Nutrisystem Update Week 18: Mythbusting Edition

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We’ve been so busy enjoying our food and progress on Nutrisystem, that we hadn’t even noticed that there are some big-time myths and misconceptions floating around out there about the program.

I only discovered this because I was on YouTube today checking out some of the videos other people have done to show off their weight loss success stories and saw a new one called Nutrisystem Mythbusting. I guess the hubby and I are also Nutrisystem Mythbusters, since we’ve been living the program for over 4 months now and sharing weekly updates with you about our experiences!

Here are just some of the myths the video exposes:

Myth: You can’t enjoy the foods you love on Nutrisystem.
Truth: There are 150+ foods to choose from including pizza, pasta, cheesecake and more.

Myth: Nutrisystem food is too expensive
Truth: You can save over 25% versus eating on your own.

Myth: The people in Nutrisystem ads are paid actors.
Truth: The ads only feature people who have truly found weight loss success using Nutrisystem.

Myth: Nutrisystem doesn’t offer one-on-one counseling or support.
Truth: Nutrisystem has trained weight loss counselors, nutritionists and diabetes educators.

Want to know more about Nutrisystem and sort out truth from fiction? Watch the video for lots more mythbusting and get the facts for yourself:

Got a question about Nutrisystem? Feel free to ask anything you want in a comment below, and we’ll be happy to answer it for you! The hubby and I have been on the program for 18 weeks now, so we’re pretty well qualified to give you the inside scoop on what it’s all about. So far, I’ve lost 27.4 pounds and he’s lost a whopping 47.8 lbs! We’d also love to hear from you about your own weight loss experiences, challenges and goals, so leave a comment and let us know you stopped by!

If you missed any of our previous Nutrisystem posts, just visit the links in the table below or click here to catch up!

Weight Lost: Liz Garry
Week 1 -4.4 -10.8
Week 2 -1 -3
Week 3 -4.2 -6.8
Week 4 -1.2 -4.7
Week 5 -1.8 -2.1
Week 6 (Thanksgiving) -.6 +5
Week 7 -1.6 -6.6
Week 8 -2.6 -4.2
Week 9 -2.4 -2.4
Week 10 -.2 -4.7
Week 11 (Christmas) -1 +4.1
Week 12 (New Year’s) +.6 -.6
Week 13 -3.5 -2.4
Week 14 -1.6 -1.8
Week 15 -1.2 0
Week 16 -.6 -1.6
Week 17 -1.2 0
Week 18 0 -4
Total Weight Loss So Far: -27.4 -47.8
Starting Weight: 189 250
Current Weight: 161.6 202.2
Goal: 145 190




  1. I’d say that looks pretty successful! Congrats on both of your good progress.

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