female-yellow), Morgan (2-female-black) and Bella (15 months – females-black)

  6. Natalie Sykes says

    I have a black lab that’s named Bear.

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