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eureka pet cleaning

As every pet parent out there already knows, cleaning can be a real challenge! Having the right tools can make all the difference, which is why we were super excited when Eureka contacted us with an invitation to join the pre-release testing team and try out their brand new AirSpeed EXACT Pet vacuum.

You wouldn’t guess it by looking at her, but Daisy sure does SHED! And she spends quite a bit of time on our furniture, so you can imagine how eager Woof Woof Papa and I were to get started putting Eureka’s suction power to the test!

Designed to remove pet hair in your home, the AirSpeed Exact comes with a PET Power Paw which removes pet hair from carpet and upholstery. The on-board crevice tool and PET dusting brush with plastic teeth grab pet hair from hard to reach areas. Super easy to use, the vacuum’s suction control valve lets you direct all of the power to the floors or to the tools, so you can deep clean to stairs, furniture and crevices. Just turn the dial to TOOLS and start cleaning furniture with the PET Power Paw attachment!

eureka pet vacuum

The only thing better than getting a super powerful new pet vacuum, was getting Woof Woof Papa to help out with the cleaning! LOL! Just kidding…he’s great about helping out anyway, but it was easier for me to take photos while he did the vacuuming. Check out our Cleaning Challenge video to see him put the AirSpeed EXACT Pet to the test on our carpet and fur-covered sofa:

Based on independent testing, Eureka AirSpeed EXACT Pet cleans carpets better than the Dyson DC40. This model includes a washable dust cup filter that reduces maintenance costs because it is washable and reusable, requiring less frequent replacement. The AirSpeed EXACT Pet also features an 8 foot stretch hose and long, 27 foot cord to reach further without unplugging. Great for saving time AND hassles. The high efficiency allergen filter helps to eliminate 99% of dust and allergens…especially important for homes with pets and allergies! Experience Eureka Power with the Eureka AirSpeed EXACT Pet, available nationwide.

One lucky reader is going to WIN a Eureka Airspeed EXACT Pet Vacuum for their own home & family!

Enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget below. Open to US residents age 18+, and ends 11:59pm ET on March 30, 2014. Chose as many or as few of the optional entry methods as you wish. Good Luck everybody!!!

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  1. Valerie Simko says

    We have 1 pet (at the moment, looking to give Cooper a brother!) when we move into our new house; which is why we could use a new vacuum to go with all the new space to clean!

  2. I currently have one dog and he is very hairy! I have a hard time keeping up with the hair every day and my vacuum does not do a good job at all. I’d love to try the Eureka AirSpeed EXACT Pet Vacuum 🙂

  3. I have had boxers all my life and even though they have very short hair, they shed. My 30 year old vacuum is just not cutting it anymore. This would be pure joy to know what its like to vacuum with a good one.

  4. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    I Have 2 Dogs, I Could Use The Eureka AirSpeed EXACT Pet Vacuum Because My Dogs Shed Tons Of Hair!

  5. My Dyson is less than impressive. 

  6. I Have 2 Dogs, I Could Use The Eureka AirSpeed EXACT Pet Vacuum Because My Pups shed & I am such a clean freak! Anything to make getting the hair and dirt up would make my life easier!

  7. Cathy Frith says

    I have 2 short hair daschund and one sheds like crazy.I am a;ways looking for something that will get the hair off of furniture and this would be awesome.

  8. My vacuum cleaner just died, and this would be a perfect replacement! I have two cats, one lab and he has been on a shedding spree the last couple weeks. We have yet to find a great pet vacuum! We would love to win this one!

  9. I had two pets, but I just lost my dog Frankie to a brain tumor. I now have my one cat left, but there is still a lot of hair to be cleaned.

  10. Jennifer C. says

    I have 2 cats and their fur is everywhere!!  Plus my vacuum is old.

  11. laura harris says

    I have 2 cats..they are my furbabies!..One is pure white his hair shows up on everything!

  12. I would LOVE to win this!!  A good vacuum is a must for a pet owner!  6 dogs and 1 cat here! 


  14. Linda Szymoniak says

    Well, I have five rescued Treeing Walker Cooonhounds and three rescued cats so you KNOW we get a lot of fur in our house.  I also transport rescue animals and have had some at my house for playdates with my own furbabies, so some days we have more than normal.  I really could use a vacuum cleaner that is made to deal with pet fur. 

  15. Chelsea Place says

    I have 1 pet and no vaccuum, currently use my roommates whose is falling apart and hardly works, to say i need a new vaccuum
    Is a bit of an understatement. Would love to win!

  16. We have 3 medium-long haired cats and they shed like crazy. We definitely need a new van to tackle their fur.


    I have one precious dog named Gypsy, she is our life but she does shed quite a bit!  A new vacuum would be fantastic to pick it up!  🙂

  18. I have 2 English springer spaniels and a larger Beauceron puppy so hair is definitely an issue at my house. Would love a new vacuum to help with it

  19. Marilyn Legault says

    One dog that seems to be constantly shedding.

  20. I have 2 dogs, and would love a new vacuum that is actually good at picking up dog hair.  Our vacuum never seems to pick it up that well, but it’s not one that is specially made for pets.

  21. I have a med. size dog who shedds like crazy and my vacs are worn out they cannot do a good job.

  22. Pam Gurganus says

    I have two long-haired cats and my current vacuum just doesn’t get up all the hair they shed!

  23. Julie Lee says

    We have two dogs and two cats.  This would be perfect for our large dog that sheds.

  24. I have a golden retriever Shira.. Her coat of hair is shedding in every square inch of my house,, I have to vacuum 2x a day minimum! Now in addition to her hair loss to begin with ,,with age she has now developed a food allergy to Purina Dog Chow and non stops scratching is causing more puffs of hair all over the place and oh my gosh I have to clean the canister out continuously! We have 2 special needs daughters with astma and asthmatic bronchitis and it isn’t a choice dusting and vacuuming up dog hair has got to be kept up with! Our vacuum is 8 yr’s old, I can only work part time and can not afford a new one! I have entered so many contests to no avail, this one is in my heart to try to win ..I will pray really hard I can win this for my family! 🙂

  25. with 5 german shepherds in and out all day it sure would help with all the hair shedding, dirt/mud prints, and food trails………mine broke 🙁

  26. Theresa Spaid says

    My 2 dogs and 2 cats shed a lot of hair!  That is the why I really need a good vacuum.

  27. Brutus Duffy says

    I have 8 cats and 3 dogs (all rescues) and we have fur everywhere. 🙂 A new vac would be ideal. Thanks.

  28. I have 3 big dogs, and can always use help cleaning.

  29. 3 house rabbits, a toddler, and a newborn… and a mechanic husband…. all in 500sqft…. and we dont own a vacuum!!!

  30. Allison Lancaster says

    We have a black lab (dog) and a cat. We need an extra vacuum to keep in our downstairs bonus room since our current vacuum is heavy and hard to carry up and down the stairs.

  31. Gary Steinberg says



    We  have a cat and cockatiel. It would help clean up cat hair and bird dander and little seeds & shells  our bird throws out of his cage as well. 

  33. Paige Yockey says

    I have a 10 mo old Rhodesian Ridgeback and she actually does she’d quite a bit and I also have a cat and even though I brush her regularly she still sheds a lot so this vacuum would be an amazing help in keeping my house nice and tidy and help us not to wake up slightly stuffy! 🙂

  34. Carissa Joslyn says

    I have 3 dogs, and 5 cats! 
    I just moved from a one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom, All I had at my one bedroom place was a little light weight vacuum, as it was small and did the trick (didn’t have my pets there, they were staying at my parents) Well, now my new place is huge and I really need something with a bigger capacity so I’m able to go more then 5 seconds without having to dump it out! 

  35. Good to know about good vacuums. Bailie and I don’t really shed, but Katie sheds enough for a family of twenty and the cats shed too. We have a Dyson now and it is working for us, but it won’t last forever, so we need to stay up on what vacuums are good for pet hair. Thanks for the review.

  36. Deb Joslyn says

    I think giveaway. Thanks for wonderful products like this. 

  37. We have one dog and we could use the vacuum because even though he has short hair he sheds a lot and the vacuum we have is old and smells awful when we use it.

  38. Danielle Murgia says

    I have one dog and one cat and could definitely use this vacuum.  Every week I vacuum and just from the two of them I get a whole canister of fur!

  39. Cindy McElwee says

    Love my little friend but it’s hard to keep up with him ~ with a new baby in the family is even more important ~ the power of the Eureka~Air Speed is just what I need ♥

  40. would love this have so much cat hair

  41. Jennifer P - Vicki Vix on Rafflecopter says

    I have one pet at the moment, Vicki, a 12 year old rescue “mutt”.  I’d love a new vacuum because mine is pretty old, not very powerful, and to be honest it hardly gets up any of Vicki’s hair from the rugs around the aprtment.  Thanks for the giveaway. 

  42. I would use the vacuum every day for my 4 cats and 1 dog-all rescue animals!

  43. tina reynolds says

    Three pets two dogs and a cat and three kids 7 and under My vac cant keep up

  44. I  have three dogs and they really shed!  A new vacuum would be fantastic to pick it up! 
    Thanks for the chance (:

  45. I have 2 cats and they both shed a ridiculous amount! I could really use a new vacuum, thanks for the chance!

  46. We have 3 cats and a dog. The vacuum we have works okay BUT we are moving to a new place and it has a lot more light carpeting and one of our cats is black. I don’t think our current vacuum will be adequate. 

  47. sandy weinstein says

    i have 3 min schnauzer girls, 12, 4, 3. i dont have a good vac cleaner and could really use one since i live in the country off a dirt road. 

  48. Marla King says

    I have 5 dogs………4 yorkies & 1 poodle.

  49. Kari Johnson says

    I have two cats. One sheds like a dog. So this vacuum would be super to have!

  50. Rescued an adorable puppy. Could use a new vacuum as I now am covered daily in hair and loving it.

  51. One dog that seems to shed a lot!

  52. LOVE this!! We always have lots of puppy love around! Not many vacuums last long!!

  53. I have 1 dog and she sheds everywhere! We wear our vacuums out quickly!!

  54. I have a Jack Russell Terrier and 2 cats. The JRT sheds like CRAZY. It gets stuck in the furniture and on my clothes.

  55. Betty Baez says

    I have a cat and a chinchilla. I could definitely use a new vacuum my current one has lost its suction! 

  56. 3 dogs-one Australian Shepherd and two Blue Heelers. The Aussie, Terra, sheds enough for 3 dogs! Even though she gets weekly brushings. It seems like I just clean the floor and then it’s filled with hair again not even an hour later! The Heelers shed a lot too. We could use a new vacuum because the one we currently have does not seem to do the best job on cleaning up the hair and it is not very high powered or efficient. The Eureka sounds like it has the right stuff to tackle our household cleaning problems related to pet hair! 

  57. I have a rescue pup named Daisy, she is a 100lb Doberman, her adoption day is coming up on the 24th. We also have 4 cats, so I deal with pet hair constantly. This sounds like it would be a great weapon in my constant battle to reduce the hair in my home, especially to help with my husband allergies. Thank you so much for this great giveaway! 

  58. Dawn Monroe says

    We have two long hair medium dogs and our vacuum has no suction power and is ancient.

  59. Sarah Oswald says

    We have a dog and a cat and for some reason they seem to shed more than you would think they would and that’s probably why I go through more vacuums than I should. My vacuum just broke recently and I have been using a manual push broom that I had so thanks for the chance to win this.

  60. Sharon Gilbert says

    I have 2 dogs with very short hair.  There short hair gets stuck in the carpet and furniture. I could really use a new vacuum that would do the job.

  61. Kelly Ann T. says

    We have two large mixed breed dogs with long hair and my Kirby vacuum is from about 1976.

  62. Colleen Boudreau says

    I have 2 dogs and 1 cat, & the vacuum I currently have is very old and just not cutting it!

  63. Darlene Owen says

    i have 2 black labs and just inherited my sons lab mix, with that many dogs we have dog hair all over, I could really use a good vacuum.

  64. Kelly Ann T. says

    I have two large mixed breed rescue dogs. Both are part Malamute and shed.

  65. Rachael Henzman says

    I have 4 cats and 1 dog and LOTs of fur! So needless to say, I could use this! I also, currently don’t have a working vacuum so it would be great to win! Thanks for the giveaway!

  66. We have 3 Dogs and 2 Cats … lots of fur … I guess there is a good reason why you call them Fur~ babies lol 🙂

  67. Jamie Brigham says

    I have a long haired older cat and he sheds like crazy. We let him go where ever he wants including on the furniture so I need this to make it look like he doesn’t get up there when I have company over. 

  68. I have 3. 1 dog and 2 cats. They shed a lot, and my current, old vacuum does not do a great job of picking up the hair.

    (Nikki Marie on rafflecopter)

  69. I have a chocolate lab and german shorthaired pointer mix who we rescued in September. He has a fluffy lab undercoat and the slightly wiry german shorthair top coat, so he blows coat like a pointer but sheds both layers since he’s part lab. His shedding is really bad, and our vacuum just doesn’t seem to suck up the wiry stuff that gets stuck in the carpet. I really need this vacuum to get all of the fur out, and it would help our allergies so much! Plus my current vacuum is super heavy and bulky, so it’s really hard to vacuum our stairs- they’re a furry, messy disaster at the moment. 🙁

  70. Lisa Brown says

    i have a few budgies that shed feathers all the time, especially during the moulting season, which is now.

  71. We have one dog that sheds a lot. After a couple days, my allergies will act up from all the hair.

  72. Barbara Mayes says

    I have a Boston Terrier, Chloe, and a cat, Kiki. Their fur is all over my furniture. I would love to be able to vacuum and just forget it until next time. This sounds very effective!

  73. Abby Kraynick says

    I have 2 FURY dogs and could really use this. Thanks for the chance

  74. Stephanie Mago-Eagle says

    I have one dog and I could use a new vacuum! because my vacuum is on its last legs and does not suck up all the dog hair.

  75. I have 5 pets, and they shed everywhere! I really need this to help keep the fur at bay.

  76. How many pets do I have? Well, we’re down to 2 small dogs (but looking for a big dog who gets along with small dogs and cats) and too many cats! Let me explain: I’m an almost 10-year volunteer with LAPCATS Rescue and do a lot of fostering before the cats are adopted. So we have a lot of cats at any given time. Lots of cats and dogs = lots of loose hair and a real need for a good new vacuum cleaner. (No outfit is complete without pet hair has become my mantra.) PLEASE consider me for your giveaway!

  77. Karen Glatt says

    I have a Male Basset Hounds that sheds tons. I need a good vacuum to get up all of his dog hair! I need a new vacuum because mine is very old, and does not work good enough getting up all the dog hair!

  78. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says

    We have 2 dogs and 5 cats that are all rescues and currently shedding their winter coats.  Our curtain vacuum cleaner is busted.   

  79. Birdiebee says

    I have a German Shepherd puppy who sheds quite a bit.  My current vacuum is not doing the job to vacuum up the hair.

  80. Stephany Valdez says

    I have a pitbull and Rottweiler and I could really use a vacuum on my carpet that would especially pick up there excess dog hair. My regular vacuum is just not doing the job.

  81. Robin Abrams says

    I have 6 rescued  cats and 1 dog. My vacuum does not pick up the hair.  All our clothes , carpet are covered in animal hair.

  82. I have two inside cats and 6 outside feral/stray cats. However, I also foster for the Sacramento County Animal Shelter and Lapcats feline rescue, so the number of cats I have at any one time varies. About a year ago, I had one adult foster for Lapcats, a mother cat and her 4 babies for the County shelter, and I rescued 3 female strays and their combined 12 kittens. I got the females spayed and found homes for 2 (the 3rd was too feral and left the area when she was released), and I got the 12 kittens fixed and found them homes (took almost 9 months). But at one time, I had 20 inside cats (counting my 2), so you can imagine how much hair and litter I had to vacuum. I now try to limit the number of cats I have a one time to under 10, but that is still a lot of cleanup. Would love to have one of these vacuums

  83. Laura Royal says

    two cats that make a big mess of things

  84. I have two dogs, and one of them sheds a lot (of black hair)! I would love a new vacuum because my current one doesn’t pick up dog hair that well.

  85. I have three cats and I don’t have the right vacuum to handle them right now… Ugh…

  86. I have 3 pets, and we live with another dog! That’s 2 cats and 2 dogs shedding fur everywhere!! I really can’t keep up, and I have never found anything that will work very well to vacuum it up.

  87. I would love to enter but I don’t have a Facebook account. 🙁

  88. Mary Withrow says

    My pets own me, lol – I have 3 dogs, 1 cat and 10 birds! 2 dogs and the cat came from a local shelter and 6 birds they needed a temporary home for. (The birds had 4 babies) I have had them over a year now and extremely attached to all of them. The birds dander is crazy, lol – never would have dreamed this cute little guys could be so messy!

  89. I have a cat and 7 dogs. They bring everything from outside into the house on their paws and fur. I have to vacuum all the time. And you can imagine how much fur is in the house :). I sure could use a good vacuum!

  90. I have 8 whippets. They are short haired, so don’t shed much, but the dust and dirt tracked in takes a powerful vacuum.

  91. We have 3 dogs and 1 cat plus the possible foster in our house. We could use a vacuum because we moved to a carpeted house from a completely tile/hardwood floor house and still haven’t bought a proper vac(we’ve been using a shop-vac with floor attachment lol)

  92. We have two Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers~they really are non-shedding~but need alot of
    brushing and we get much hair from their under coat,reason I would like the vacuum because
    the two just playing kicks up the fuzz.

  93. We are in dire need of a new vacuum!  We have a yellow Lab and foster Labs & Goldens 2-3 times a month!

  94. samantha kalmar says

    We ha 1 dog 1 cat 2 ferrets and 3 birds. And a baby. Its always busy and I seem to always be vacumming

  95. We have 5 kids, 1 dog, 3 bunnies, and 2 hamsters. They all make messes!

  96. Angela Cash says

    I need a new vacuum because my old one choked on critter hair and died. 😉
    I have two dogs and 4 cats… and sometimes fosters from the shelter.

  97. We need you badly!

  98. I have two dogs and we also live with one other dog and two cats so there is a lot of fur! We need a new vacuum because we still have one of those old bag ones! 

  99. I have one pet, her name is Mishka. She makes a mess!

  100. Amber Wrighton says

    We have three pets and we REALLY could use a vacuum because our dog SHEDS like crazy and I have tried several vacuums and nothing seems to work.

  101. We have 3 dogs and this vacuum will be fantastic in helping me keep up with their mess

  102. christine jessamine says

    I have 2 dogs a black lab and a pit bull. The Lab shed a ton, I could use a vaccum that would work well for it!


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