Top 10 Star Wars Names for Pets #MayThe4thBeWithYou

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Happy Star Wars Day and May the 4th Be With You! In keeping with the theme, Daisy and I have put together a list of our favorite Star Wars names for dogs and cats.

Top 10 Star Wars Names for Pets

Top 10 Star Wars Names for Pets

  1. Luke
  2. Yoda
  3. Chewie 
  4. Leia (“Princess” Leia, especially if it’s a cat!)
  5. Vader
  6. Obi-Wan (CATnobi)
  7. Lando
  8. Jabba (the Hutt)
  9. Anakin
  10. Boba (Fett)

Have you named your fur kid after a Star Wars or other Sci Fi character? Leave us a comment to add your suggestions or to let us know your favorites!


  1. My dog is named after a character from Battlestar Galactica, BOOMER!

  2. Bettie S says

    My Yorkie’s name is Wookie. He looks like one. Lol

  3. I have 13 cats . Three of them are named Vader , Yoda and leia

  4. I have a dog named pademe 

  5. We had a mini Aussie sheltie cross, named Jedi. He lived to be 19 years old. The force was truly with him.

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