Pet Deals for Road Trips, Camping and Travel with Your Fur Kids

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pet travel deals

Whether flying, driving, hiking or camping with your pet this summer, having the right gear can make all the difference. We’ve rounded up some great travel gear for pets, perfect for a trip to Grandma’s house, a pet-friendly hotel, or to the great outdoors.

Pet Travel Deals

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Tips for Safe Camping with Pets

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camping with pets

There are a couple of weeks left til Labor Day, so be sure to make the most of the rest of summer vacation with some outdoor fun with your pets! Even if you don’t have time for a big trip, you can still find a campground nearby and enjoy a quick camping trip with the family and fur kids.

ASPCA has some really helpful safety tips for camping with pets:

1. Bring a pet first aid kit. It is always better to be prepared and often remote campsites will not have quick access to veterinary care.

2. Be sure to locate the closest animal emergency clinic and add its contact information to your phone.

3. Pet proof! Before you let your pet out on your campsite, thoroughly inspect the area to make sure other campers haven’t left anything behind.

4. Don’t let your pet roam. Because your pet is not familiar with the area, he could get lost, fall into a river, or become stuck. Other well-meaning campers may feed him something toxic or may have rat poison out in their campsite. He also may have a run in with some not-so-well meaning wildlife. (Your pet first aid kit will have everything you’ll need to make a de-skunking bath that really works).

5. Make sure that your pet has proper ID on her collar at all times and a reflective collar if she will be out on the campsite at night.

If you’re taking your pet along for some outdoor adventures, you’ll also want to read the expert tips from the folks at the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center.

Camping, Travel and Outdoor Adventure Gear for Dogs

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dog camping gear

Do your summer plans include fun outdoor activities, travel and adventures? If so, hopefully they also include the fur kids! Dogs love adventures and can make great camping or travel companions with a little extra planning and the right gear. Take advantage of this sale on Alcott outdoor and adventure gear for dogs with up to 50% OFF some really COOL stuff!

Perfect for pet-lovers, Alcott provides dogs and their owners with gear that turns everyday walks into extraordinary strolls. Whether you’re taking your dog around the block or across the country, these exciting finds ensure every escapade goes off without a hitch. Because, as every pet person knows, every adventure is better with your fur kid at your side.

adventure dog tags

Don’t miss the super cute dog tags for your globe trotter, trail wagger or doggy paddler! You’ll also find backpacks for dogs, first aid kits and safety vests, sleeping bags, tents, an inflatable swimming pool for dogs and lots more.

pet camping

Hurry on over and snag some deals on camping equipment and outdoor pet gear during this special 3-day sale.  Then get ready to hit the trails, beach or road with your family AND pets this summer!

Indoor/Outdoor Hammock $5.49 Shipped + More Great Spring Deals!

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free hammock

Check out the crazy deal we spotted today! This Indoor/Outdoor Hammock is FREE over at! You just pay $5.49 for shipping and it’s yours…the shipping covers your entire order so be sure to have a look around and stock up on some of their other great deals. It’s all part of their big Spring Sale, and I noticed they are having a fitness apparel sale, spring cleaning sale, and camping stuff on sale, too. Just make sure to use 13Deals Promo Code: hammock when you order, to get your entire order shipped for only $5.49 (and the free hammock of course)!

Go HERE to snag the FREE hammock deal. And check out all their pet deals, too. I spotted great discounts on dog toys, treats, collars and this cool Sherpa Top Faux Leather “Add Your Own Stuffing” Dog Bed for just $12.99 (72% OFF)!

11 Free Kindle Books: Leash Manners, Family Camping Handbook & More For Pets and People

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There are loads of new FREE Kindle Editions available today for download over at Amazon that I thought would be of interest to pet parents plus a few other fun titles I thought looked cool. Remember that prices change frequently over at Amazon, so act quickly and be sure you verify each book is still $0.00 before confirming your order. 

free kindle dog books & more

Once you add them to your reading library, they are yours to keep and read anytime, even after they return to regular price, and you can read Kindle Books on just about any SmartPhone, Tablet, PC or device!

Free Kindle Books About Dogs:

Circling the Waggins; How 5 Misfit Dogs Saved Me from Bewilderness $0.00 ($4.99 reg)
Leash Manners: Learn How to Leash Train Your Puppy $0.00 ($2.99 reg)
Dogs, dogs, Dogs $0.00 ($1.50 reg)
How To Walk A Dog – All You Need To Know To Avoid Catastrophes $0.00 ($0.99 reg)
Puppy Love on a Budget $0.00 ($0.99 reg)
Parade of Misfits $0.00 ($0.99 reg)

Free Kindle Books About Cooking, Canning & Crafting:

Canning & Preserving Food Like A Pro: The Simplest Guide To Preserve & Freeze $0.00 ($5.17 reg)
Organic Food: Eating Organic on a Budget $0.00 ($4.99 reg)
The Family Camping Handbook: Real Food in the Big Woods $0.00 ($4.95 reg)
Craft Business Power: 15 Days To A Profitable Online Craft Business $0.00 ($2.99 reg)
Home Canning Food For Beginners (Preparedness Guides) $0.00 ($2.99 reg)