KONG Natural Jerky Dog Treats in Chicken and Beef {Made in USA}

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Daisy has been hard at work testing out some new goodies and we’re super excited to tell you about them! As you may know, there have been safety concerns recently about the chicken jerky and treats from some brands that were imported from China, or that were made with sub-par ingredients. This is something I always watch out for carefully and wouldn’t agree to let Daisy try new treats unless they were something I could feel good about.

Things I make certain of before giving Daisy treats: that they are made in the USA and that they are made from natural ingredients. I’m also pretty careful to research the brand carefully if I haven’t heard of them before. Luckily, we were already familiar with the great reputation of the KONG brand when they invited us to try KONG Natural Jerky Premium Dog Treats in both the Beef and Chicken varieties!

What you need to know about KONG Jerky Treats:
  • No wheat, corn or soy
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • No animal by-products
  • Naturally preserved
  • Ideal anytime treat, training treat or KONG stuffing
  • Made in USA

KONG jerky natural dog treats

Daisy tested both the chicken jerky and the beef jerky over the past several days. I’d say that if she had to pick a favorite, it would be the beef, but both disappeared faster than I could photograph! The treats have a real “jerky smell” so that might be part of what makes dogs love them so much. Many dogs won’t have a flavor preference between the two, but some might have a food sensitivity to one or the other, so it’s great that KONG Treats makes both varieties.

Another thing I really like about the jerky is that it holds together well enough not to be crumbly, but is still soft enough to easily rip into small bites. This is important if you want to use it as a high-value training treat since dogs will work harder for delicious treats than they will for boring ones!

When you’re training, you need repetition and positive reinforcement, but if you gave your dog a whole strip of jerky each time they obeyed a command, they would get fat (or sick from overeating). The KONG jerky is ideal because you can pinch off pieces, and even in tiny bites, it’s got so much yummy flavor and smell that your dog will do just about anything to get it.

kong jerky

Daisy and I practiced “Watch Me” and “Leave It” using the jerky strips. We used a whole strip in the photos for demonstration purposes, but I do recommend only giving little bits if using them for training purposes. Another suggestion would be to stuff some jerky inside a KONG treat. I’d probably break it into small pieces and mix it with some mashed banana and sweet potato then freeze it.  Daisy’s KONG Classic Toy has disappeared somewhere in the seat cushions or under the bed and I haven’t found it yet, so we might have to get her a new one to try it!

Both the beef and the chicken jerky strips are available in large resealable bags, so these treats will last a long time if you are careful about rationing them properly. Remember to always ask your veterinarian if you aren’t sure how much to treat your pet…a little goes a long way! I did  a little checking online and found that Amazon has KONG Jerky Treats for $6.29 ($9.99) and they’re also available at several other stores, too.

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  1. Looks like yummy nom nom’s there! Haven’t tried these yet but my boy really loves the Zukes ones! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the review. Wish that I had a dog to share these treats with.

  3. I’m sure my beagle would love these! They do sound perfect for training.

  4. It’s so cute to see her enjoying her treats as much as she is!!!

  5. Sunny loves her Kong and I love that these treats are made in the USA!

  6. Those look like great treats for your dog.  

  7. That jerky looks more appetizing than some I’ve seen marketed to people!

  8. Alisha Kostiuk says

    I think my Boots would love these!

  9. Alisha Kostiuk says

    I think my Boots would love these!I 

  10. Ok, Daisy is tooo cute! I’ll have to let my sister know about these treats!

  11. So glad to hear that these are free of corn and soy as my dog is sensitive to them. Daisy’s eyes are to cute, I’d probably let her talk me into feeding her the whole bag xD

  12. maggie barnes says

    Would love to have my dogs try these!!!

  13. We are having a give-away that is going on right now for them on Dakota’s Den 🙂

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