Eureka AirSpeed EXACT Pet Vacuum Review #EurekaPower

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eureka pet cleaning

As every pet parent out there already knows, cleaning can be a real challenge! Having the right tools can make all the difference, which is why we were super excited when Eureka contacted us with an invitation to join the pre-release testing team and try out their brand new AirSpeed EXACT Pet vacuum.

You wouldn’t guess it by looking at her, but Daisy sure does SHED! And she spends quite a bit of time on our furniture, so you can imagine how eager Woof Woof Papa and I were to get started putting Eureka’s suction power to the test!

Designed to remove pet hair in your home, the AirSpeed Exact comes with a PET Power Paw which removes pet hair from carpet and upholstery. The on-board crevice tool and PET dusting brush with plastic teeth grab pet hair from hard to reach areas. Super easy to use, the vacuum’s suction control valve lets you direct all of the power to the floors or to the tools, so you can deep clean to stairs, furniture and crevices. Just turn the dial to TOOLS and start cleaning furniture with the PET Power Paw attachment!

eureka pet vacuum

The only thing better than getting a super powerful new pet vacuum, was getting Woof Woof Papa to help out with the cleaning! LOL! Just kidding…he’s great about helping out anyway, but it was easier for me to take photos while he did the vacuuming. Check out our Cleaning Challenge video to see him put the AirSpeed EXACT Pet to the test on our carpet and fur-covered sofa:

Based on independent testing, Eureka AirSpeed EXACT Pet cleans carpets better than the Dyson DC40. This model includes a washable dust cup filter that reduces maintenance costs because it is washable and reusable, requiring less frequent replacement. The AirSpeed EXACT Pet also features an 8 foot stretch hose and long, 27 foot cord to reach further without unplugging. Great for saving time AND hassles. The high efficiency allergen filter helps to eliminate 99% of dust and allergens…especially important for homes with pets and allergies! Experience Eureka Power with the Eureka AirSpeed EXACT Pet, available nationwide.

One lucky reader is going to WIN a Eureka Airspeed EXACT Pet Vacuum for their own home & family!

Enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget below. Open to US residents age 18+, and ends 11:59pm ET on March 30, 2014. Chose as many or as few of the optional entry methods as you wish. Good Luck everybody!!!

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Reminder: Summer Session of K9 Kamp Closing Soon! {Giveaway ends 6/25}

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Hey everybody! Have you been participating in the current K9 Kamp fitness challenge to get more active with your fur kids? We have…but we haven’t been very social Kampers this time around I’m afraid. Daisy and I have been spending an extra 30 minutes walking and playing together as many times a week as possible, but the real “challenge” for this event has been finding the extra time to snap some new photos and write about what we’ve been up to!

If you’ve been in the same boat and haven’t had time to report in to Kamp headquarters on a regular basis, it’s not too late! Just head on over and get caught up and record your participation with some blog comments and Rafflecopter Contest entries for chances to WIN some paw-tastic prizes including:

  • An EzyDog Vario6 Leash & Fold-a-Bowl
  • A NiteIze MeteorLight K9 LED Fetch Ball & SpotLit LED Collar Light
  • A Natural, chemical free EasyDefense pest tag from Only Natural Pet
  • A copy of  Dieting With My Dog  & The Dieting with my Dog Guide to Weight Loss and Maintenance
  • A bag each of Kol’s Veggie Snacks & Green Bean Crunchers
  • An assortment of active toys


The giveaway ends Tuesday June 25 at 12 noon PST, so don’t miss it! And also be sure to keep an eye out on the first Friday of every month, Jessica, Chester & Gretel from You Did What With Your Wiener? have joined the K9 Kamp Coaching Team will be sharing a K9 Kamp “mini” Challenge. The challenges are designed to be super easy to complete, even if you’re busy and strapped for time (aren’t we ALL!?!) and we can’t wait to see the first challenge! Join us and Tune in to You Did What With You Weiner? on the first Friday of each month more information!

2013 ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge Kicks Off at Shelters Nationwide!

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There’s exciting news about a great new initiative to help animals and shelters across the country. It’s the 2013 ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge! This annual initiative is a groundbreaking contest that challenges animal shelters across the country to come up with innovative ways to engage their communities and get more homeless cats and dogs into loving homes.

aspca rachael ray challenge

A total of $600,000 in prize grants are up for grabs to help shelters save more homeless cats and dogs. The 49 contestants will work to save more animals – during the months of June, July and August 2013 – than they did over the same three-month period in 2012. Last year’s competing shelters saved more than 56,000 cats and dogs during the contest, an increase of 14,376 over the same period in 2011!

The ASPCA and Rachael Ray will award a $100,000 grand prize to the shelter contestant that achieves the greatest increase in lives saved during this three-month period. The contestant that does the best job of engaging its community members in helping to save more animals will win $25,000. Those organizations that do the best in their divisions will be eligible for between $10,000 and $25,000 in additional grants. In total, $600,000 in grant funding will be awarded for increases in animal lives saved, as well as a photo contest and general participation.

To learn more, visit Do your part to help save a life by adopting a homeless pet at a shelter near you!

Join Us for K9 Kamp and Get Fit with Your Fur Kid!

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k9kampWoohoo! Daisy and I are super excited to be participating for the second year in K9 Kamp fitness challenge and we’re inviting YOU and your fur kids to join the fun! As always, K9 Kamp is co-hosted by founders Peggy’s Pet Place and  Kol’s Notes.

If you missed out last year, you can read all about it in our K9 Kamp 2012 posts to get caught up…although this year is a little different.

While last year’s event focused on different challenges each week, this year’s mission is more focused on the overall importance of establishing a year-round routine and staying active with your dog.

The challenge: Spend 30 minutes extra, 3-4 times a week, getting fit with your dog. Of course, stick within whatever physical limitations you or your dog may have…and remember to consult a trained professional if you and/or your dog have questions about what’s best for your situation!

Speaking of limitations, I personally have had issues with my knees in the past so I’ve been working up to being able to walk longer distances at high enough intensity to do some good. You may have seen that Daisy’s papa and I have been losing weight together on Nutrisystem. Now that we’ve shed some major lbs. we’re both powering up our workouts a bit more so the timing is perfect for us!


The hubby has actually got a head start on us and recently started training for running his first marathon, but that’s a bit too extreme for Daisy and me…30 minutes extra, several times a week, sounds doable and we’re looking forward to discovering some new hiking trails, fast-paced walks on the beach and maybe even swimming some laps if we can sneak Daisy into the community pool after hours.

Everyone is invited to join us! If you’re a blogger you can write about it on your own blog. If not, join in by leaving updates, tips and stories in the comment section of our posts. This session of K9 Kamp runs May 31-June 21 and there will be loads of fun AND some great prizes we hope you’ll stay tuned and join in the action! Speaking of prizes, be sure to head on over here to find out the details of what you can win and how to enter!

And be sure to visit the other K9 Kamp featured blogs:

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Are you joining us for K9 Kamp? Leave us a comment and let us know you stopped by and how you and your dog are adding more activity to your fitness routine!

2013 Annual Pet Blogger Challenge

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Annual Pet Blogger Challenge

I can’t believe it’s time already for the 3rd Annual Pet Blogger Challenge, hosted by! This is our 2nd year taking part it the Q&A:

1. How long have you been blogging and provide a link to your post from last year’s Pet Blogger Challenge so we can refresh our memories.

Daisy and I have been working on our blog together since August 2011. Here’s our 2012 Pet Blogger Challenge Post.

2. What do you consider the most important goals you set out in last year’s post?

I was still just starting out, but my main goals at the start were to have fun and make it fun for our readers, learn as much as I could about blogging, help people find cool deals and save money on great pet stuff, and hopefully begin to monetize my blog.

3. Have you made progress toward those goals, or have your goals changed over the past year?

Definitely making progress, and the goals are evolving…but not really changing. I’ve joined a few really great blogger groups and have learned so much in the past 12 months. I’ve been struggling with time management, so I really need to add that as a new goal to make sure this all keeps being fun for me and everyone else!

4. How often do you post?

I post multiple times per day, 7 days a week. I had considered cutting back on the “deals” aspect of our blog, but looking at our stats, those are among the most popular topics and category so I feel like I’m letting people down if I don’t keep up with the great freebies, coupons and money-saving offers they’re looking for. I try to post 3 or 4 great deals and offers each day but some days there are more or less. In an average week I also post at least one product reviews and giveaway, an info post, sponsored post or public service announcement, Wordless Wednesday Photos of Daisy, a Sunday Pet Coupon Preview and  a Weight Loss Update since Woof Woof Papa and I are on the Nutrisystem program. We know the average reader doesn’t have time to read all of it, but we figure different topics are of interest to different folks and we aim to please!

5. Has your opinion of blogging on a schedule or as the spirit moves you changed?

Posting deals, coupons and freebies really doesn’t allow us to stick to a strict schedule. As I mentioned before, I try to look at what’s out there for the day/week and post about the deals I think people really want to know about or wouldn’t find on their own. I do use a schedule for my reviews and giveaways, and other topics that make sense to plan ahead like recipes, craft ideas, tips and guides. It’s always a balancing act.

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