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Creating structure and routine is an important part of keeping your pet healthy and happy. I’m really lucky to get to work from home, so Daisy and I have a very well-established daily routine. For example, we go for a walk before breakfast every morning, and then a trip to check the mailbox around mid-day. Checking the mail is Daisy’s favorite thing, since I let her carry a piece of mail back home and give her a dental chew as a reward for her ‘hard work’. In the late afternoon, I usually take a break from work to play hide and seek, fetch or another of our favorite games.

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Creating a healthy routine doesn’t have to be complicated. Add small daily activities that both you and your dog enjoy and it won’t seem like a chore. Speaking of chores, we schedule certain activities for the weekends, like bath time, nail trimming and cleaning Daisy’s ears. We also try to have regularly scheduled play dates for Daisy, both for the benefits of socialization as well as for the added exercise.

Another part of our routine is tracking Daisy’s weight and measuring her food. It’s important to measure and track treats, too. We worked with Daisy’s veterinarian to determine her weight goal and the right amount of food and treats to maintain that weight. If you don’t schedule and track treats and food, it’s easy to overdo it without realizing it. Just one little cookie for a 20lb dog is like the equivalent of an average size woman eating a cheeseburger! Don’t believe me? Go checkout this Treat Translator Tool to learn more.

As with humans, excess weight can lead to health issues for pets, so it’s important to track your pet’s weight and address a weight issue early before it becomes a more serious problem. Even a little bit of extra weight can be major for pets. For example, five extra pounds on a small dog is the equivalent of 30+ extra pounds on a human!

10 week weight loss pets

One of the best thing you can do for your pet’s health and wellness is to feed proper nutrition every day. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight and the 10 Week Turnaround can help your pet achieve and maintain their perfect weight. Formulas are available at your vet or favorite pet specialty store, including a new line of Small and Toy Breed Dog Food for weight loss.

Whatever size and breed of dog or cat you have, there is a weight loss formula for them. You’ll also get a discount when you order on autoship through

Does your pet have a routine? If not start one! Hill’s has made it easy by creating this free printable calendar that you can use to plan your pet’s routine for health. The calendar is a great tool while you are first getting started. Not sure what things to include in your pet’s routine? Remember, your pet’s health is not just about a healthy weight but an overall healthy lifestyle. That includes grooming, cuddle time, play time, training, naps, and in our case, something as simple as the daily activity of checking the mailbox!

To get started, print or download the FREE 10 Week Turnaround Calendar here.


  1. TY for sharing this and helping to get the word out how easy it is to keep our dog in shape. Love the images, too.

  2. Daisy is gorgeous! I love all the pics, especially her getting tucked into bed and the mailbox. You just can’t get anymore adorable. Thank you for sharing how she stays so healthy and happy! I have never looked at treats being equivalent to a cheeseburger before. That is definitely eyeopening and I can see how they would add up the pounds (and rolls)! A great point for everyone to know!

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