Caveman Dog Treats Cookbook (FREE Kindle Edition) #TastyTuesday

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caveman dog treats cookbook

Update: Looks like this book is no longer being offered for $0.00. Remember to always act quickly when you find free Kindle books. They usually rotate them weekly, or even daily!

It’s Tasty Tuesday and we’ve spotted a super yummy freebie today for you and your fur kid! It’s a FREE Kindle ebook that you can read on any web-enabled device including iPad, SmartPhone, Laptop or PC, Kindle or other Tablet.

Free books don’t last long, and the regular price is $2.99, so hurry on over HERE to snag your free copy of Caveman Dog Treats for Your BFF: Easy Step-By-Step Instructions For Making All Natural Dog Treats Using REAL Food And Your Dehydrator [Kindle Edition].

Have you ever tried making jerky treats for your dog using a food dehydrator or your oven? We’re curious about trying it, so leave us some suggestions in the comments! Wishing everyone a very YUMMY Tasty Tuesday!


  1. Boo, wish mom had a Kindle, maybe she can get it up on the app…

    Thanks for the great find!

    • Your mom does NOT need a Kindle, Olive, to save and read Kindle books. Anyone with a free Amazon account and any device (Android phone, iPhone, Laptop, Galaxy Tablet, etc. etc.) can get and read Kindle books. 

  2. I just received your email and the book is already back to $2.99! Grrrr! Next time hopefully!

    • Sorry Amy, Amazon doesn’t keep them free for long. I updated the post so people would know, but the email version went out without the changes. I usually do a roundup of free Kindle books about once a week, so watch on Twitter or Facebook if you want a heads up before the evening email newletter!

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