Caveman Dog Treats Cookbook (FREE Kindle Edition) #TastyTuesday

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caveman dog treats cookbook

Update: Looks like this book is no longer being offered for $0.00. Remember to always act quickly when you find free Kindle books. They usually rotate them weekly, or even daily!

It’s Tasty Tuesday and we’ve spotted a super yummy freebie today for you and your fur kid! It’s a FREE Kindle ebook that you can read on any web-enabled device including iPad, SmartPhone, Laptop or PC, Kindle or other Tablet.

Free books don’t last long, and the regular price is $2.99, so hurry on over HERE to snag your free copy of Caveman Dog Treats for Your BFF: Easy Step-By-Step Instructions For Making All Natural Dog Treats Using REAL Food And Your Dehydrator [Kindle Edition].

Have you ever tried making jerky treats for your dog using a food dehydrator or your oven? We’re curious about trying it, so leave us some suggestions in the comments! Wishing everyone a very YUMMY Tasty Tuesday!

Dog-Gone Good Cuisine: Recipes for You AND Your Dog (Book Review)

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dog-gone good cuisine

If you’ve ever thought about cooking a meal to share with your pooch but didn’t know where to start, or worry about what foods are healthy, then you’ll want to check out this new cookbook hitting the store shelves (and Amazon) this week! In Dog-Gone Good Cuisine certified nutritionist and chef Gayle Pruitt demonstrates how to cook healthy and delicious dishes for dogs and humans alike. She’s included over 100 corn, sugar, soy, and gluten free recipes, for mouthwatering meals you can make for your family AND fur kids, too!

This is NOT a cookbook of how to make plain-old dog food or your typical dog treats. This is food that will make your mouth water! Since receiving our review copy and checking it out, some of the recipes I’ve bookmarked already include:

  • Minty Fruit Roll-Ups
  • Roasted Root Vegetables
  • Salmon Florentine
  • Pears with Raspberry Sauce
  • Cream of Cinderella Pumpkin Soup

How fun would it be to throw a dinner party for your favorite furry pals and their humans at the same time!?! I love that this book not only includes loads of great recipes, but also that the author shares info on cooking techniques, a list of herbs and spices that are safe for dogs, and other helpful tips and resources. There’s also a section on canine-only raw food and making your own jerky. That caught my eye because of all the concerns over the safety of some of the commercially produced pet jerky. What a great way to save money and feel good about what you’re giving your dog by making it yourself! You’ll also find several special juicing recipes for different health conditions.

Dog-Gone Good Cuisine is available in bookstores and at in both paperback and Kindle editions.

KONG Natural Jerky Dog Treats in Chicken and Beef {Made in USA}

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jerky closeup

Daisy has been hard at work testing out some new goodies and we’re super excited to tell you about them! As you may know, there have been safety concerns recently about the chicken jerky and treats from some brands that were imported from China, or that were made with sub-par ingredients. This is something I always watch out for carefully and wouldn’t agree to let Daisy try new treats unless they were something I could feel good about.

Things I make certain of before giving Daisy treats: that they are made in the USA and that they are made from natural ingredients. I’m also pretty careful to research the brand carefully if I haven’t heard of them before. Luckily, we were already familiar with the great reputation of the KONG brand when they invited us to try KONG Natural Jerky Premium Dog Treats in both the Beef and Chicken varieties!

What you need to know about KONG Jerky Treats:
  • No wheat, corn or soy
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • No animal by-products
  • Naturally preserved
  • Ideal anytime treat, training treat or KONG stuffing
  • Made in USA

KONG jerky natural dog treats

Daisy tested both the chicken jerky and the beef jerky over the past several days. I’d say that if she had to pick a favorite, it would be the beef, but both disappeared faster than I could photograph! The treats have a real “jerky smell” so that might be part of what makes dogs love them so much. Many dogs won’t have a flavor preference between the two, but some might have a food sensitivity to one or the other, so it’s great that KONG Treats makes both varieties.

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Pet Recall: Waggin’ Train, Canyon Ranch and Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Jerky and Treats

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pet treat recall chicken jerky from china

There’s breaking news today about a voluntary recall of some big name brands of dog treats including Waggin’ Train, Canyon Ranch and Milo’s Kitchen. Read about the pet recall information here.

As you may already know, there have been ongoing concerns about pet safety warnings relating to dog treats and chicken jerky including several well-known brands, some made in China and sold in the US. While the cause and facts remain in dispute and under investigation by the FDA and other groups, we’ve made a point of being VERY picky about what treats we feed Daisy. We’ve made the decision not to give her anything unless it’s made in the USA, and are also staying away from all chicken treats and jerky until more information is available. Be sure to read those labels! And, if you have questions or concerns about what to feed or treat your pet, the best source of information is to ask your veterinarian!

Free $5 Credit = $6 Shipped for 2 Bags of Zuke’s Power Bones or Jerky Naturals Dog Treats ($17 reg.)!

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Zuke's Dog Treats

Score a deal on 2 Packs of Zuke’s Dog Treats! First, join DoggyLoot and get a free $5 instant credit. Then choose from either 2 bags of Zuke’s Power Bones or Jerky Naturals only $6 including free shipping when you apply your signup bonus at checkout! Both types of treats are made in the USA and free of wheat, corn, and soy. Choose from chicken, beef, or peanut butter for the Power Bones, and select beef, lamb, or salmon for the Jerky Naturals. Daisy’s favorite is the Salmon!