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dog camping gear

Do your summer plans include fun outdoor activities, travel and adventures? If so, hopefully they also include the fur kids! Dogs love adventures and can make great camping or travel companions with a little extra planning and the right gear. Take advantage of this sale on Alcott outdoor and adventure gear for dogs with up to 50% OFF some really COOL stuff!

Perfect for pet-lovers, Alcott provides dogs and their owners with gear that turns everyday walks into extraordinary strolls. Whether you’re taking your dog around the block or across the country, these exciting finds ensure every escapade goes off without a hitch. Because, as every pet person knows, every adventure is better with your fur kid at your side.

adventure dog tags

Don’t miss the super cute dog tags for your globe trotter, trail wagger or doggy paddler! You’ll also find backpacks for dogs, first aid kits and safety vests, sleeping bags, tents, an inflatable swimming pool for dogs and lots more.

pet camping

Hurry on over and snag some deals on camping equipment and outdoor pet gear during this special 3-day sale.  Then get ready to hit the trails, beach or road with your family AND pets this summer!


  1. Cute stuff! Don’t know if that pool would last with teeth and claws in it.

    • Ha! Good point!!!

    • Thanks Woof Woof Mama for the shout out! We had a great time on 🙂 It was just our first sale there, but hope to have more in the future! I did want to point out that we made the pool out of really thick PVC plastic, like an inflatable mattress for people, so it does stand up to paws and claws. With the low entry/exit dips they hardly even touch the sides, but if a dog wanted to chew into it… the pool wouldn’t make it too long. We work with a lot of rescues at outdoor events and we kept buying cheap plastic pools that the dogs would slip on and wouldn’t fit in the car… or cheap inflatable ones that would pop almost instantly. So this was the solution! I even use it on the patio to clean my dog’s paws off before they come inside. Thanks again for the post and happy blogging!

      • That’s really great to know about the pool, Alison! Thanks for stopping by and visiting the blog…looking forward to seeing more cool pet stuff from Alcott soon!

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