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10 week weight loss pets

For the past 10 weeks, we’ve been letting you know about the importance of helping your pet maintain a healthy weight. We’ve shared Tips on Creating a Healthy Routine for Your Dog, a link to a cool FREE Printable Calendar to help you stay on track, and even news about how to WIN your own supply of weight loss pet food for your dog or cat.

Well, during these past 10 weeks, several pet bloggers took the 10 Week Turnaround Challenge for themselves to help their dogs lose weight by feeding them Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight dog food.

By sharing their experiences, we hope it will help motivate and encourage all of you to think about what steps you can take to keep your own fur kid at their perfect weight! Want to find out how they did?

Check out these 3 Real Life Dog Weight Loss Stories:

Hazel started the 10 week dog weight loss challenge at 28 pounds. The ideal weight for a miniature schnauzer is between 10-15 pounds. On her first check-in, Hazel had lost 2 pounds. Then on her second check-in, she was down another pound. Her final check-in has her down a total of 4 pounds. Hazel now weighs 24 pounds and she feels great!


The next pet weight loss success story is all about Keira! She started 10 weeks ago at 84.4 lbs and now is happy to report feeling fabulous at 75.1 lbs. That’s a total weight loss of 9.3lbs…way to go!


Miley started at 90lbs and has lost 5lbs in 10 weeks. Her mom reports that Miley is happier, more playful and that her energy level is back where it should be. It’s so true that a healthier dog is a happier one!

Remember, as with humans, excess weight can lead to health issues for pets. That’s why its so important for pet health and wellness to address a weight issue early before it becomes a more serious problem. Even a little bit of extra weight can be major for pets. For example, five extra pounds on a small dog is like the equivalent of 30+ extra pounds on a human!

Inspired and ready to get started? Here’s how:

Watch this Pet Weight Loss video:

Print and use this FREE Printable Weight Loss Calendar for Pets.

One of the best thing you can do for your own pet’s health and wellness is to feed proper nutrition every day. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight and the 10 Week Turnaround can help your pet achieve and maintain their perfect weight. Formulas are available at your vet or favorite pet specialty store, including a new line of Small and Toy Breed Dog Food for weight loss.

Whatever size and breed of dog or cat you have, there is a weight loss formula for them. You’ll also get a discount when you order on autoship through

And be sure to enter to WIN a 10-Week supply of Perfect Weight Pet Food for your dog or cat! Go HERE to read the terms and conditions, and complete the entry form.


  1. Congratulations to the dogs on their weight loss! Rhette is still trying! Love Dolly

  2. Great job and Dex needs to take 3 pounds off and we are on it.

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