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Does your dog or cat need to lose some weight? Keeping your fur kid healthy is an important part of being a pet parent and we take that responsibility very seriously, as I’m sure you do as well! We stay diligent to help keep Daisy at a healthy weight and are here to share some tips with you on how you can help your dog achieve and maintain their perfect weight, too.

It’s a Win-Win because not only will you be helping your pet slim down and stay healthy, but you will also have the chance to WIN Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight pet food for your dog or cat!


Consistency Equals a Healthier & Happier Pet

Consistency is the key to keeping your pet healthy. That means staying on schedule as much as possible so that you know your pet is getting the right amount of what they need at the right time, for everything from food and exercise to potty breaks and treats.

Tips for consistency and pet weight loss:
  • Feeding time should be at regularly scheduled times and portions should be properly measured. No matter who is going to feed your fur kid on a given day or specific meal, make sure everyone (including kids, sitters and other caretakers) understand a measurement is not a random scoop. It is a carefully measured amount so that your pet is not getting too little or too much.
  • Not sure what the right amount is to feed your pet? Start with the Feeding Guidelines on the Bag and
    adjust as needed. Depending on where you live in the country your pet might be more active in the
    summer or winter so that should be taken into account and adjusted.
  • Consistency with potty and exercise time is also important for your pet and their overall health. Even on the weekends make sure your pet understands how things work. They might be fine sleeping in with you but make sure you don’t spend all day lounging in bed. A nice walk and some playtime are a great way to bond with your pet and for everyone’s wellness and health.
  • When playing with your cat or dog, help them to engage their brain in thinking activities. Always take treats into account when you measure and track your pet’s total daily intake so you don’t add additional calories to your pets day.

Remember to take things slowly. This isn’t a fad diet or a race. Print and use this FREE 10 Week Turnaround Calendar in order to remind yourself where you are in the process and that each step is an important one.

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WIN 10 Weeks of Perfect Weight Pet Food for Weight Loss

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