WIN a BarkBox Mystery Box for Dogs! 10K Fan Celebration Giveaway {10 Winners}

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We’re super excited to be kicking off our big 10K Fan Celebration with one of Daisy’s FAVORITE things…BarkBox the Mystery Box subscription service for dogs! TEN (10) lucky winners will each receive their very own box of toys, treats and other great goodies that your fur kids are sure to LOVE!

Win 1 of 10 BarkBox Mystery Boxes for Dogs! Woof Woof Mama 10K Fan Celebration Giveaway

About Our Prize Sponsor: BarkBox

When you join BarkBox, your dog receives a monthly box filled with four or more goodies, gadgets, toys and treats to enjoy. Each month’s box will include a different mix of items. Shipping is always FREE for US orders and you can cancel any time.

how barkbox works

You get to specify Small, Medium or Large dog size so that the crew knows exactly the right size products to put in your BarkBox…price is the same for all size dogs! You can also order as a gift for someone else. Options range from $29 for 1 Month, $24/Month for 3 Months, or $19/Month for the 6 Month plan. Be sure to check our Mystery Box section for the latest BarkBox Promo Code and save big when you join!  Learn more at

Win 1 of 10 BarkBox Mystery Boxes for Your Dog

10 lucky winners will each receive a 1-month BarkBox of goodies, toys and treats for your dog!

This giveaway runs thru July 28, 2013, is open to US residents age 18+ and uses the Rafflecopter Widget for FAST & EASY ENTRY! There are many OPTIONAL entry methods to give you additional chances to win, but just choose the ones you want. Email addresses and other info are only used to verify and contact the winner. Rest assured that your information will never be sold or shared with anyone. All entry methods are subject to verification. Please make sure you provide all required information or your entries won’t count!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. My dog Jack. He is 3.

  2. this would be so much fun for my 12 week old setter puppy!

  3. Randy T. says

    My dogs name is Jake and he is 38 lbs and 6 1/2 years old-I love him!

  4. Janel M. says

    Mugga, age 3

  5. Danyelle H says

    Bailey, 8 months!

  6. Amy Chadbourne says

    My 8 year old baby is named Cisco San Fran Bay, Sissy for short.  He’s 135 pounds of fluff and energy, and he thinks he’s a cat.  🙂

  7. Sheila K. says

    This would be for Snow, a Pomeranian, aged 6 months!

  8. Ashley Nichols says

    My fur-baby boy Huck! He will be two on August 10th!

  9. Echo is 17 weeks old and he loves toys!

  10. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    Simon Is 3 And Rascal Is 2 Both Very Sweet And Loving!

  11. lily is 4 yearold
    chihua hua mix

  12. Jessica B says

    Melvin is a 5mo labradoodle! He would love getting his own delivery!!

  13. Sawyer (Labrador), 2 years old.

  14. Jason Diehl says

    Velveeta – 3, Sammy Jo – 3, Zoey Monster – 2, and Dakota – 13

  15. Rio would love a barkbox!

  16. Flannigan is my little pug’s name, he will be 6 in September….still behaves like a puppy.  🙂  Thank you.

  17. Mandi Lynne says

    Penelope is a rat terrier and she will be turning 10 this September! This would make a really great birthday present!

  18. Julie Lynn Bickham says

    My Brady is a 18 month old toy poodle! 

  19. Love your blog. have 2 rescue pups – Xavier and Maynard

  20. Mary Casper says

    my golden retrieve Stormy age 7 will get this

  21. Tiki 4 (or Shayna 8) you choose!!

  22. sharlene caisse says

    Skippy age 12

  23. Claudia M says

    this Box would be for YoYo my little Min-Pin , 2 years old. thanks for the Pawsome Giveaway!

  24. lisa powell says

    We have 3 dogs so this would be great!

  25. My dogs name is Ari and she is six years old and she will receive a BarkBox if I win! She would love this box 🙂

  26. Danielle Porter says

    My dog Samantha! The pound said she was three, but they also said she was 35lbs. and she was actually 54! So we’ll just say she is about 3. . .ish. 🙂 

  27. Darlene Owen says

    Harley – 4 years old.

  28. Charlie 9

  29. Leslie Galloway says

    My chihuahuas, who are just 1 year old, will receive this!

  30. ELIZABETH C. says

    Name Jazzy
    Age 3

  31. laurie nykaza says

    not easy they may have to share  we have 3 rescues maddie 4 max 5 abby 5 1 med 2 large dogs

  32. Pamela Halligan says

    My dog, Titus, who is 8.

  33. Sharon Gilbert says

    It will be Schooner and Skipper sharing a box.  They are 3 years old.

  34. Danielle Murgia says

    Her name is Sissy and she is 5 years old.

  35. Shelley Woodard says

    My dog’s name is Tigger. He’s an 8 year old Boxer.

  36. Katie Amanda says

    Rocket, a 3 year old rescued pit mix, would be getting this great gift.  He would LOVE it!

  37. Vicki Furrin (on r/copter form) says

    Vicki is an 11 year old “rescued” mixed breed [mutt]  whose been with me since she was about 6 months old.  She’s enormously picky though, even about treats, so whatever she doesn’t eat will go to my sister’s new “rescue” baby, an 18-24 month old Golden mix named Burton.  She’s only had him about 2 months now but I have yet to find a treat he doesn’t like!  

  38. Tina Lindstrom says

    I have my two girls, so they will have to share. Pinky is our mastiff mix and Molly is our chocolate lab mix. They love new toys and treats!

  39. Amy Orvin says

    Toby, she is 2 years old

  40. sandy weinstein says

    i have 3 girls, evie, tressa and harley. so it would depend on what they liked out of the box….or i would divide it b/t all 3, i would not want to show favoritism, evie is 11, tressa is 4 and harley is 2 almost 3 aug 1

  41. jessie walrath says

    This would be for my 5 yr old boxer cross Bunter and his Scottie brother Cubby who is 4. They would share a few toys with their Scottie cousins Hamish and Fergus 😉

  42. Danielle E. says

    My cocker spaniel Wilson who is 9 years old

  43. my 3 dogs, Roxy, Molly and my newly adopted little beagle girl Daisy, Roxy will be 6 next month, Molly is 4 and Daisy is 7.

  44. Her name is Lily and she is 7 months old. A little Shih Tzu.

  45. Michelle armstrong says

    Female dashchund named snoopy.

  46. rebeccabasset says

    My dog’s name is Scheherazade, like in 1001 Arabian Tales, but I call her Scher, Scher (Cher, Cher). She is a very spoiled Seven Year Old Red and White Basset Hound.

    Thanks for the awesome Giveaway!

  47. Theresa Spaid says

    Dakota is 12 yrs old, Nakita is 10 yrs old and Oshunta is 9 yrs old. They are Papa, Mama and Baby. They are large dogs about 100 lbs each. They would just love it. They know when something comes in the mail for them.

  48. Christine Aiello says

    Coco Chanel Bella, a 7 year old American Cocker Spaniel! She loves getting presents so this would be perfect for her! She loves opening presents! 

  49. We have nine rescued dogs, the oldest being about 15 years old and the youngest is 2 1/2 years old. They would share the box! Thank you!

  50. this would be shared by our springer spaniels Kristy (11) and Maverick (7) and our coonhound puppy Roxy (4 mos)

  51. Abbey,2, pointer mix

  52. Chelsea Place says

    Theodore is almost 2 and loves surprises!

  53. Ginger a 3 year old Jack Russell! 

  54. darlene carbajal says

    My dog Biscuit who is 4 🙂

  55. If I’m the lucky winner, the lucky dog will be Otis. We’re not exactly sure how old he is, as he was a rescue, but he’s probably about 5. He’s a beagle-lab mix, and he loves to sleep upside-down.

  56. We have 2 dogs, Puff is almost 3 and Farnsworth is around 8. Both would love to win a Barkbox =D

  57. Ellen Wexler says

    My best friend and constant companion, Ruby, would be thrilled. She is 6 1/2, rescue, mixed breed. She would like a medium dog box even though she is 21lbs. Thank you for the chance to win!

  58. Susan Broughton says

    I have 2 dogs that are the same age, both are 10 years young.  One is an outside dog, a bassett hound,  that hates the inside and wants to be outside all the time running and playing and his name is Ollie.  The other one couldn’t be anymore different than the first,  She is a Chiquaqua who hates the outside, and wants to be inside with us all the time, and her name is Sugar.  I think the box would probably be for the inside dog named Sugar but I wouldn’t hesitate to give Ollie a toy or snack if it is an item I think he would like.  So both dogs will benefit from the box.

  59. Linda Szymoniak says

    I think my five Treeing Walker Coonhounds would share it if we won.  Suki (12-1/2), Ran (3-1/2), Kenji (3), Kyoko (3-1/2), and Seiji (3). 

  60. Michelle Wood says

    Ollie is my Shih-tzu, he’s a portly 6 year old.

  61. Kelly Ann T. says

    Artie and Kouga my two large rescue dogs will have to split the  Bark Box.

  62. Mya is our large Husky, 2 1/2

  63. Megan Cromes says

    my dog babe shes a black lab puppy 10yrs old she will get the box ty;)

  64. Rhea Frawley says

    My Dogs name is Frankie he is a 2 yr old pug and the love of my life <3

  65. Valerie Simko says

    You know, I LOVE how long it takes me to get to the comment box now — I remember when… 🙂 (sorry Liz!)
    Cooper – our 1 1/2 year old – king charles spaniel would LOVE a barkbox!

  66. katrina kissinger says

    id love to win

  67. My doggie is Blue and he is 7 years old this box of mystery from bark box will be great appreciated by him

  68. Whiskey- he is 15 week old lab puppy! 35lbs 🙂 he always loves to get surprises!

  69. Karla Gutierrez-Pugh says

    Nice giveaway! Our doggie is Casey & she’s just about 4 years old now.

  70. Emmitt would LOVE this giveaway! He is 4 months old 🙂

  71. Danielle says

    My dog Gracie and she is 1 year old.

  72. candice duffey says

    Her name is Molly <3 and she is 1.5 years old <3 she would love something like this as we dont really always have the funds to spoil her rotten like we used to. She is a happy girl who deserves a cool surprise 🙂

  73. Nicole Lancaster says

    My dog Tucker the mini Dachshund who is a year old will be enjoying the BarkBox Mystery box if I win.

  74. Either Mojo 11 years old or Tundra 5 months!!

  75. Rebecca Miller says

    Piper and she is four months old.

  76. golden storm says

    I have a lab mix called nika and she is 5 years old

  77. Carrie Petersen says

    We love BarkBox!

  78. Shelley P says

    This would be for our Chihuahua mix, Diamond, and she is 9 months old.

  79. My mom’s dog, Riley (who is 9 years old) will be getting this box if I win!

  80. Shiloh, a 3 yo Shetland Sheepdog. His “sister” Cheyenne, 11+yo collie/border collie mix will share- but she doesn’t care for toys, and just had surgery to remove part of her jaw due to cancer, so it’ll be a while before she can share any chews/treats (maybe soft ones). So Shiloh will get most of it to himself.

  81. My dog’s name is Taco and he’s about a year old. I found him as a stray and I decided to adopt him after I couldn’t find his family. He’s the coolest chi-wow-wow ever!!! He loves to play with toys and he would absolutely LOVE a Bark Box every month.

  82. My pup Hazel just turned 4 months old! 🙂

  83. Stephanie Grant says

    If I win this will be for my 9 month old Boxer baby Loki 🙂

  84. sadie gajdos says

    My lab Bronco would love this

  85. Alecia Long says

    My black lab mix Penny is about 2 1/2 now!

  86. We just got a mini aussie pup and boy would she love the bark box of goodies. this sounds like a great idea. I think we will try it. need to talk to hubby first 🙂

  87. Diesel, 1 year old.

  88. I would absolutely love to win a bark box for my dogs to share.  I have eight dogs, including three rescues…they are Anna (12), Brie (6), gabby (2), bambam (2), Missy (3) who are all shelties and the rescues are Blue the pit bull, (4), shorty the chihuahua (3) and Mel the sheltie (4).  My fur kids absolutely love trying new things and would so love to share a bark box.  Thank you for the chance to win!

  89. I have several friends who subscribe to barkbox but it is not in my budget. I would love to give this to my little 6yr old doggie, Charlie.

  90. Glenda Russell says

    I would love to win this for my special boy Bumpus. He has a 6 year birthday coming up and has been trough so many health issues in hs short life this would be so special.

  91. Bella and Kronos have already received BarkBoxes, so if we won, Miss Terra (2 year old Australian Shepherd) would get this one =)

  92. Bru would love a BarkBox!  He’s 1 year and 3 months old now!  <3

  93. Caitlin DiBenedetto says

    Coal is our wonderful dog! He is 2 years old and would love to try a box!! 🙂

  94. Casey R. Doodle is my LARGE two and a half year old goldendoodle–he will go Wild With Joy (his specialty) if he wins this box of goodies!

  95. Stephanie Larison says

    Our beagle, Belle would get this. She’s such a big baby! She just turned 11.

  96. Lucy is a 4 year old 25lb female Jack Russell mix

  97. Buster and he is 5

  98. leesah b says

    my little 4 month Rigby would LOVE one of these!

  99. This box will go to Gizmo, a 5 year old Border Terrier

  100. Our dog’s name is Dumpling and he is between 3-5 years old!

  101. Abby Kraynick says

    Gabbie age 9 & Sky age 4 , Bother and sister will share this GREAT prize!! What a GREAT giveaway!!

  102. Rusty who is 7 and Sadie age 8, as with all dogs they love treats and new toys. They are super excited about this one, hoping if mom wins she will like the box enough to subscribe and get one each month.

  103. My two and three years old doxie and rottie.

  104. Lynn Banks says

    My dog Lucky is a border collie/terrier mix and he’s 7 years old and he’s awesome 🙂

  105. Ethelind Calderon says

    A bark box would make my boy a very happy boy! 😉

  106. Crystal Resendes says

    I have an English bull dog who will be 9 in August, he would love bark box for his birthday

  107. Cynthia Downer says

    Jack, 6 years

  108. Melissa Hartley says

    This box would be for my “brother” Sidney the beagle who is almost 7 🙂
    Thank you

  109. Devin Kalisz says

    I have two wonderful rescue dogs that love to play and this prize would definately make them wood for joy !!!

  110. I have two wonderful 90 lb. dogs. Our Black Lab, Chase, is a great waterfowler. Then there is my Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff), Tut, who is the biggest, lovey dovey – lap dog. They are both 5 years old.

  111. I have two dogs that would share – well maybe, one dog is pretty greedy. Pepper is 5 and Fonzie is 3.

  112. Joy (age 10) and Rora (age 7) would have to share

  113. Sam is a 4 year old miniature poodle who would love a barkBox

  114. I’d split with my 3 furry kids and whatever foster dog we have at the time. Right now: Tigger (12), Oreo (12), Peanut (1.5) and Foster pup Simon 7 months)…. Thank you for the giveaway and your blog. I’ll be reading it a lot I can tell 🙂

  115. My dog’s name is Hunter.  He is 4 years old and a cocker spaniel.

  116. Paulie the Pug 1.5 years old

  117. My baby girl is almost four! Her name is Mea and she is a bichon 🙂

  118. Samantha D. says

    Daisy 7yrs old Amstaff mix
    Teddy 8yr old shepard/collie/chow mix

  119. Joan Kubes says

    Jack age 2

  120. Brittany C. says

    Remy, 3 years.

  121. larrielle says

    Bentley is my 3 year old shih-tzu child

  122. Jayden H. says

    Max is a 2 year old golden retriever/yellow lab mix! He is my soul pet 🙂

  123. rachel michele says

    my baby girl LOVES barkbox!!

  124. rachel michele says

    she is a 2 year old shih tzu baby

  125. rebecca root says

    I have 2 puppies that would love to have this prize!

  126. my 2 year old munchin would love to have a bark box!!

  127. Augie is 1 year old and would love to win!

  128. My two pups would share the bark box items!

    Huan: 9 years old
    Rondo: almost 7 yrs.

  129. brandi hawn says

    if i won this would be for my oldest dog dolly, she is 7 🙂

  130. Elsie, age 2

  131. Deb Yancey says

    My dog’s name is Dexter and he is a 4 yr old basenji

  132. D Johnson says

    Buzz who will be 9 in August.

  133. I have been dying to try this service for Coco age: 8-9

  134. riley six years old

  135. Our dog is Abby and she is 7 years old.

  136. Jennifer P - Vicki Vix on Rafflecopter says

    Vix, more properly, Vicki, is my canine baby.  She’s 11 yrs old, a rescue who has been with me since she was about 6 mths.  She’s a pretty finnicky eater though, even with treats, so whatever she doesn’t like will go to my sister’s new dog Burton, also a rescue, who’s about 18-24 mths old.   

  137. Michelle W says

    My dog Angel would love this. She is 8 but acts like a puppy

  138. Shawndra Befort says

    My pound puppy is a 3 year old Husky/Lab mix. Her name is Mia. She absolutely loves getting toys and treats.

  139. Hesper Fry says

    My chocolate lab Tyler age 9.

  140. Samantha Daleo says

    My baby is Copper. He is a 6 year old Beagle and can not wait to bust open his BarkBox.

  141. Kari Flores says

    My dogs will have to share. A boxer name Bella, she is 6 years old and Loki, A Siberian huskie, he is 1 years old.

  142. kathy pease says

    this would be for out dog chico 7 years old

  143. My sweet Lucy is about 5 years old.

  144. Heather H says

    Starbuck will be 4 years old in October!

  145. Brenda Elsner says

    Our dog’s name is Lucky and he is 3 years old.

  146. Ben is 5 and Jerry is 2

  147. Derek Timm says

    My Yellow Lab named Rookie. She is 7.

  148. My miniature Winier Dog 🙂 His name is Jacob and he’s almost 2 years old. 

  149. Rescued Maltese mutt named Frankie is between 10 and 11 years old.

  150. Buddy Garrett says

    Hershey who is three years old will receve it.

  151. Michelle S says

    Madison, 3 years.

  152. Barbara S says

    Ralphie who is a 7 yr old chocolate lab would receive this

  153. Buttercup, Teacup yorkie (small), 12 Years old! She would love to win a surprise her sized like this 🙂

  154. Vikki Billings says

    Elvis, he is 3. He is a mini pincher

  155. My Little Ruger he is almost 4 years old. 

  156. jennifer dunkelmann-hon says

    hunter 5 years old.

  157. Adrianna, she will be 10 years old in September, I have had her ever since she was 6 weeks old.

  158. Cassie Rivera says

    My dog’s name is Scout and he is a 7 year old Bichon Frise.

  159. My almost four year old bloodhound, Little Red.

  160. Christian Alejandro says

    Our dog’s name is Oakley and she’s a year old!

  161. Kathryn Mcneal says

    We’d give it to our little pug baby Kira she’s 6.

  162. Tiffany King says

    Box o fun for my 8month old Daisy Mae and 2 year old foster pup Blossom!

  163. My 10yo black lab Lexidog!

  164. Rudy – 3 years old

  165. Gunnar who is 6 months and Zeva who is 9 months.

  166. Josephine D says

    My shelties would love this:  Jake-14 yrs, BooBoo-6 yrs and Spotsy–3 yrs.  Thanks for the review and giveaway!  

  167. my dog is 6 and she is a fox terier

  168. Stephanie says

    My 1 1/2 year old cuddlebug Maltese Ellie

  169. Michelle Spayde says

    Sarah, my Pomeranian, is eight years old.

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