Nutrisystem Update Week 22: St. Patrick’s Day Diet Tips

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Just because you’re dieting or watching what you eat doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a great meal (and drink) on St. Patrick’s Day! The hubby and I are already planning ahead on how we’ll celebrate while still staying on track with our Nutrisystem weight loss program.

irish lunch nutrisystem diet

After going a little crazy for National Margarita Day, we decided to get smart and plan ahead for St. Patrick’s Day. The goal is to enjoy a little of our favorite food and drink, but not derail the diet. Even though we LOVE going out for St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve decided to stay in this year. We’ll still be celebrating the holiday AND hubby’s Irish American heritage, so I thought I’d share a few tips with you.

Irish Lunch with Nutrisystem

One of our favorite lunch items is the Nutrisystem Loaded Baked Potato meal. Just add extra hot water, low sodium chicken broth or skim milk and it becomes Irish Potato Soup. Sprinkle some green onion, crumbled turkey bacon and low-fat cheddar on top. Skip a SmartCarb for the day and you can also enjoy a Guinness at 125 calories for 12 oz instead…not a bad swap if you ask me!

Diet-Friendly Corned Beef and Cabbage

I couldn’t even imagine not having corned beef and cabbage for dinner on St. Patrick’s Day. As our Nutrisystem coach Meredith always reminds us, everything is OK in moderation.

corned beef
Some important tips to keep in mind when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day:

Portion size: the brand I buy is 190 calories for 4 oz of corned beef. That’s really not too bad if you stick to the recommended portion size. It IS  high in fat and sodium, so  keep that in mind and adjust the rest of your day/week accordingly to compensate.

More veggies: Put the emphasis on more cabbage, onions and carrots so you’ll feel full and satisfied. By cooking everything together in your crock pot or french oven on the stove top (that’s the method I use), your veggies will absorb all the flavor from the meat and spices making them extra yummy! Also, start your meal with a healthy salad to help keep your appetite under control.

Parsnips instead of Potatoes: I haven’t tried this one yet, but I’ve read that you can use parsnips instead of potatoes when making a more diet-friendly version of corned beef and cabbage. You’ll cut your calories in half, and carbs are less too.

Watch the booze: Not only do alcoholic beverages add empty calories, but they also impair your judgement meaning you’re more likely to eat stuff you shouldn’t or eat more than you should. Limit it to one or two drinks to be on the safe side!

Now that we’ve given you a look at how we plan to enjoy ourselves (in moderation) tomorrow for St. Patrick’s Day, it’s time to let you know how we did this week with our weight loss on Nutrisystem! The hubby has lost another 2 lbs. this week, and I lost .6 since our last weigh in. We’re both getting really close to our individual goal weights and it’s really motivating us to stay on track!

If you missed any of our previous Nutrisystem posts, just visit the links in the table below or click here to catch up! We’d love to hear from you about your own weight loss experiences, challenges and goals, so leave a comment and let us know you stopped by. We’re also happy to answer questions, so ask away!

Weight Lost: Liz Garry
Week 1 -4.4 -10.8
Week 2 -1 -3
Week 3 -4.2 -6.8
Week 4 -1.2 -4.7
Week 5 -1.8 -2.1
Week 6 (Thanksgiving) -.6 +5
Week 7 -1.6 -6.6
Week 8 -2.6 -4.2
Week 9 -2.4 -2.4
Week 10 -.2 -4.7
Week 11 (Christmas) -1 +4.1
Week 12 (New Year’s) +.6 -.6
Week 13 -3.5 -2.4
Week 14 -1.6 -1.8
Week 15 -1.2 0
Week 16 -.6 -1.6
Week 17 -1.2 0
Week 18 0 -4
Week 19 (Margarita Day) +1.4 +2
Week 20 -2.8 -3.8
Week 21 -.6 -3.2
Week 22 -.6 -2
Total Weight Loss So Far: -31 -53.8
Starting Weight: 189 250
Current Weight: 158  196.2
Goal: 145 190




  1. You guys are doing so great!! I love the Loaded Baked Potato…it is one of my favorites for lunch!!! Happy St. Patty’s Day!!

  2. those loaded baked potatoes look so yummy! 

  3. Mmmm this sounds yummy!

  4. It seems likes there is always a reason to indulge. Good for you for having a plan.

  5. Way to go, you’ve done so well!

  6. I never thought corned beef COULD be diet friendly. This is awesome!

  7. You’re doing great1 And fun you can still celebrate with holiday food and lose weight!

  8. Randy Butler says

    Wow! I haven’t checked in with you guys in a while. You guys are doing amazing! Good for you!

  9. Fun to see your progress! I started June 30th and have lost 27 lbs….have over 100 still to lose so for me it is just the beginning!

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