Sunday Visit With Dogs We Love on Instagram

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It’s Sunday, and one thing we love to do on the weekend is kick back and see what everyone’s been up to!  Here are just a few of our favorite dog photos on Instagram this week:

Are you and your dog on Instagram? Be sure to leave us a comment with a link to your profile so we can follow you! You can find Daisy & me on Instagram here.


  1. Those are so cute. We don’t have any pets now but I had a dog growing up and they are my favorite animals.

  2. I love all the puppies! I love to look through pictures and Instagram feeds my obsession.

  3. What cuties! We don’t have dogs but a few of my Instagram pics have been of our cats.

  4. Every dog deserves his/her own tiara!

  5. Adorable pups! 

  6. We love instagram! You can find us at dianesilver and you can also check out #roccohavanese! 

  7. Here is my Instagram link. I am already following you.

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